Family is Forever
Fathers Day 2012 - 2

an excerpt

Landon joined his six-year-old, Charlotte, at the dining room table. She was doing schoolwork, since her track didn't have a break until mid-July. Her head was bent over her work, her legs kicking under the table. Gracie, who was one and a half, toddled behind him, sippie cup in hand.

"What are you working on, Char?" He pressed a kiss to the top of her head and set her apple slices and juice box beside her.

"Thank you, Daddy." Charlotte beamed at him and snatched an apple slice. "It's a surprise. Ms. Asher has us making special things for Father's Day. I've got you and Papa, so I'm super busy!"

He laughed as he pulled out the chair next to her, then picked up Gracie when she held her arms up. He adored how mature Charlotte could be at times, all the while still being sweet and innocent. "Can I see what you're doing for Papa?"

She held out her pinky. "No telling."

He hooked her pinky with his as he bounced a giggling Gracie on his knee. "I promise."

Picking up a "write your own story" book, Charlotte showed it to him. She pointed to the first page where she had carefully written "Once upon a time" and had drawn a picture of what had to be him and Devin. He had jet black hair, brown eyes, glasses, and was an inch taller than his brown-haired, green-eyed partner.

"See, I'm gonna tell the story of our family," she said in excitement. "Here're you and Papa when you first met in the classroom."

"I think this is a wonderful idea." He smiled at her as he recalled the day he had met Devin. He was a writer of children's stories and that day he'd been reading one of his books to different classes at the school. The purpose was to encourage the children to read and write. One of the second grade classes had been Devin's.