Cuddle Time Chicken Soup

an excerpt

Christie turned his head to look across the room to where his husband Robert stood, deep in conversation with Christie's former platoon sergeant.

Sergeant Tarans nodded, one of his characteristic grunts moving visibly up from his abdomen to lift his chest. From the corner of his eye Christie caught the motion of Evans turning to look as well. Robert looked up. A vertical line appeared above the bridge of the tall blond's nose as he took in Christie's proximity to Evans. His brows drew together. Impossibly blue eyes flicked a glacial look over Christie's shoulder. Robert's chest heaved once before his eyes drooped shut. Two more breaths lifted the wide expanse of his chest before his eyelids rose to unveil the same startling cerulean-color orbs locked on Christie, burning into him like the very heart of the hottest sort of fire.

Christie's lungs stopped working, and his tongue flicked out to swipe once across his upper lip. Christ on a cracker, he could practically taste the salty goodness of Robert's cock on his tongue when the man looked at him that way.

A tiny smile tipped the corners of Robert's mouth up, and he gave a barely perceptible dip of his head. A wave of heat rushed upward from low in Christie's gut until his cheeks and forehead blazed with warmth. Like a tsunami after a huge offshore earthquake, the heat Christie felt built and built to mammoth proportions.

Then the wave crested, blood crashing back down through Christie's body. His cock flipped up faster than the top of a PEZ dispenser at a diabetic's convention. Sergeant Tarans started to turn his head, and Christie spun toward Evans.

Fine hairs at Christie's nape stood on end.

The thought of Sergeant Tarans seeing him--erect? Flat out horrifying.

"Damn it, Evans, why'd you ever give the old man Sno Ho? There are some things you should hold sacred, man."

Evans cocked an eyebrow up toward his forehead.

"I swap porn recommendations with my dads all the time. Get over yourself."

Christie choked on the spit he should have swallowed.

"Another non-returnable gift, eh Evans? What compels you to share these things with me? Seriously?"

Evans's smirking intensified. Christie peeked over his shoulder at Robert's face. The big blond's tiny smile morphed into a full on snarky grin. He opened his mouth just enough to snap his teeth back together, tapping his hip with short spanking motions.

Christie's dick jumped straight up to point at Robert regardless of the fact that Christie was still directly in Sergeant Tarans's line of sight. Damn thing was like the hand of a compass always aiming right for Christie's true north.


Damned Nordic personification of sex.