An Early Snow

an excerpt

"I really think guys with shaved heads are hot," he announced after he had studied me intently for a few moments. My hair had gone south when I was in my twenties. I'd never cared much for the idea of skull fringe, so I kept my head shaved. Cal had liked bald guys too-the fucker.

"I'm glad you approve." I grabbed the controls and started flipping channels. The move broke the contact between Kris's fingers and my arm and my blood pressure began to drop.

"I gotta take a whiz." Kris shrugged the blanket aside and stood up abruptly.

"Right down the hall. First door on the left." I glanced up at him and felt a little shock of heat in my gut when I realized he was naked. His tight buns flexed temptingly as he sauntered down the hall.

I stopped channel surfing when I hit the weather channel. I had just gotten my mind back on the details of the snow storm when Kris wandered back. I did my best to keep focused on the weather charts, but I failed miserably. Everything about him appealed to me-the blue eyes, the chiseled features, the perfect teeth. He was tall and lean, his muscles clearly defined beneath his perfect, smooth, honey-gold skin. My gaze slid south. His cock and balls nestled between his thighs. His pubes looked as soft and glossy as the hair on his head.

"Is it going to snow all night?" He sank down onto the couch again, but instead of returning to his corner, he sat in the middle, close enough to make me nervous.

"So they say." I kept trying to focus on the screen, but the weatherman couldn't compete with my young visitor.

"You've really got big arms, Vic." Kris squeezed my biceps. The guy definitely favored a hands-on approach.

"I chop a lot of onions," I quipped. Kris shot me a quizzical look. "Okay. Truth. I was a marine and I worked my ass off to get in shape. Once I was out of the service I figured I didn't want to let all that hard work go to hell. Besides, the kitchen at my restaurant isn't big enough to fit a fat chef." I winked at Kris and he laughed.

"I started working out at home this summer." He offered his own arm up for inspection. I looked but didn't touch.

"I'm going to turn in, Kris," I blurted out abruptly. This guy was seriously starting to turn me on and that made me very uncomfortable. I thought it wise to put some distance between me and the source of temptation. "I've had a long day." I stood up and turned the controls over to him.

"Good night, Vic. I really appreciate this."

"No problem." I beat a retreat to my bedroom and shut the door. I got undressed and slipped into bed, but I couldn't sleep. Usually I just came home and fell into bed, asleep before my head hit the pillow. Tonight, however, every time I closed my eyes, visions of Kris and his perfect little bubble butt kept popping into my head-in Technicolor. My prick was wide awake as well, asserting itself for the first time since Cal had walked out on me. I'd been so depressed about Cal and exhausted from trying to keep the restaurant going that I thought my old one-eyed buddy had taken an early retirement.

I guess he'd just been resting, because tonight my cock was stretched up over my gut like a club, pointed right between my eyes, demanding attention. I kicked back the sheets and fisted it, squeezing tight around the base til my knob popped out of the sleeve of skin that usually kept it sheathed. I stroked my torso with my right hand while I flogged my cock with the left. Man, it felt good to be getting my rocks off. Every stroke of my palm sent waves of pleasure washing over me from head to toe. I raised my shoulders off the bed, a move that popped my abs out in tight ridges and pumped even more blood into my tingling cock. Every time I pinched my tits, my toes curled and my dick jerked against my palm. I got myself worked up to the edge in no time flat.