On The Midway

an excerpt

Hot outside. Hotter inside. The fan, its bent blade pinging against the wire cage, just barely moved the heat. My old dog Jake lay curled up under the chair in the corner, his tongue hanging out, slobbering a puddle on the bare floorboards. I lay naked on my bed, way hotter than the weather. Sweat glistened on my chest and belly, pooled in my navel, beaded on the shaft of my hard cock, and tickled down my balls as it slithered between my legs.

Supposed to rain soon, bring relief. Relief! Man, I needed some of that. Eighteen, horny, confused as hell about everything except the feeling I got when I put my hand on my cock. I kept my hand there a lot. I had it there right now, down around the base, my pubes twined round my fingers. I squeezed and pointed the bullet-shaped head up at the ceiling. It grew, swelled all the tiny wrinkles out, flared the rim so it looked like some kind of gigantic pink mushroom.

I pumped my fist up, let it sink back down. Up, then down again. And again. And again. I was big, big enough to get teased about it by the guys at school. Hung like a donkey, they'd shout in the showers. Strictly handmade, they'd hoot, knowing I was a virgin. Always egging me on to fuck some girl, any girl, just get fucked. It drove them crazy, me with a big dick like I had and still a virgin. Only reason the teasing didn't get ugly was because I could've knocked the living shit out of any one of 'em, and they knew it.

I rubbed the ball of my thumb over the slit in the tip of my dick and shuddered. My belly muscles tightened, my shoulders hunched, and my big balls pulled up between my legs, then sank back down again. I let out a moan. Old Jake whimpered but didn't move from under the chair. I squeezed my dick harder, and a big drop of clear goo oozed out, quivered there for a second, then rolled down slowly over my knuckles. I squeezed again and got more.

I closed my eyes tight and started cranking. All was totally black at first, but then, as my skin started to tingle and I got that funny feeling deep in my gut, I started seeing guys in my head. Nobody in particular, just guys. Tall guys, hairy guys, guys with big hard muscles. Never any girls, just guys. All the guys had big hard-ons and fat balls dangling between their legs. All of them had these sexy, shit-eating grins on their faces, and all of them were watching me watching them. It was weird, but it was hot. Real hot.

I was pumping like crazy now, beating my meat, pounding my belly with my fist. My balls in a knot, my toes curled back, my skin on fire, my heart slamming against my ribs--it was coming, it was coming. It was there. My hips jerked up off the mattress, and my eyes flew open. I flexed my fingers around the rigid stalk of my cock, saw my jizzhole gape wide, watched as the first big drop forced its way out and drooled down onto my belly. I flexed my fingers again, and a thick streamer of white shot out. It flew up in an arc over my torso and splattered down on my face and my pillow. I jerked again, and more jizz scalded my skin. I kept pumping, watching the white drops spatter my belly and my chest. As I lay there panting, rubbing cum into my skin, I heard thunder rumble in the distance.