Red Knight Rising

an excerpt

It was Christmas night in the year of Our Lord 1189 and being celebrated with laughter and cheer in London's Palace of Westminster. Harry, the White Knight, had every reason to celebrate as he followed the page along the draughty corridors of the palace. That morning he had been initiated into knighthood, dubbed by King Henry himself. Now he was on his way to be finally initiated into man-sex by his Red Knight, Bruce of Berwick. His heart was thumping so loudly in his chest that he was sure the page could hear it, and he began to feel a heat spreading up from his crotch towards to his bursting head. His cock was trying to rise in his tight hose and he batted it down in his anxiety. His palms and forehead were sweating in the cool passageways. The young guide finally stopped, bowed, and indicated the nearest door.

"Sir, my Master awaits you."

Harry's spurs clinked as he pushed the wood open. It wasn't a large chamber and the big bed dominated it. Tapestries hung on the walls and the warm air smelled of pine from the blazing fire and taper candles. He rubbed his sweaty hands on his surcoat as the door closed and looked around him. Bruce was standing in the shadows cast by the fire. He was totally naked and fully erect. He smiled lazily.

"Welcome, my lord, I promised you a special ending to your day of new honors and experiences. Come over here."

Harry moved towards him as if in a trance, then clutched the other man tightly, as if he might vanish in the night. Bruce laughed, pulling him within those mighty arms and opening his mouth to him. The new knight sucked Bruce's lips and lapped at his tongue, his hands exploring the muscled torso. The Red Knight's engorged prick banged into Harry's covered genitals, where his own cock immediately responded.

"Let's get you out of your knightly attire, so that I can really look at you as I want to see you. Let me help you out of your uniform of purity into your own pure nakedness."

Harry was all thumbs, quivering with excitement. Together they removed the traces of the worldly day he had just experienced. Soon he was as naked and newborn as the other, and the warmth of Bruce's body and the heat of the fire gave a glow to his limbs and enflamed his cock. He drank in his Red Knight's craggy beauty and lingeringly traced the scars on his face and arms, before moving on.

Harry's kisses spread from his mentor's mouth, around his eyes, his nose, his face, then down to those large brown nipples in their mat of tawny hair. Bruce reached down and massaged Harry's dick until it stood straight out like his. Taking it in one hand, he led the newly minted lord to the bed, and pushed him face down onto the fur covering.

"You still want this, Harry; you still want me to take you?"

"Yes, yes, oh yes, more than before, if that's possible."

"You know it will hurt this first time? My dick is large and my need is great too. But I'm going to stretch your hole, first with my fingers covered in this grease and then with this leather plug.

We will pleasure one another while your chute learns to expand. So prepare yourself, my own Henry."

Harry's legs hung over the side of the big bed and he jerked as he felt a well-greased big finger slide into that velvet hole. He moaned as he felt the hand of his Red Knight move inside him and was silenced by a hard slap on his arse. Then a second finger was added and gently spread his walls. This made him remember the pleasure of that previous time on the warm rock in the autumn sunshine and he relaxed with a sigh.

Bruce's other hand was ruffling through Harry's newly shorn hair, caressing his face and pushing three fingers into the new knight's mouth for him to suck on while his other hand widened the arse-hole. After ten minutes or so of stimulating his whole body, Bruce slid out those fingers, stood back, spreading some more grease on that delicate hole before he gently started to insert the leathercock. At first Harry resisted, his muscles trying to close down the entrance, but the Red Knight's voice and hands skillfully soothed his body and mind. The young man's virgin torso began to sweat as it accepted more of the foreign intruder and his muscles allowed the log entry, testing their new-found strength against the leather until it sank fully home.

Satisfied with his pupil's progress, Bruce turned him onto his back and lowered his own sweating and naked body beside him on the bed. Their two cocks stood out, tall and proud; the master began to play with his student's penis and encouraged him to handle the other thick shaft. Once again Harry took hold of the mighty muscle, marveling at its velvety texture, pulsing and thrusting in his fingers. The feeling was intoxicating and the younger man began to wriggle with pleasure, crushing his arse-hole and the leather spike that filled it against the furs, groaning and tossing his head in delight.

His Red Knight took his jaw in his other big hand, holding him still for a long deep kiss. Harry welcomed the tongue in his mouth hole, while the leathercock stretched his other hole. He sucked on Bruce's tongue and began to exchange saliva with him as they continued their increasingly fiery embrace. Pricks broke free and banged happily against one another. They were two male animals, rutting together and grunting with pride and desire. The pains he'd initially felt from the leather plug had dissolved into shudders of pleasure as his body continued to accept the log inside him.

"Now, my new young lord, your time has come. Roll over once more and let me thrust these bolsters beneath your chest. Get your face down and seize an edge of the furs in your teeth for your Master is ready to mount you. Raise up your well-greased hole for me - now."

Breathless and yet panting, Harry did as his Master commanded,

while Bruce reached under him to pull on his small nipples. As he gasped in surprise, the leather log inside him began to slip out. Suddenly he was empty and wanting – wanting a real man's prick inside him, a real poleax to penetrate his weakened defenses.

His Master knelt behind him, the perfect knight with the perfect weapon to impose his needs on him. He felt the hard knob of Bruce's muscle pushing at his entrance.