Once Upon a King

an excerpt

"Send in Ember. Then I'll do the wedding and take care of the dispute. After that I need to get out of here. Or at least go to my room where there aren't any servants and the only bare ass is my own." Flair ran a hand down his face.

"You could just pick one, get it over with, and go about your day."

"Screw them."

Roar raised a brow. It took a minute for what he said to sink in. When it did, he threw back his head and laughed. It felt good. He hadn't laughed much since his father's death.

"You know, you are the king now. You could change some of the laws." Roar patted him on the back and left the room.

That's right. He wasn't a prince anymore. He was the law maker. Flair could put an end to it once and for all.

Ember sauntered into the room.

"Nice, bro. It's good to be the king." Ember cast his gaze along the wall where the men and women were lined up, asses bare waiting for the royal fuck. How did his father do it?

"Shut it, Em. What brings you to the castle? Shouldn't you be playing with your friend?"

"Blaze met his mate. He's about useless." Ember moved to stand beside Flair.

"What about his roommate? The one you're hot for? Go fuck with him. I'm really not in the mood."

"Looks like you're ready to go from where I'm standing." Ember looked down at Flair's crotch before plopping onto the arm of the throne.

"Damn it." His tights had opened again. He was exposed to the whole room.

Flair moved out of the chair, hoping that standing would fix the exposure problem. Ember slid down into the royal chair sideways.

"Why so modest? You've got the goods, they're willing and able." Ember swung his legs back and forth, his head resting on the other end.

He shook his head at his brother's antics.

"Willing? Really?"


"Well nothing. Father made that stupid law when he was out of his mind. The council should have stepped in. Now, enough of that. Why are you here?" His brother could get under his skin faster than anybody else.

"No idea. I was summoned." Ember shrugged.

"Not by me." Flair crossed his arms over his chest. This day needed to be over.

"I don't know what to tell you. I was ordered to show up."

"Um-sire?" Roar had entered the room while he was bickering with his brother and interrupted them.

"Roar!" Flair was about to break.

"Sorry. Flair, you know that dragon eating incident?" Roar tapped his notes against his leg.

"What about it?" Flair paced by the chair and shoved his brother out of it and sat down.

Could this day get any worse?

"It seems little Ember is the one who ate the wizard."