Home for Valentines

an excerpt

Chapter One

Adrian raised his arms above his head, enjoying the feel of his muscles stretching, releasing the tension that had been growing all afternoon as he gone through application after application for the vacant post of General Manager, trying to choose the shortlist. The interviews were scheduled for the following Monday and it looked as if it was going to be a long day. Working in Human Resources had its pluses and minuses. He sighed and looked at his watch, relieved to find that it was almost five and he could pack up and go home. He had hoped to get off somewhat earlier today, it being Valentine's Day and all, but the interview shortlist needed to be submitted today. Still, he should have plenty of time to get everything ready. He had prepared what he could early this morning before leaving for work.

Hopefully, Elliot would be back in time. His lover had received an emergency call late Sunday night and he'd left in the early hours of Monday to deal with it. He'd only been gone for about forty hours, but Adrian missed him like crazy. Elliot's career as an engineer took him away more often than Adrian liked, but it couldn't be helped. Elliot was good at his job and he happened to love it, so Adrian just had to put up with missing him – and making sure Elliot knew exactly how much he was missed once he was back where he belonged.

Adrian tidied up his desk, locked his drawers and grabbed his jacket. He turned out the light and closed the door firmly behind him. He nodded to Sarah, his secretary, who was also packing up to leave for the day.

"Have a good evening, Sarah."

"You too, Mr. Lombard. You got plans with Mr. King for Valentine's?"

She smiled and Adrian couldn't help but smile back. Sarah had worked for him for almost four years, known of his sexual orientation, and was completely aware of his relationship with Elliot King. She definitely approved of his taste in men. He could still recall the first time Elliot had called into his office to take him out to dinner. The morning after she had met Elliot she told Adrian that he could choose her next boyfriend.

"Yep. He's coming round to my place."

"Ooh, look at the smile." Sarah laughed. "Looks as if Mr. King has a special meal waiting."

His mind drifted over what he planned for the night, and he felt his smile slip as he wondered what Elliot's response might be. "Among other things," Adrian said softly.

Sarah looked interested but must have decided not to pry. Instead she simply said, "Fingers crossed we all have a great time. Till tomorrow." She slung her bag over her shoulder and left.

It was a relief to be able to be open about Elliot with Sarah. He remembered his last secretary and had no doubt her attitude would have been way different. Well, enough time hanging about here, Adrian thought, time to get home and make sure everything was ready for Elliot. And Elliot sure better not call to say he was going to be back late. Adrian had plans for Elliot that, for once, didn't just include food and sex, though not necessarily in that order. No, this time they were going to talk too.