Heat of the Moment

an excerpt




by Kent Crandall

White Pine, NY. With Labor Day now behind us and the first snowfall no doubt weeks away, the Village of White Pine is gearing up for the twenty-fifth annual feast of the harvest, known locally as the "Hibernation Festival," which begins with the crazy "Running of the Bears" The highlight of the event is the "Fire Ball" contest between the White Pine Fire Department and their rivals-in-brotherhood from neighboring Honor Hills.

"We're tied fourteen to fourteen, so bragging rights are on the line this year," said Chief Devon O'Connell, referencing the friendly game in which each department formulates a team of firefighters to hose a metal ball across a wire that stretches out over one hundred feet. "It's a fun event for everyone, and of course the suggested donation of ten dollars to watch the game benefits the Fireman's Benevolent Fund."

When asked which of his ragtag crew of studly firefighters would be participating this year, the Chief was noticeably evasive. "That's still to be decided. We've got some new guys this year who have never played before, plus some veterans who might not have the stamina they used to, so we'll have to mix and match carefully to ensure a White Pine victory. But trust me, win we will--and you can quote me on that."

"Bring it on, we've won the last three years in a row," said opposing Chief Alex Silva, "they got anyone left over there?" His own son, Joey, a six-year participant of Fire Ball, is considered their not-so-secret weapon.

Indeed, the White Pine Fire Department has seen its once-dedicated ranks depleted in recent months, what with the surprise relationship of two of its bravest, Angel Montero, who was only with the department a short while, and Trent Rodgers, a seasoned veteran who, after the fiery death of his father and longtime chief Paddy Rodgers, hung up his hose. The department has been operating with a revolving host of volunteers.

"While it does tend to overshadow the rest of the festival, it's not just about the annual Fire Ball contest," said festival organizer Alberta Walker, whose own son, Austin, is a two-year member of the White Pine Fire Department. "The whole village turns out for this family-oriented event, with apple picking and bobbing, a pie-eating contest and bake-off, pumpkin carving, and fun, safe rides for the kids. I've been bringing Austin since he was young, and this year, well, I'm sure he'll do us proud during Fire Ball, which he always enjoyed watching. It's that kind of history we are making here, ensuring that the kids of today continue our traditions when they grow up. The festival is just our way of wishing everyone a comforting winter."

White Pine, nestled as it is in the low-lying valley between several of the higher peaks of the Adirondacks, often finds itself isolated from the world during the long, cruel winter months. Which, according to Sally Curtis, proprietor of Sally's Dive, "could last anywhere between mid-October and late April. Heating bills might be a bitch, but come to my bar and you'll be assured of a very cold beer."

The other highlight of the festival will be a performance by Tuck & Tumble, the two-man pop duo who scored a big radio hit nearly ten years ago with "Summer Time, Summer's Mine." Tucker O'Connell, of "Tuck," is the son of White Pine's own fire chief, who said, "It will be good to see my son the rock star; it's been awhile since he's been home."

The Hibernation Festival takes place the weekend of Oct 25th, with festivities scheduled all over town. The newly renamed Paddy Rodgers Memorial Bridge will host the Fire Ball contest, and the Saturday night performance of Tuck & Tumble will take place at the band shell. You won't want to miss the sparks fly.

As in previous years, partial funding for the annual Hibernation Festival is provided by a generous, anonymous donor.

Part One

Let the Games Begin

Chapter One


Had he not given in to the heat of the moment, Austin Walker's life might never have changed.

A quiet night, an innocent drink, that's all it was supposed to be, but then he caught the man's eye from across the bar. And he knew the night's outcome would be different. The wink he received back was loaded with potential, with possibilities that only darkness provided, and when he ordered his next beer and made his way beside the newcomer, they were both ready for anything. A clink of chilled bottles, a gentle handshake that tossed off an electric spark and left him weak in the knees, they locked eyes again. He knew, right then, what was about to transpire. Light a match, add gasoline, watch it all combust.

Such was his transient love life in White Pine, a series of opportunities that left you frustrated if you didn't act fast, ones that left you satisfied if you did. In this small town atmosphere with mostly close-minded people living behind white picket fences, what was a horny young stud like the curly haired Austin Walker to do? He was a man with a healthy appetite for sucking cock and getting plowed long and hard, hopefully by something long and hard. It was assorted ingredients like those that added up to pleasurable nights of surreptitious, thrilling sex. Tonight promised to be no different.

The guy, young and tall and thickly muscled, had dark chocolate skin that gleamed against the neon light of the bar, and the sizzle behind his eyes indicated he would be energetic in bed. Austin was already imagining his powerful grunts, his eager enthusiasm.

Yes, Austin was ready to open himself up, heart, soul, body, even if just for a few hours.

"You just passing through?" Austin asked.

"Yeah. But I could be convinced to stay a few hours more."

Deal sealed, flame struck.


"Yeah, man, take it, take it all, oh right, that's what you want.."

"Hell, yeah."

That's what he'd wanted since the moment their eyes had found each other, the second those same eyes had wandered down to check out the heavy package the guy had in his pants. Either he was already hard, or he was really big. Turned out, there was a lot of it. That's what the guy had teased him with at the bar, asking "You sure you can handle it?" Practically dry-mouthed, Austin had simply nodded. Turned out, the guy was right, it really was "this" big, as well as black and sleek. Veins pulsed in obvious need of release. Austin was more than happy to help on that front, get himself off as well.

Austin, sweaty hands grasping as best they could at the headboard, was on his knees with his tight, hairy ass open and ready for the taking. He felt every inch of the guy's impressive cock as it entered him. He exhaled as he felt the pulsing head pierce him, tensed slightly as the shaft slid in, further, deeper, until its full length had slipped fully inside him. He could feel the tickle of the guy's wiry pubes against his cheeks. His own cock was hard, throbbing; it was thick but stubby.

"Oh man, oh man, that feels great," Austin said, "Come on, man, do it, do me, hard."

Just then that thick cock thrust forward and Austin cried out with the sounds of a man in lust, a man in need.

"Aw, fuck, yeah, fuck me."

"You like the dirty talk, huh man?"

"Shove it inside, fuck me till I pass out."

"Yup, dirty talk, and you know what...?"


The guy thrust violently against Austin's tight ass. "I like it, too, it turns me on. Makes my cock even harder."

"Then plow me, fuck me, don't stop, shove that huge black cock deep inside me."

There was no need to interpret such aggressive language, it was as plain as the attraction between the two men when they had met at Sally's Dive down on White Pine's main drag earlier in the evening. The guy, whose name was Nelson, forced his long cock deeper inside Austin, penetrating him with a determination both had wanted, desired. Austin cried out again, not worried about disturbing anyone who could be listening because no one was home. The house was all his tonight, all weekend in fact, and the notion that he'd met someone so hot and sexy and could take him home and do all sorts of things to him--and have all sorts of things done to him--had left Austin with a hard-on all night, a hard-on that threatened to explode right now, right this very moment...

He felt Nelson's strong dark hands grab at his shoulders, locking him into position, even as that hard cock thrust deep, deep, deeper still.

"Oh, baby, baby, take me, I love it, oh yeah, it's just what I needed..."

Nelson grunted loudly in response to this urgent plea, his deep, gravelly voice filling the bedroom as much as his cock filled Austin's ass. Oooh, oooh, oooh, he heard, all while his body erupted in fire. The bed squeaked, the headboard loud against the wall, as Nelson plowed him harder, deeper. As Austin took each eager thrust, he realized it had been too long since he'd had sex in his own bed, always sneaking into other places--motels, the woods, behind buildings, wherever his desires took him--there was something....natural about sex in his bed, as though it increased the intimacy, the connection between he and his lover. Even as temporary as this encounter was, Austin felt that this one-night stand would linger long in his memory, awakening in him something he hadn't realized before...there had to be more to life than random nights.

But such thoughts could wait.

Right now he just wanted to feel the guy shoot his load inside him.

And then feel his own powerful climax hit him, wrack his body.

"Yeah, yeah, fuck my ass."

"Take it, Austin, you know you like it."

"I do, I do," he said, feeling the hard cock pull out, only to plunge again inside him. He screamed out as the thick piece impaled him. He felt the world fall away, as though nothing existed but this moment, this intense, thrilling moment of pure sexual satisfaction. He urged Nelson on, more, more, faster, deeper, hungrier, and Nelson complied with every ardent desire, grabbing hold of Austin's ass cheeks as he did so, pounding, thrusting, hurting him the way he wanted. Austin felt the man's hands slid over his back, drift down to a patch of hair at the small of his back, eyes growing wide with shock when Nelson pulled at the thick tuft.

"You're a furry one, aren't you?"

"Yeah, you like it? Tell me you like it."

"Yeah, I love your ass, all that fuzzy hair coating your cheeks," he said with another hard, eager thrust. He cried out a moment later, his breath coming in pants. Austin knew the guy was ready to blow his load, and so he opened up his ass even wider to receive another hard, thick thrust. Just then he felt the cock leave his ass, Nelson crying out seconds later. Austin felt a hot spurt of come hit him, sizzling against the small of his back and seeping into that patch of hair. The action was too much for him, so hot and sexy and dirty, that he cried out with anticipation. Maneuvering around him, Nelson suddenly wrapped his lips around Austin's cock, and just in time, too.

"Aww, shit...shit...shit...here I come," he said, and seconds later his cock exploded in thick bursts of come, drops pumping into Nelson's mouth and creaming out over his plump lips. White drops against his dark skin only served to heighten his orgasm, as he pumped out a few last drops. Eventually both men collapsed onto the bed out of sheer exhaustion.

"You were good, I mean, real good," Austin said, lying on his back, staring at the man who'd just fucked him.

Nelson, on his stomach, smiling, brushing at the curly blond hair that covered Austin's chest, said, "I was inspired, I like a hairy white guy."

"And I like a big black cock," Austin said.

"That's redundant," he said with a laugh that echoed in the room. Austin joined in.

When both men stopped laughing, another sound caught their attention.

The fire whistle, loud and piercing in the dark night.

"Aw, shit."

"That's you, ain't it?"

"Duty calls," Austin said, rising from the bed.

"Too bad, I was looking forward to sucking your cock."

"Hold that thought," Austin said, and then impulsively leaned in and planted a kiss on the man's full lips. He tasted his own sweetness, mixed with a hint of bourbon. What he'd been drinking at Sally's. As for Austin, he'd only had two beers and after that sex and all that spent energy, he was as sober as the day and ready to take charge of whatever awaited him beyond the wailing fire whistle.

"So, you want me to hang out here while you go fight a fire?"

"Trust me, I'll leave one fire burning, real hot," Austin said, buttoning his shirt, slipping on his shoes. He was dressed, Nelson still naked and still quite hard, despite his earlier climax. The juxtaposition hit Austin hard, harder than that long, thick cock had. Sex was fleeting, covered up as quickly as the simple act of putting on clothes. Doused as quickly as the fury of an orgasm. As for fire, it burned long, it left scars a bit more permanent.

The siren pierced the quiet night once again, as though calling to Austin specifically.

"Bye," Austin said to the man who'd moments ago been thrusting deep inside him.

"Hurry back," Nelson said, sliding his hand over the thick shaft of his cock.

Austin's cock was hard again, locked inside his jeans.

Not fair.

But duty calls, time to use a different hose.