Slow Dance

an excerpt

Chapter One

Making love to a guy you're in the middle of breaking away from is probably not the smartest of ideas, but whoever said love and intelligence had anything in common? I put that thought from my mind as I moved my hands slowly over Jubilee's damp, slippery flesh. I closed my eyes. Jubilee moaned softly, leaned back into my chest, and I knew I had no choice. I had to be inside him. If I didn't feel my cock being choked by his tight ass soon, it would feel like dying. Our time together was draining away, second by second. I could almost hear each painful tick. One day soon, I would be without him. But today wasn't the day.

I'd thought I was in love before, but that was nothing like this. I'd almost thrown my career away over a drug dealer. When I was invited to leave Vancouver and take a job in a small town in Texas, I imagined it to be the answer to everything. It was my escape from the pain of loving the wrong man, a man I'd had to bring to justice. Lone Trail became my refuge from the reporters, and the Asian Mob, who I was sure would come after me for apprehending their number one boy. When I'd left, I'd made a vow never to let my heart rule my head again, but here I was, making love to a U.S. Marshal in a Montreal hotel room.

Jubilee Mason, six-foot-something of gorgeous, all Texas drawl, and smooth, Southern smoking hotness. I'd never expected to run into someone like him in Lone Trail, but then again, Jubilee hadn't been prepared for me either...two gay men from two very different worlds, worlds on a collision course to passion...and even love.

I'd been brought up in Vancouver, Canada and I'd never felt I had to hide who I was. Jubilee had been forced to come home to a small, stifling town to help raise two fatherless boys, and staying closeted was a way of life for him.

We were nearing the end of something neither one of us had put a name to. I knew we'd gone as far as we could in this relationship. I'm not sure Jubilee had accepted that but I was convinced of it. I wanted to go home to my job back on the Vancouver Narcotics squad, and from the communications I'd had with my former lieutenant who'd called me again since I'd gotten off the plane, it looked like a real possibility. If we could track down this escaped drug dealer from Texas, I might just have what I needed to come back with my head held high. Jubilee, on the other hand, was pretty much stuck in his hometown. He was helping out his sister, who'd lost her husband in Afghanistan. He wasn't about to leave, or to reveal himself too much. Not in that place.

The problem was, we wanted to make love. All the time. And right now in this shower, there was nothing standing in the way of indulging. Jubilee was in my arms. I moved my hand over his hard nipples as my other hand stroked his cock. He bucked his ass against my cock, and pleaded, "Kieran, fuck me."

I pressed him down in the tub on all fours and got behind him. I slowly licked him, moving my tongue over that sensitive place I longed to open. He moaned as I delved into him with my tongue, my hand on his cock. My own cock was aching for release, but I wanted him to be ready, I wanted him to remember being fucked by me, especially when...

I shoved away that thought and grabbed his hips. He was panting. I pressed the head of my cock between his ass cheeks and pushed a little.

He cried out. Jubilee liked to be fucked, really liked it. He was a big, macho marshal, who reveled in giving up control in the bedroom. He loved to have my cock as much as I loved giving it to him, and I was prepared at that moment to fuck the hell out of him when someone pounded on the door.

When I said nothing could keep us apart, I'd forgotten about Darlene. Darlene was also a U.S. Marshal. She'd been sent by a mysterious guy named Perry, special government stuff, to oversee the cleanup of a drug ring. She was also Jubilee's former fiancée, and just an hour or so ago, she'd informed me she intended to have another go at him.

I pulled back from Jubilee, who was swearing a blue streak.

"Ignore it," he insisted. "Please, Kieran, don't stop."

I'd lost the momentum. I got out of the tub and reached for a towel. "She's your partner. I'm only a deputy, remember?"

He gave me a dirty look.

Jubilee had deputized me to bring me on this trip to locate Reggie Jones, a key witness in a huge drug case Jubilee had been working on in Texas. Actually, it was Reggie's twin brother Dustin Howard who'd been relocated into the Witness Protection Program. We discovered the twins had switched places. Dustin's even lower-life brother Reggie had entered into WITSEC and had disappeared a couple of days ago.

I'd been acting sheriff back in Lone Trail, and was a well-seasoned narcotics officer. I loved teasing Jubilee about being my boss. "You really are my superior, Jube. You might want to assert your dominance later." I winked at him.

We'd gone through Reggie's case files, and the Canadian officers who'd been looking after Reggie had done their best to locate him. But we were here now, and we had put out feelers for leads

Jubilee threw on the hotel bathrobe and smiled at me. Damn, if he couldn't melt me to butter with that smile of his.

"I'll remember that." He looked at the door and barked. "What do you want?"

I walked to the refrigerator, a towel around my waist, and drank some water, hoping my erection would subside. I wasn't sure how I'd get my pants zipped up like this. I was frustrated, but not as much as Jubilee appeared to be. He was royally pissed.

"Thought we'd get lunch," Darlene said through the door.

"Lunch, fuck lunch, Darlene. I'm ah...tired."

I leaned against the bureau and folded my arms across my chest. I was enjoying this.

"You gotta eat," she insisted. "There's a restaurant in the hotel. Looks good. Pricey though, or we could go for fast food. Is ah...Kieran sleeping?"

"He's in the shower." Jubilee placed his forehead against the door.

"Meet me downstairs in thirty. I'm buying!"

"Darlene," Jubilee shouted, then pounded the door and let out a growl. "Damn that woman. She's stubborn."

I chuckled. "You gotta eat."

He showed me his finger, then rubbed his stomach. "Eating I can live without for the moment." Then he let out a shout and made a lunge for me. I yelled and he tackled me and threw me down on the bed. "Right now, I got other needs. I gotta fuck." He undid my towel and licked one of my nipples as the laughter died down. "Like unwrapping a Christmas present. Man, you got some body, so hard and...muscles so smooth. How do you say that in French?" He spread the towel open, admiring me. He took my cock in his hand and fondled it.

"Ah...ooh la, la." I lifted my hips.

"No, silly, how do you say present."

"Ooh la, la." I smirked but then moaned a little as he stroked my cock harder.

"Damn you, what is it?" he muttered, licking my cock now.

"Cadeau, and stop torturing me."

"Okay, you're a cadeau." He glanced up at me. "Now fuck me with that gorgeous cadeau of yours, will ya?"

I propped myself up on my elbows and crooked my finger at him. "Give me some lube and a condom." I stroked my cock upward. "And come sit on this baby."

"You are so damned sexy." He stared at my cock for a moment, then scrambled off the bed and opened his bag. He threw the lube at me, and a condom. "Hurry up."

My eyes widened, and I pretended shock. "Patience is a virtue."

"Well, I'm not feeling virtuous, honey, and I'm the boss, remember?"

"Is that so?" I eyed him, laughing. I pushed him onto his stomach and inserted a slick finger inside his ass.

"Ooh...yes," came the response. "Let's never leave this room."

"I think we may need to."

"Let's imagine we don't have to, and you can fuck me over and over again."

I leaned down and kissed his shoulder. "Okay. How do you want it, baby?"

He rolled over and grabbed me, tickling me. "Anyway I can get it," he grunted.

We were laughing and kissing and I almost forgot for a little while. He got on his knees in front of me and moved over me. He pressed me back and took my sheathed cock in hand. He rubbed it around his opening, and I watched him, his expression, his tongue playing around his lips, his eyes closed. He was somewhere else as he used my cock, inch by inch, and that was okay because I was being submerged into my own private heaven.

"Kieran," he groaned deeply, letting his head go back, and I had this image of him riding a stallion, naked, with his hat on. I moved my hips up into him, thrust for thrust as he bore down on me, and whispered his name.

His fingers clawed my chest and, as he came, he leaned into my neck and nipped me. It was sure to leave a mark, and it was hot today in Montreal. I'd have to find a frigging turtleneck. It was okay, the orgasm he gave me more than made up for it.

I was in the shower when Darlene came back again. I guess she'd gotten tired of waiting.

I turned off the water. I could hear her talking to Jubilee, who'd just finished dressing, although I wasn't sure of the actual words. I opened the door a crack to let out some steam and ran a razor over my jaw. The door was open a bit wider than I thought and I glanced at it suddenly. Darlene was leering at me.

When she noticed I saw her, she hastily moved away. I reached for a towel, tucked it around me, and rinsed my face. I walked out to see her sitting at the small table in the corner. Jubilee was on the bed, checking his laptop.

"You might want to put some clothes on." Darlene clicked her tongue.

"You might want to give me some privacy so I can do that," I retorted.

She stood. "I'll wait outside." She marched to the door, then paused and looked back at me. "You do have a great body, very nice ah...accessories." She opened the door and went out into the hall.

Jubilee glanced at me. "How does she know about your accessories?"

"She saw me through the door."

"Oh. Close the damn door instead of giving the girl a peep show."

I pulled on a pair of jeans. "You might want to keep your ex out of our room."

He didn't comment.

"What'cha looking at?"

"That man who made the report of seeing Reggie, he owns a place called Bain Paradise. He claimed he saw a man fitting Reggie's description at a club called Le Shaft. You know it?"

I laughed at his accent in French. "No, but I can find it."

"So, let's go."

"Doesn't sound like the kind of place that's open at this time of day, but we could go and interview Monsieur Latulip at the bath house."

"Okay, let's grab a bite and we'll go."

"One thing," I pointed out. "Darlene can't come. It's men only in both those places."

"Well--" He grinned. "--she'll just have to wait outside, won't she?"

No one would ever know how much pleasure it would give me to tell her that. I was savoring the moment as we sat at a café terrace on St-Denis eating breakfast.

Darlene couldn't seem to stop checking out the men walking by as she sipped her coffee.

"Great looking men here," she announced, then looked at me. "But you don't come from this place, do you? Not to say that you're not good looking."

I started to laugh. This woman could give the most covert insults.

Jubilee narrowed his eyes. "I think Kieran is better looking than any guy I've seen here yet."

"Why thank you, sir." I grinned.

Darlene rolled her eyes. "May I remind you, you're working?"

Jubilee threw her a look. "Is checking out all the men walking on the street working?"

"I was on a break." She winked.

He shook his head and laughed.

Darlene gave me a triumphant look. I sighed inwardly. She wouldn't reduce me to some lovesick school boy fighting over Jubilee, no matter how hard she tried.

Jubilee got to his feet. "I'll pay the bill. It's on the Marshals' Office." He beamed. "Then we'll go to that Paradise place." He walked up to the counter.

"Paradise place?" She looked at me.

I knew the moment had come. "Oh yeah, about that," I said, standing as well. "Only men can go in." I met her gaze. "Unless there's something you're not telling me?"

That pissed her off, and if she'd had a cock, I'm sure she would have whipped it out at me and challenged me to a pissing contest.

I walked out onto the sidewalk and got appreciative looks from two young women in sundresses. Darlene noticed the attention.

"Too bad you wouldn't know what to do with them if they got you alone."

"I'm not going to let you get to me Darlene," I told her. "You can try but I'm not playing."

"Oh come on, Canadian boy, I've already gotten to you, just by being here, just by having been in his bed before you."

So they had slept together. I'd wondered.

"So you ever slept with a woman or is that a complete turn-off?" she asked.

"I had a few girlfriends in high school. I just didn't enjoy it as much as they did."

"So you do know what to do?" Her eyes widened but she was overdramatizing.

"I figured it out," I told her.

"Did you have a map?"

I gave her a tight smile. "Yeah, I had a big map."

The sun was beating down on us, and I looked back to see the woman at the cash register making out a receipt for Jubilee.

"So," Darlene began again, "what is it you get out of it, Kieran? Is it the buddy stuff...two guys talking football? Jubilee's never been what you call passionate in bed, had to really talk him into foreplay and then, well... I could set my watch by him, five minutes and he was checking the sports scores. Sometimes I think he's asexual."

I looked off in the other direction. There hadn't been any sport score checking when we were together. Darlene just didn't get it. I looked at her again.

"He's gay. You're a woman. It might have been the reason he wasn't into it."

"Jubilee is not really gay, Kieran. I hate to break it to you."

"Jesus Christ, Darlene--" I sighed. "--keep telling yourself that."

"I've met gay men before. He's not gay."

"Right, you're a fucking authority now."

"He doesn't want to be gay," she insisted. "It's not convenient."

"Not convenient?" I stared at her.

"If you'd stop tempting him, he'd get over it!"

"Get over it?"

"Stop repeating every damn thing I say. And he's coming." She nudged me. "We'll discuss this more, later."

"Not if I can help it, we won't," I muttered.

"So, lead on." Jubilee glanced at me as he came up to us on the sidewalk.

"You mind walking? Montreal is a great city to walk in, easier than finding parking. We'll take St-Catherine to the Village."

"As in the queer village?" Darlene sniffed.

"Gay Village," I corrected. "You don't have to come if you don't want. Tonight you'll have to stay at the hotel."

"You're not my boss," she snapped.

"He's right, Darlene," Jubilee said. "The club we're going to is not for you."

"I don't think women are admitted except on ladies night," I added.

"That's sexist," she told us.

I shrugged.

"I'm coming with you now," she mumbled. "I don't understand why you people need an entire village to yourselves! I don't see a women's village."

I didn't reply. Jubilee just laughed.

On the way to the Village, I pointed out this and that landmark in downtown Montreal, various stores and shops. I'd gone to college in Montreal before joining the police academy out west. It was the city I'd really come out in, where I discovered who I was. I explained those things to Jubilee as we walked. Darlene trailed behind us, window shopping and ogling the men.

"I bet you were a gorgeous young thing," Jubilee smiled at me.

"Oh I was." I wiggled my brows. "And a wild one, too."

"When did you study, young man?"

"In between the sex of course." I laughed. "Straight As."

"In school or in sex?"

"Both," I told him.