Leather Days

an excerpt

Chapter One

Dan - Part One

I closed the cuffs around his wrists, raising them above his head to anchor them to a short bungee cord attached at the top of the bed. I tightened the thick old belt around his eyes, blocking his sight. My sweaty swimmer's jock had been shoved into his mouth as a gag. It wouldn't be fair to awaken the rest of the house with our sex play. We wanted and needed to play hard.

The naked and sweaty body of the man I'd finally admitted to loving lay stretched out on his bed. Fuck, he was sexy, and, fuck, how I wanted him. Mark Farrell is six feet-two and two-hundred-ten pounds of muscled body. His mustache was partly hidden by my black jock, but I knew its bushy outline intimately. The craggy features, broken nose, and firm mouth were relaxed for the moment, vulnerable to our shared lust. Lips quivered slightly, parting as the tip of his tongue tried to lunge out again, wanting me, but stopped by the gag.

Since I, Danny Fortunato, had come out gay, I'd always had my share of hot men, but from this man, I wanted more than just a blow job or a night of fucking. I'd been there, done that. For the first time ever, I was trying for a real relationship, and I was working hard to build something new to me.

Mark's body wriggled beneath me. His cock thrust up proud and demanding. This man, although a submissive in our play, was far from passive. Relatively new to gay sex, he was a fast learner. He'd moved from a happy heterosexual marriage and loving daughter, through the tragedy of his wife's death, then very gradually, but firmly, into this new world of BDSM and leather. Almost by chance we had found one another in the macho world of the LAPD.

I leaned over him, brushing his lower body with my leather chaps and boots. My dick, with its zero-gauge PA, was beating hard against his, but it wasn't time yet. I wanted to proceed slowly. I was the one who usually rushed ahead in life without thinking. Now I was trying to learn to work things through, but, fuck, that was hard when I had this hot man beneath me. My recent aches and bruises were fading away, leaving me permanently horny it seemed. So I started working on his tits again. His nubs were getting harder and bigger, and I'd already licked and nibbled at them. I knew they would probably be sore, but I couldn't resist those erect and proud nipples. My fingernails dug into the firm flesh. Mark moaned through the stinking jock.

"Hey, lover, keep it quiet. Remember, we're in your house, and we don't want to waken Edith or Mary. What's that? Shit, you cheeky bugger. Did you really say you needed my thick rod up your ass? Well, you can fucking well wait until I'm good and ready. Okay, I'll take pity on you. I'll pull the plug sticking out of your hole and start stirring you up."

I firmly grasped the veined rubber dildo and slid it out of his anus. I heard the low moan as he was left empty. I pulled his legs up further with one hand, while the other took the bottle of lube from his nightstand. Mark was so well organized; he had his supplies ready for me. My shoulders were still sore from the water-boarding torture I'd endured a few weeks ago, so I decided I'd better use some ankle restraints rather than my usual brute force. I'm six feet tall and one hundred ninety-five pounds of ripped muscles, but even I have my limits, and I definitely wanted to enjoy this encounter.

"Okay, Mark, I've got to get some rope or restraints round your ankles and haul them up to join your arms. Just as well I put some thick leather ones in my overnight bag. So relax a minute while I get you good and tight down there. That's better. Now raise your legs, and I'll clip your ankles to your wrists. Fuck, but you make a juicy package tied up there, with that asshole twitching and winking at me. I don't know how you do it, Mark, but my prick is getting even harder.

"So let's get some greasy fingers in that hole and stretch you out. That's my boy--you can take three fingers these days. Quite an improvement since I fucked you the first time, and, shit, that's not much more than a month ago. Easy does it. Let me play around in there for another minute or two. Then maybe I'll let you feel my power-driver at your door, if you behave and try to keep quiet."

We were both breathing harder. I was trying to curb my natural instinct to just shove my dick in hard and pound away. I wanted this to be a long and luxurious fuck for both of us, if I could restrain myself. So I slipped a rubber over my fuckstick and coated it with lube and some of his juices. I moved up into position, leaned up, and kissed his lips and my sweaty jock. He sucked back as long and as hard as he could, raising his torso towards mine.

Natural like, my pulsating cock slid into him. Mark grunted his acceptance and lay back. I tended to my part and pushed further into the well-oiled passage. His ass muscles relaxed and welcomed me back again. My seven inches gradually crept up his velvet avenue. He wriggled and twisted to take me all in, groaning quietly at first with the pain and effort. His man-cunt space is still narrow for my thick weapon, but I felt more at home each time, and I knew he wanted me fully inside him.

We started to move together--slowly and steadily and stealthily to avoid too much bed-creaking. I knew that Edith, his mother-in-law, had welcomed and accepted me, but I didn't want to abuse her hospitality. And Mark was breaking his own rule by having sex with me in his home.

I suddenly felt him clench my penis as I was sliding down and out. He grunted forcefully. I looked up into his bound eyes and slapped his rump. He nodded and tossed his head. He wanted me full force--and now. Warm-up was over; we both wanted action, and I gave it to him, banging him hard, reaching into his depths. He was panting, sweat running down his tormented face, but he was humping back. He tilted his pelvis forward, his own cock slippery with pre-cum.