A Spark of Chipmunk Love

an excerpt

Chapter One

Sparks sat next to his twin brother, Winslow, on a park bench right smack dab in the middle of White Pine. They were completely identical even down to the dimple on their left ass cheek as they sat there, bare naked, on this fine autumn night. Sparks crunched on an apple and winked at Mrs. Brown walking by. Mrs. Brown didn't take to kindly to seeing his junk and scoffed as she scurried on by.

He shrugged. Sparks had a rep to protect. Everyone in White Pine knew he was the terror of the town. He owned it. It was tattooed on his ass next to the dimple. Winslow and he had arrived with a bang and he hadn't regretted a minute of it, until the last couple of weeks.

Sparks shuddered thinking of the guy he'd fallen for. Hell, fell from a distance because the guy avoided him like the plague. Although it wasn't destined, he recognized the feeling for what it was. The mouse was his, Simon was going to be it for him, and his fucking mate wouldn't give him the time of the day. Well, he was claiming Simon even if Simon didn't claim him back. It was times like this that Sparks wished for at least a little karma, or some stupid bullshit mate pull. That wasn't the case though. He had to put a lot of fucking work into chasing his mouse, and the guy didn't want to be caught.

His sweet innocent mate was as shy as they come. Simon glared at him with those dark brown eyes every time Sparks walked into work at the Nut and Leaf Café naked. Hello, he had a locker there, with clothes stashed. How was he supposed to carry a pair of jeans in chipmunk form? His cheeks weren't that fucking big.

God, just thinking of Simon during his break, eyeing him angrily as Simon chewed on that cheese stick... it was enough to have him hard all day. Shy and feisty just for him. A shock of white blond hair with a patch of brown, he was beyond cute and sexy. Hell, Sparks had started leaving the little guy cheese sticks in his locker just so he could watch him eat. Yep, Sparks was a sad bastard, terrible but true.

No, the problem with the situation was he was the bad boy and Simon was the exact opposite. Where opposites worked in the damn romance books that Livingston left lying around in their house, it didn't work in real life. Sparks was under the impression that Simon had begged the boss to give him shifts at the restaurant, opposite of Sparks hours. Too bad Simon was the only one he would work with so the boss constantly refused the poor guy.

"Thought you had to work today?" Winslow broke the silence between the two of them.

"No. It's my day off," Sparks grumbled. And the boss didn't allow him to come in on his days off. While he worked part time, Simon was full time at Nut and Leaf. Sparks tried to go full time but the boss said he'd fire his ass if he had to see him more than fifteen hours a week. Sparks was only slightly offended.

"You haven't wanted to work a day in your life and now you're upset about not working. What gives?" Winslow raised an eyebrow at him.

That was the dilemma. Sparks hadn't told anyone about Simon. He was hoping he had a slim chance of getting his mouse before telling the Fieldstone horde. Knowing his sisters, they would probably try to talk Simon into getting a restraining order or go into witness protection. He had only frozen a few bras of theirs in his day. It was really no big deal.

"I like the pecan salad," Sparks said. Sparks could barely contain rolling his own damn eyes. Really... that's the best you got?

Winslow eyed him like he lost his damn mind. "You mean the same salad that's over at Teegan's place. You know I can go in and get you one."

"What is with that anyway? Why did your mate ban me from his restaurant?" Sparks asked hoping to steer the conversation away from matters of a personal nature.

Teegan owned Chomp Shop. The two were happily, gag, mated.

"He said I would never forgive him if he murdered my own blood," Winslow said matter-of-factly.

"Teeg really said that about me? I'm his brother-in-law." Sparks asked with faint innocence. Not a damn innocent bone in his body and Teegan knew that by just being around him. Maybe he shouldn't have snuck into bed with them that one time and scared the ever-living shit out of the Nile croc. Didn't anyone have a sense of humor in this town?

"Yeah, he said if he ever caught you in chipmunk form, he'd end you with his truck. Road kill man." Winslow shook his head and frowned.

"You can stop him," Sparks argued.

"I licked him. I claimed. That means I keep him, warts and all." Winslow stated with all seriousness.

Sparks sputtered and then said, "That doesn't mean you can't defend your own damn twin. I have damage from the last time he had me by the jaws. Guy put me in traction for a week."

"It wasn't that bad." Winslow gave him a droll stare.

"Why do you have blinders on with this guy? I know you love him but damn, you only need peepers to see how evil he is. I mean we can smell our own." Sparks winked at the idea of Dante and Maddox. Another set of twins that owned the martini bar Griffin's. They were considered the respectable twins while Sparks and Winslow were considered the opposite.

"That's what I love about him. He doesn't get steamrolled like the rest of the people in this town." Winslow stood up. "I'm getting hungry and could use a drink."

Sparks had to admit, Winslow was right. All his brothers-in-law could withstand the twin challenge. It was almost a test to each new family member to make sure they had the stuff to be with a Fieldstone. So far, everyone had passed, even Teegan.

The problem with Teeg wasn't Teegan himself. Sparks wouldn't admit it to anyone, but he'd never had to share Winslow. They had always been together since birth. Now, Winslow had a life away from him. Sparks was happy for his twin but at night, when he was alone, there was a deep ache in his heart that he didn't care too much for. It was hard for him to share Winslow with Teegan. Some days were harder than others.

Sure he lived with Livingston but that was as a friend. Not his blood, and not his twin. No one seemed to get it. Thinking it was good for Winslow and him. Sparks wholeheartedly disagreed with that. They were a pair. A matched set, and Teegan had swooped in and stolen his twin.

"Want to go to Griffin's and get a martini or White Pine Brewery?" Sparks asked as he scratched his balls.

Winslow shook his head. "Griffin's but I need to get some clothes first. Teegan said he'd spank me next time I walk into a restaurant naked."

"So, we're going naked?" Sparks got up.

Winslow laughed. "Sure let's go get thrown out of the bar before we can even get served."

Sparks scratched his jaw. "Let's take the long route though. I want to walk in front of Nut and Leaf first."

"Why?" Winslow asked.

Sparks smirked. "Because I want to show someone what they're missing?"