Peanut Butter and Jelly For Two

an excerpt

A minute later, the bell chimed again, and the sounds of disgruntled protests filled the waiting area as Dallas and Dr. Samuels walked in together. Dear Lord, Gunner was a lethal combination of handsome and sex all rolled up into one. Phillip blatantly stared. Hell, he couldn't help it. The man was packed solid. Phillip had thought when he first started working there a couple months ago that he would tame his desire for the man, but no such luck. Sheesh, he had it bad if he was long-necking Gunner's fine body.

Gunner walked like the wolf shifter he was, with a lethal grace that had the ability to make everyone stop what they were doing and take notice. A smile that was so perfect that Phillip was surprised the man wasn't starring in toothpaste commercials. Hell, Phillip was going to need the drool bib.

Trying to distract himself, Phillip glanced over to see Dallas take a seat without checking in. The grumpy bear didn't look too pleased at coming in today. Phillip grabbed the sign-in sheet and jotted Dallas's name down.

Dr. Samuels came through the glass door separating the waiting room from the patient rooms. He filled up the space, making Phillip feel even smaller than his five foot eight inches. Phillip's hand shook as he put the sign-in sheet back at the window.

Dr. Samuels showed his pearly whites, smiling with full luscious lips that Phillip had fantasized about since day one. "How are you this morning, Phillip?" Dr. Samuels leaned on the check-out counter as Phillip handed him his computer tablet that stored all the patient files and appointments for the day. That was the first thing Phillip changed when he got here. The dentist was not allowed to have a pile of paper covering his desk ever again.

And just like always, Phillip got all tongue-tied, feeling like a complete idiot in front of the good dentist. "Nuh." Dear Lord, that wasn't even a word. Phillip wanted to crawl under his desk in embarrassment.

Beauregard came walking down the hall and began to distract Gunner. Thank you, Beauregard! Could that have been any more awkward? Phillip thought he better get his act together or the dentist was going to question his ability to work here if he continually talked in incoherent babble all the time.

Standing up, Phillip ran to the back to grab a coffee in the break room, pouring the usual four hazelnut creamers in it. Yeah, it was frowned upon to drink coffee in the office but sometimes a chipmunk needed a pick-me-up to get through the day.

Beauregard stuck his head in. "What the hell was all that about?"

Phillip groaned in misery. "You heard?"

"Um...yeah. You know what you need to do? Just ask the wolf out. Hell, have him over for dinner."

"I can't cook, especially meat."

"Sure, you can. You're an omnivore. Don't you eat everything? Just pop a roast in the oven and voila!" Beauregard said loudly.

Dr. Samuels walked in. "I love roast."

Beauregard smirked at Phillip, an entire inner dialog being exchanged with their eyes.

Don't you dare. Phillip glared.

Beauregard raised a brow. Ooooh really? Is that a challenge?

Paybacks are hell!

Beauregard turned his back on Phillip.

Casually, Beauregard spoke as if he wasn't throwing Phillip under the bus, "You should come over to Phillip's for dinner tomorrow night. He's really good at cooking and was going to make a roast for just his little lonesome."


"Really? I don't want to intrude." Gunner glanced over at Phillip.

Sweat began to build on Phillip's brow as a million thoughts passed in a nanosecond. From wanting to strangle Beauregard, to hugging him, to panic that this was his one chance, all the way to the thought that he had no fucking clue how to cook.

"I'd love to have you over," Phillip blurted out before he could take it back. I'm screwed!