Cameron & Erick

an excerpt

Chapter 1

The air was still, not a leaf stirred in the surrounding trees. There was dew clinging to every surface and covering the ground, glistening in the early morning sunlight. As he walked from his truck, Erick looked back at the footprints he left in the dew on the dead grass. He knew this weather wouldn't last long, the mild, warm days followed by the cool nights. It was the first part of July and already the fire season had been intense with several small blazes to be dealt with. The calm before the storm.

This was the first of his four days off. He was pretty much useless on the first day. But he felt the need to see Cameron. And he didn't think Cam would mind him crashing while he worked on his book. They had been seeing each other for six months now, ever since Cam had moved to Casalobos. Neither of them was seeing anyone else, but Erick was still shying away from saying out loud that they were exclusive.

Erick smiled at the thought of Cameron's job. He was a children's book illustrator. Erick had thought that drawings and other things Cam created were done with computer graphics. He'd watched as Cam drew the illustrations first. Then he scanned them into his computer then did something that made them look like children's drawings. He didn't understand it all, but then he didn't have to.

A yawn escaped before he could catch it. He needed to sleep today away then they'd have most of the next three days to play and maybe he even let Cam get out of bed to eat. But that was not a given. A smile crossed his lips as he thought of the things they could do. Cameron was twenty-three, but such a babe in the woods, especially when it came to sex. Erick was enjoying initiating him into all things sex wise.

Knocking when he reached the door, he waited for Cameron to answer. Erick knew the first thing out of Cam's mouth was going to be about him taking a key to the front door. That spoke of commitment and other things that he wasn't ready for. At least not yet. Just like not saying they were exclusive, he wasn't ready. That would make it feel more permanent. He was more of a go-with-the-flow, don't-rock-the-boat type of guy.

He knew that would have to change at some point, because he felt sure that Cam was the right guy for him. But commitment and marriage and those things? That scared him some. They could wait, couldn't they? He was twenty-seven. That was still young, at least to his mind it was.

Footsteps sounded behind the door. There was the sound of the ancient handle turning and the scrape of the door on the hardwood floor. The damp from this morning had caused the door to swell. Erick laughed as Cameron almost fell to the floor from having pulled so hard on the door.

"I hate this door, and I hate you for laughing at me Erick Sunderson." Cameron had that cute pout on his lips.

"I keep telling you that you need to shave the bottom of the door." They had started dating in back in February and every month had been damp, but the months of April and May had been especially rainy. Every time it got damp, Cameron's door stuck. Erick had offered to bring his sander to take care of the problem.

An exasperated look crossed Cam's face. "And I keep asking you what happens when the door shrinks? Huh? What happens then? Well, let me tell you. What happens then there is a huge gap under the door. And then every creepy crawling thing that lives in the woods comes crawling under it. And then you will hear my very girly loud screams at the station. And just so you know, I don't do bugs! No! No bugs! They're ugly and evil and nasty and scary. And they are butt ugly. Have you ever seen a cute bug? "

Erick wondered when Cameron was going to take a breath. He had a habit of running his sentences together in one long breath. It was cute. "Um, a ladybug? And babe, just let me do it after I wake up. It will be fine. I don't need to take much off. You're scratching the hardwood floors doing that." Erick watched as the words deflated Cam's rant.

With a huff, Cam conceded. "Okay, I'll give that ladybugs are cute. But why can't you just take the key? Then you could have let yourself in, and I wouldn't have almost killed myself and we wouldn't be having this discussion."

Eyeing Cameron from his hair to his bare feet, he decided that all things about Cameron were cute. He marveled at the amazing opposites they were. From his height, Cam was short enough that Erick looked over the top of his head. Erick was six foot three, so he guessed that made Cam about five foot eight or nine. Where Erick had tanned muscles that he worked hard for, Cam was lean and barely toned. Cam had floppy brown hair that never stayed in place, where Erick's was short and blond. Mocha colored eyes, dark lashes, which made an amazing contrast to his pale skin. With Cam forever shut inside painting and drawing, Erick wasn't surprised at how pale Cam was. He should take the boy out camping; fresh air would do him good.

As he reached to pull Cam into his body, Erick murmured into Cam's hair. "I'm going to crash and sleep for the next twelve hours or so, if that's all right with you?"

"Of course it is. I love having you here, even if it is just sleeping."

Continuing, Erick shuffled them both into the bedroom. Once there he started to strip out of his clothes. He heard the appreciative sounds coming from Cam. His lips quirked into a haphazard smile. Damn he was tired. "But when I wake up I am going to love you like there is no tomorrow. I'm going..." Leaning in, he whispered several dirty things he wanted to do with Cam. The blush coloring Cam's cheeks caused Erick to laugh. It amazed him that there was someone innocent enough to still blush. But he was glad that Cam was innocent, and that he was the one taking Cam to new places in the bedroom and the bed. That was his last thought before he face planted into the bed.