Go All The Way

an excerpt

Chapter One

"Forty-six hours and counting until we're legal." Peter Barnes eased up behind his fiance, Kenley Kissinger and nibbled on Kenley's earlobe. "Forty-six hours until we're set."

"We're already set. We live together. How is that not set?" Kenley chuckled and resumed washing the dishes. He placed a soapy plate under the faucet and rinsed. "The wedding just means we're official. Speaking of official, you never did say how we were handling the name situation. I'm fine with a hyphen."

"I forgot about it. A hyphen works for me." He let go of Kenley and picked up the towel. He liked the domesticity he and Kenley had settled into. He had a place he belonged and someone who loved Peter--not the male model part of his persona. He dried one of the dinner plates and glanced around the kitchen. When he'd moved in with Kenley, the house resembled Kenley's tightly wound personality. The man liked his organization and hated clutter. Peter loved clutter. He loved leaving his clothes all over the floor and his styling products around the bathroom sink. They were opposites in most every way, but they seemed to make things work, and he loved it.

"Did you finalize the guest list?" Kenley turned off the water and wiped his hands on a towel. "Your friend, Roscoe, told me over the phone that he was doing the place cards. Peter, I thought we'd decided on a small wedding."

"We did." He'd forgotten about talking to Roscoe. The wedding to Kenley was in less than two days. He couldn't seem to keep his head on straight, let alone remember who he'd delegated to help with the planning. Getting married on Valentine's Day had been a stroke of genius on his part and he wanted to get the ceremony over with. He was ready to be officially married to Kenley.

"Well?" Kenley asked. "What's the deal with Roscoe?"

"I mentioned the reception to a few of my buddies from the modeling scene and they wanted to come along. I couldn't say no." He shrugged. "They're cool and you'll like them." He wasn't worried about whether Kenley and his friends would get along--Kenley was personable to everyone. What he did fear was pushing Kenley to do too many things he wasn't comfortable doing or allowing.

"If you say so." Kenley shook his head. He strolled out of the kitchen, leaving Peter alone with the rack of damp dishes.

Peter hurried to dry everything and put the plates away. The silverware could wait until later. He didn't like the way Kenley had walked out. He'd pushed his fiance too far. Fuck. He put the last plate in the cupboard, then headed into the living room.

Kenley sat on the couch and flipped through his notebook. "I paid the minister, and for the flowers. Nadine said she'd pick up the flowers Sunday morning and would be at the house when the caterer delivered the cake. You're supposed to pick up the tuxedoes and I'll head over to the development community center to resume decorating."

"You're awesome." Peter flopped onto the couch beside him. "This is part of why I love you. You keep me sane and organized."

"You'd better call Roscoe," Kenley said. "He called three times while you were out because he said he couldn't reach you on your phone. I have no idea how he even got my number. Two calls were about the food and one about the place cards. If he's helping you get ready, that's fine, but tell him to settle."

Odd, since he hadn't given Roscoe Kenley's number, either. He also hadn't said anything to Roscoe about helping with the food. "I'll call him while I'm driving to pick up the tuxes."

"I should probably go along to try mine on one last time."

"Nah. We've been fitted a half-dozen times. If it's wrong now, then it can't be fixed in time and besides, it should've been right. The last time you tried it on, you looked amazing." Peter grasped Kenley's hand and kissed his knuckles. "Don't worry about it and plan on modeling the tux for me tonight."

"I can do that--the trying on, not the worrying part." Kenley sighed. "Call Nadine, too. She talked to me for an hour last night, but swears she can't tell me whatever she's got to talk to you about."

"Probably about the flowers or something. I don't know." Christ. When did getting married get so complicated? When he'd watched the shows on television about weddings, everything seemed so easy. He raked his free hand through his hair. "I should've made a list."

Kenley patted Peter's thigh, then slid a piece of paper over to him. "I already did. I knew you'd want one."

Peter sat up straighter and read through the list. Sure enough, Kenley had everything in order and with general times--including the wedding. Good, he loved his highly-organized fiance.

"Once I get done sorting things out over at the center, I've got three laptops to fix tonight. If I don't get them done, I'll be behind schedule and we'll be late for our honeymoon. Have you decided where we're going?"

"I have and it's supposed to be a surprise." Peter stood and chuckled. Kenley hated surprises. He preferred to know exactly what would be happening and when. Peter lived for the thrill of the adventure and surprises. For the honeymoon, he knew exactly what they'd be doing and when--and he'd tell Kenley after the ceremony. He checked the list once more. He'd have to jot a few notes onto the page when he got to the tailor. He still had to pick up his Valentine's Day gift and wedding present for Kenley.

"How about you work on the computers and I'll get our clothes and run my errands and then we'll meet up at eight for supper--I'm cooking--and pre-pre-wedding festivities." Peter waggled his eyebrows. "You know how I love to celebrate."

"You do." Kenley left the couch and stretched. "If it means sex, I'm all in." Kenley kissed Peter, lingering a few moments. He swiped his tongue across Peter's bottom lip. When Peter groaned, Kenley pushed the kiss and sucked on Peter's tongue.

Sweet Jesus. Peter stuffed his hands into Kenley's back pockets. His cock swelled behind his zipper and blood rushed through his body. Shit. Part of him wanted to get moving and get the errands done, but the rest of him wanted to stay right there with Kenley. He needed his man so much.

Kenley slid his palm down Peter's side to his hip.

Another groan ripped from Peter's throat and he broke away long enough to drag a deep breath into his lungs. He pinned Kenley to the doorway between the kitchen and the living room. Damn, being with Kenley made him hot.

Kenley situated his hand between his body and Peter's. He unzipped Peter's pants. The belt held his jeans in place, but that didn't stop Kenley. He wound his fingers around Peter's cock and stroked.

Peter squeezed Kenley's ass. Holy hell. He wasn't going to get anything done--not now. He broke the kiss again. "Jesus, Ken, you'll make me come."

"That was the point." Kenley dropped to his knees. He rubbed his face on the bulge in Peter's jeans.

"Fuck," Peter gasped. He palmed the back of Kenley's bald head. He loved when Kenley marked himself with Peter's dick. Each stroke over his cock and kiss, even through the jeans, spiked his blood pressure. Peter pumped his hips, bumping Kenley's mouth with his crotch.

"Eager much?" Kenley glanced up at him, then opened the belt buckle and the button on Peter's jeans. He shoved the denim down Peter's thighs and flicked his tongue across the blunt head of Peter's erection. He cupped Peter's balls.

Peter turned around and leaned against the doorframe. He needed the support. Kenley made his knees weak. He pawed the back of Kenley's head.

"Suck me. That's right. Take me in," Peter said. He rocked his hips some more.

Kenley didn't say anything in return. Instead, he swallowed Peter's cock to the back of his throat and paused. He massaged Peter's sac, then slid one finger back to Peter's asshole.

"Fuck," Peter blurted. The breath wrenched from his body. He'd been on the receiving end of Kenley's blowjobs for more than nine months and Kenley never ceased to please him.

Kenley bobbed his head. He continued to massage Peter's sac. He eased his head back and withdrew, only to suck Peter's dick deep into his mouth again.

The blood rushed through Peter's body and his knees trembled. He couldn't breathe or think. Nothing mattered but Kenley and the way his lover made him feel. He slid his hand over his chest and pinched his nipple through the fabric of his shirt.

Kenley buried his nose in Peter's pubic hair and swallowed. The extra sensation sent shivers through Peter's body. Peter panted. He widened his stance and grunted. Not long now. The orgasm built low in his belly, but spread through his limbs in seconds. He couldn't think--just exist.

"Baby, I'm--fuck--I'm coming." The climax washed over him and Peter shoved his dick deep into Kenley's mouth. He shivered again and curled forward over his lover. He shot his load down Kenley's throat. Sweet Jesus.

Kenley bobbed his head a few more times until Peter's trembling subsided, then sat back on his heels. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and grinned. "Feel better?"

"Uh-huh." He slid to the floor and stretched out his legs. "Although now that I've got that out of the way, I'll be thinking about it and you while I'm out." He needed to stuff his cock back into his pants and get off the kitchen floor, but not yet. He waited until the post-orgasm glow wore off a bit before he tried to get to his feet. He eased his now-flaccid dick behind his fly, then zipped up. He buckled his belt.

"Just means you'll have to hurry." Kenley grinned and stood. He smacked his lips. "No sweat, right?"

"You know it." Peter sighed and managed his way upright. "You're dangerous to my health."

"Oh?" Kenley's eyebrows rose. "How's that?"

"I won't be able to concentrate while I'm out." He kissed Kenley, then grabbed his keys. "Be back soon. Love you."

Kenley picked up his keys and swatted Peter's ass. "Love you, too." He wriggled his eyebrows, then sashayed past Peter. He glanced back at him, as he headed out the door.