Uniform Fantasies

an excerpt


What the hell am I doing here? Mike leaned against the vacant stall in an empty highway rest stop at 1 a.m. What if it's a setup or a scam? He had never paid for sex before and so didn't know what to expect. Panic set in, and Mike changed his mind. He gently pushed off the graffiti covered metal. It wasn't worth the risk. He dropped his head and moved toward the door to get out fast. A large figure blocked the exit, and Mike looked up to move past. In his path he found a state trooper. Shit. This is it. I'm going to jail.

Before Mike had a chance to get out, his eyes instinctively gave the officer a once-over. His polished black shoes reflected the poor fluorescent lighting. His gray uniform pants fit too snugly, revealing a large bulge. The dark green stripe connected leather shoe to thick leather belt on the side of his pants. Overworked muscles strained against the dark green shirt with gold buttons down the front and a gold patch on the shoulder. He had the chiseled face of a rugged movie star and wore the wide-brimmed hat to complete the uniform despite it being nighttime.

The thrill of being arrested by such a beast of a man aroused Mike, but he needed to get out of there before the cop realized what he had been doing. He began his movements forward again, but the trooper also stepped forward and put his hand out. The hand made contact with Mike's chest, stopping him dead.

"What are you doing in here so late?"

The deep baritone only hardened Mike's cock further. Mike wracked his brain for anything non-suspicious he could tell this man.

"Uh. I just had to take a piss on my way home."

"And where would home be?"

Shit. He couldn't tell the truth, because he lived in the wrong direction to be on this side of the highway. Mike's panic prevented his brain from coming up with any town the other direction. He gave a dumbfounded stare until the officer resumed his questioning.

"All right. Let's not play games. I know a male prostitution ring operates out of here. You wouldn't happen to know anything about that would you?"

"No, Officer. Of course not." Mike's voice cracked and gave him away.

"I've had about enough of our little chat. I've gathered probable cause. You're under arrest."

He moved in close, and the closeness of the uniform drove Mike wild. He felt the precum, wet against his underwear. The cop grabbed his shoulders and flung him around with shocking ease. He slammed Mike up against the stall he had been previously leaning against and pulled his hands together behind his back. Mike heard the click of handcuffs a second before the cold metal bound his wrists.

"Ow. That hurt. Be careful."

"What was that? You should have thought about that before breaking the law."

The cop held Mike up against the wall with his one hand and began patting down his body with the other. Mike's breathing increased with his arousal.

"You faggots usually carry some drugs on you as well."

The cop let go and crouched down. Mike looked down and almost shot his load at the sight of the squatting cop. The way the pants pulled against his body in that position revealed everything. Mike could make out a monster cock begging to be released from its confines. The cop began a full pat down, starting at the ankles and working his way up. He got to the crotch, and his fingers touched Mike's hard-on.

The man put his hands against the stall wall on either side of Mike's head and leaned in to his ear. The cop's erect penis rubbed against his butt. Mike could now make out the stubble on the trooper's face as his hat pressed against the side of his head. The cop spoke in a seductive whisper.

"Well, well. Seems like you like this. But you probably aren't going to like what comes next. I need to make sure you aren't holding any illegal substances up your anus."

This couldn't actually be happening. Mike had no idea if what the cop was doing was legal. Did it even matter? He seemed corrupt and probably wouldn't stop even if he had a legitimate complaint. The cop unlatched Mike's belt with one hand while the other pressed against Mike's penis.

All of a sudden, he pulled down Mike's pants with one swift motion. A second later, Mike felt a finger jammed up his ass. Oh, God. Mike had to keep focused not to come right away. He mentally recited the alphabet backward to take his mind off it. He let out a gasp as the finger stroked his prostate. This guy knew what he was doing. The gasp turned to a groan.


"You like that too? We can't have that. I'm going to have to punish you now."

Mike heard a zipper. The uniform reached around his body and pulled him back. The sight of taught cloth against muscle aroused Mike even more. It hurt not to come. The cop's giant penis pushed into his ass hard. It was too big, but his strength was no match for Mike's resistance.

He started thrusting in and out, still in full uniform. Mike looked down at where his pants draped over his shoes. The image was too much. The cop pulled Mike's head back up and began a series of rough kisses on his neck. Mike felt a bite and then a scratch of the stubble, and his first thought was: harder.

"Yeah. I bet you'll think twice about coming here again."

The cop pressed in deeper as Mike loosened up. Deeper, faster, harder. He heard the jangle of keys slap against the leather belt. So fucking hot. More noises came out of Mike he had never heard himself make.

"Ahn. Uhfuuk."

The cop put his hand over Mike's mouth.

"You better shut the fuck up."

Mike could now see the fabric of the cuff of the uniform fastened by another large gold button. Oh God, so sexy. Mike knew the slightest pressure on his penis would cause him to come. As if reading his thoughts, the cop's free hand reached down and a few strokes later, Mike yelled out a muffled scream through the hand. His load shot onto the stall wall.

The officer pulled out as soon as Mike finished. He pulled off the condom, casually tossing it into the nearby trashcan. His demeanor changed as if he had multiple personalities. He no longer pushed Mike against the wall, so Mike turned around to see what was happening. Gone was the rough guy act. A gentle smile rested on his face. He put his semi-erect penis back in his pants and grabbed a key from the large dangling key chain attached to his belt. Mike asked the obvious.

"You're not going to finish?"

"Nah. I do this enough. It's pure work for me now. Unless you want me to? Some people ask for that."

"No. Only if you want to. I'm a little embarrassed by how fast it happened."

"Turn around, and I'll get you out of those things."

Mike turned around, and the officer unlatched the handcuffs. He waggled his wrists, trying to get some feeling back. Those were going to leave a mark.

"I'm sorry if I was too rough. You indicated that was part of your fantasy. You never said the safe word, so I figured I was in the clear."

"No, no. That was great. Jesus. I just can't believe you exist. I've spent my life role-playing and hunting down cop porn, but none of the uniforms are real looking. Someone with a uniform fetish knows when it's fake. The fact that you are out here doing this. It's amazing. You're fulfilling my dream. I can't thank you enough."

"I get that a lot. You can't imagine. If you liked it, then you can thank me by becoming a regular. I need the cash."

Mike couldn't tell if that was a veiled hint that he should tip. The price had been paid in full upfront to some third party. Regardless, Mike took the cue. He pulled his pants back up and fished in his pocket for a wallet. He grabbed a wad of cash and handed it over. Mike remained so flustered by the experience that he didn't know how much he gave him. He continued talking to fill the silence.

"You can count on it. Some people say that having your fantasy fulfilled ruins it, because it is never as good as you imagined. But this was better than I imagined."

"I'm glad." Mike's heart fluttered as the trooper flashed a big, toothy grin at him. Now that he had left character, he had an almost boyish quality to him. "I'm Tom, by the way."

"I'm Mike."

Tom held out his hand, and Mike gave it a hefty shake. Mike knew he must experience these post-sex conversations all the time, but it felt awkward. Were you supposed to get to know the person you paid to fulfill your fantasy? Relief washed through Mike as Tom took that opportunity to tip his hat as if some southern gentleman.

"See ya later."

He turned and sauntered out. All Mike could do was stare at his magnificent figure as he left. Those broad shoulders were made for a uniform. The mere image of him walking away aroused Mike enough to think he could probably go again, but he needed to get out of this seedy place first.

Chapter 1

Tom groggily rolled out of bed and wished he hadn't stayed up so late. One could never be too careful when a client chose a public location. At least he knew who was on patrol and where they were. No one on highway patrol would walk in on them. The only risk was an unsuspecting civilian, which was why he chose 1 a.m. for the encounter.

Tom pulled on his running clothes as he had a hundred times before. There was nothing like a quick jog in the morning to wake up. He skipped down the steps of his small townhouse already feeling better. The morning air had an autumn chill, and within a block he noticed the leaves had started to change. Peterborough would soon achieve its breathtaking grandeur.

Small-town life agreed with Tom. He had almost everything he wanted. Despite the recent complications of his uniform fetish side business, he wanted a quiet life and had one. He loved serving the public and found great pleasure in simple things like the changing of the seasons. The only remaining piece of his dream life was to settle down with the love of his life. He found this aspect of small-town life wanting.

Tom finished his quick loop and bounded back up the stairs, filled with energy for whatever the day would bring him. His plain white undershirt clung to his sweaty body as he pulled it off and threw it onto a pile of clothes in the corner. I really need to do laundry, he thought before washing off in a scalding shower. Tom padded across the wood floor to his closet to put on his freshly pressed uniform for the day.

As he put the pieces together, Tom thought about the previous night. It never ceased to amaze him how aroused his clients became at the sight of the uniform. As a cop, he had heard the phrase "I like a man in uniform," more times than he could count. But this was something else altogether. His clients didn't think he was hot in uniform. The uniform itself was the fetish; the thing that got them off. Tom looked at himself in the mirror and wondered how terrible it would be to have this job and the fetish. There must be someone somewhere with this problem.

Tom went to the kitchen and sat at the table with a bowl of cereal and his laptop open. He checked the fake email address he had set up when he first made contact with Craig. Technically, Craig was a pimp, but Tom didn't like to think in those terms. Craig merely ran a business that let people with fetishes connect with people willing to fulfill their fantasies, for a charge.

Tom wasn't sure how Craig found these people, but he trusted him. He was some kind of genius. Craig had tried to explain the system to him once, but failed miserably. The only thing he could remember was that it had some double verification security system he hand-built to keep it all safe. The inbox read 0. No fetish work today.

Tom drove to the station to meet up with his partner, Jay, and get his assignment for the day. At the state trooper level, most patrolling was done in pairs in New Hampshire. This frustrated some troopers, but Tom didn't mind. He'd been a social animal his whole life. As he pulled into the parking lot, he saw Jay waiting at the door. Jay could be a bit intense sometimes. He jogged over to Tom before he had fully exited the car.

"We'll be out on the 202 today."

Tom breathed a sigh of relief. At least people sped on the 202, so they'd see some action. Their previous few days had been boring as heck. Very little happened on patrol of a backcountry road through a rural town in the woods.

"Great. Let's get to it."

Tom drove first. He carefully positioned the car in the median behind some bushes. The locals all knew he could be there, but they'd probably catch some out-of-state people off guard. Tom aimed the speed gun out the window, and the long wait began: 68, 64, 69... Jay broke the silence.

"You look a bit more tired than usual. What were you up to? Did you get some action?"

Tom tensed. Jay was only teasing, but the line of questioning was too close for comfort. Jay saw he had gotten to him and prodded further.

"Oh my God. You did. I can see it by the way you tensed up there. Tell me about her. Who is she? Come on. We're partners, but you never tell me anything personal."

78. Saved by the speeder.

"We have to take this one."

Before Jay could reply, Tom gunned it onto the mostly empty road and turned the siren on.

"No fair. You're using this as an excuse."

Luckily, the speeder pulled over without a fuss. Tom got out of the car and put his hat on. Many officers got lazy and skipped this step, but Tom felt an obligation after learning how much this part of the uniform meant to some people. As he shuffled along the shoulder of the road, he saw the window roll down. Tom bent over to get a look inside.

A woman in her late twenties sat at the wheel. She was dressed like a fashion model, and flipped her highly stylized long black hair as she looked over. Before speaking, she batted her fake eyelashes in an exaggerated fit of overacting. Did straight officers really fall for all this makeup?

"Why hello there. What seems to be the problem, Officer?"

She turned in such a way to make her cleavage more visible through the V of her black dress. Not working.

"Do you have any idea why I pulled you over?"

"Um, I was speeding?"

"Yes you were. Can I have your license and registration please? I'm going to have to write you a ticket."

"But I'm on my way to work. I'm already late. I had reason to be speeding."

Tom smirked at the honesty. He glanced back at his partner with his toothy grin and shook his head in disbelief. The woman didn't seem to be making any motion to comply. He tried to push the process along.

"If you're late, you should give me your license and registration so we can be done here."

"Has anyone ever told you how sexy you are? Isn't there any sort of deal we can work out?"

She reached out and tried to touch his crotch, but Tom pulled away. Jay saw this and got out of the car to go see what was going on. Was this really happening on the first ticket of the day? It took a lot of gall to be so blunt about it. He had witnessed subtler attempts but never anything this blatant.

"Now see what you've done? My partner is coming over."

"I can handle two. I've done it before." Blood flowed to Tom's cheeks. This person was out of control. He chastised himself for letting the woman get to him. "I see you find that idea interesting."

"Okay. I've had just about enough of this. Proposing what you did is illegal. It's called soliciting an officer. I'll forget you did it if you drop it. If you keep this up when he gets here, we'll have to arrest you."

Jay approached the other side of the car and knocked on the window to get the woman inside to open it. She did.

"What's going on here?"

The woman continued with her honesty despite the clear warning.

"I just offered your friend here a more than fair trade. I'm really good with my tongue if you know what I mean."

Jay wasn't as forgiving as Tom. "Get out of the car. We aren't playing this game. You're under arrest."

The woman wasn't having any of this, so Tom opened the door and started pulling the woman out. Jay jogged around to help. The woman struggled against the men, and while leaning forward, a nipple popped out of her low cut dress. Jay dropped the handcuffs and gaped for a second. She couldn't resist commenting.

"Oh. I see you like that big boy. There's more where that came from if you want to reconsider."

Is she out of her mind? The comment freed Jay from his daze, and he picked up the cuffs. Tom got her upright, and he recited her Miranda rights. She remained quiet for the rest of the trip back to the station. They turned her in and returned back to their resting spot on the highway. Jay broke the ice.

"Hey. If you were by yourself and knew you weren't going to be caught, would you ever consider taking a woman up on an offer like that?"

"No. Of course not. Why? Would you?"

"Shit. Did you see her? She was smokin' hot. Damn, those tits, too. I'd be tempted. You're trying to tell me she didn't even tempt you? Not for a second?"

Tom started to get nervous. No one on the force knew he was gay, and he wanted to keep it that way. He heard the jokes. He didn't think anyone would mind if they knew, but it would definitely change the dynamic. People would be more cautious, and whether they admitted it or not, they would despise him. They liked being able to freely joke about certain things and talk about women in a certain way. Tom tried to make something up to sound convincing.

"Maybe a little, but I was too worried about her escaping and running away to think about it. By the way you acted, you'd hand over her jail cell keys if she flashed those things at you again."

The joke worked. Jay laughed, and it broke the tension.

"Yeah. I was an idiot just standing there staring. I wonder if she meant it when she said she was into men in uniforms. You know there are some people who are really into that type of thing."

"Trust me. I know."

"That's the dream. Imagine being in a relationship with someone like that. They'd want sex every time you came home from work."

"Don't you think it'd get old? How would you know if they were into you for being you and not just for the uniform?"

"You're such a girl. Who cares? It would be amazing to be able to get sex whenever I wanted by putting on my uniform."

"I'm not so sure."