an excerpt

Chapter One

"I don't believe it. I don't fucking believe it."

The sound of Robert's angry voice reached Leander from the hallway. He looked up from where he'd busily assembled cream cheese and smoked salmon topped bagels for breakfast. The plates, glasses of orange juice, and a pot of coffee were already out on the table.

"What is it, love?" Leander headed toward the door, and met Robert on his way in. His lover's normally smiling visage scowled darkly. Whatever was in the crushed piece of paper that Robert held in his hand had genuinely upset him.

"This." Robert shook the paper. "My bloody sister."

Leander stood frozen in shock. Lucy, Robert's sister, hadn't contacted him in over a decade. This couldn't be anything good. He shook himself into action. He had to take care of his lover. He urged Robert to sit at the table, and poured him a mug of coffee.

"Do you want me to read it or will you give me the abridged version?" Leander sat close, and pushed the coffee toward his lover.

Robert sipped at the coffee and peered, frowning, over the mug's rim.

"My dear sister, who hasn't so much as spoken to me for the last twelve years, wants me to look after her daughter, Aimee. Lucy's having surgery, needs recovery time afterward, and wants us... me, to look after Aimee."

"What?" Leander couldn't stop the squawk of outrage. "The niece you have'nt been permitted to see in over a decade, since she was... what, three years old?"

"Oh, that's not the best of it. She's invoked the Bound by Blood Oath. I can't refuse to take Aimee as she's my blood, my kin. Equally, I'm bound not to reveal to her I'm gay, or that I live with you. That's part of the deal."

"She expects you to honour the Blood Oath yet deny yourself at the same time?" Leander couldn't help his voice rising in pitch as his anger also rose. That was a mean trick, even for Lucy. The oath meant that Robert couldn't refuse his sister's request, bound by their relationship as brother and sister, to care for his niece. He was also bound by whatever terms Lucy imposed, such as silence regarding their relationship, which she had never approved of.

"Aimee hasn't been told anything about me other than I'm eccentric, I like to live away from the city, and I have a log cabin out in the woods. She doesn't know about you at all."

Robert sounded so defeated that Leander went to him and rubbed against his lover until Robert pulled him into his lap and wrapped strong arms around him.

"I'm not surprised." Leander sighed heavily and stroked Robert's hair and shoulders. "She's never accepted your position or that you're gay. But to give you a fifteen-year-old girl raised in the big city, who's had no contact with you for all these years... Well, it's a recipe for disaster."

"Lucy thinks I can send you away, not have you in the house for the three weeks Aimee will be here. No fucking way. This is your home as much as mine."

"You couldn't manage without me for that long, even if I was close by. She should know that. When does Aimee arrive?"

"The day after tomorrow."

"What? Seriously? That woman is such a bitch. Samhain is an important and potentially difficult time for us."

"Lucy won't have given that a second thought. Not surprisingly, Aimee assumed she'd stay with friends, so Lucy left it to the last minute to tell her too, and Aimee's already on her way. She's stopping off at our parents on the way here but that won't be much of a delay. This is going to be a nightmare." Robert covered his face with his hands.

"Come with me." Leander grasped Robert's hand and led him back upstairs to their bedroom. He shrugged off his robe, then removed Robert's. "We'll have to be really careful with a fifteen-year-old around the house. But for today, you can have me as you want."

Leander lay back on the bed, his arms over his head. Robert grinned, pushed Leander's legs apart and knelt between them. Leander looked up at his lover. Compared to Robert's broad, muscular physique, Leander felt decidedly like a scrawny schoolboy in comparison. Fortunately, Robert loved his skinny, pale body.

Leander sighed as Robert kissed his way down his chest to graze his teeth over already peaked nipples, and Leander arched into the touch. Robert grinned and moved lower to nip at his prominent hip bones while he thumbed Leander's achingly hard nipples.

A moan of Robert's name slipped past Leander's lip as his lover enveloped his cock in wet heat. Robert was an expert in teasing. He sucked, licked, even nibbled at Leander's dick, keeping him hovering on the edge. Finally, Robert took pity on Leander's pleas and begging.

Increasing the intensity of his suction, Robert took Leander's hard cock fully into his mouth, and stroked over Leander's entrance with his finger. With a soft cry of his lover's name, Leander came. Robert kept sucking until Leander had nothing left to give.

Snagging the lube from the bedside table, Robert grinned down at Leander. Returning the smile, Leander spread his legs wide as Robert prepared him. By the time Robert was ready to enter him, Leander was already fully erect once more.

"I love how quickly you can recover, Lea," Robert whispered. "I'm so lucky."

"We were meant to be. You are mine, every bit as much as I'm yours." Leander reached to caress Robert's cheek.

"I still feel lucky, and I always will. I love you."

Leander sighed his happiness as Robert eased inside him. Leander's body stretched to accept Robert's solid shaft. As often as they did this, Robert was always so careful, treating Leander with such love and tenderness that his heart ached with love for Robert. Leander relished the feeling of accepting his lover into his body. Robert didn't rush, but kept a steady pressure as he pressed forward.

A reverberating purr of pleasure escaped Leander as Robert's sac pressed against his ass cheeks.

"You have me, love," Robert whispered.

"I love having you inside me. That's when I truly feel complete." Joined together, Leander could feel the steady, rhythmic throb of Robert's heart. He smiled then clenched his inner muscles. "Love me," he said, using the husky tone Robert loved.


While Robert thrust gently, Leander ran his hands over Robert's shoulders and down his arms. They kissed and touched, expressing their love in every way possible. Leander tilted his pelvis, urging Robert to thrust deeper, and his lover obeyed. He gasped as the head of Robert's cock grazed over his prostate.

"Like that, my love?" Robert nibbled his way up Leander's throat.

"I like every way we share our bodies." Leander clenched his inner muscles again and delighted in the deep, drawn-out groan of pleasure it elicited from Robert.

He smiled as Robert gazed down at him, his beautiful green eyes shining with love. Robert's thrusts slowed as they kissed deeply then, as the kiss ended, Robert increased his pace to a hard, fast, deep rhythm. Leander moaned his approval, and clung to Robert's upper arms.

The air surrounding them shimmered, and Leander saw golden lights flickering as he soared towards a joint climax with his lover. He arched his back to ensure his aching shaft rubbed against Robert's solid abs.

"Nearly there, lover. Nearly, nearly--" The words became a low, deep moan of Leander's name as Robert reached his zenith.

Leander held him tight as Robert's release pulsed deeply inside him. His own climax hit hard, his second release every bit as powerful as his first. He wrapped his arms around Robert as his lover collapsed on top of him, panting heavily.

For a few moments they simply lay in the afterglow. Leander petted Robert's thick, blond hair, and smiled each time his lover lazily kissed the shoulder on which his head was pillowed. He sighed contentedly. Things will be difficult with Robert's niece here, but nothing we can't deal with.

With a grunt, Robert shifted and licked at Leander's shoulder, then across his chest. Leander moaned and writhed gently as he watched. There was always something so incredibly erotic in the way Robert licked him clean. His sated shaft twitched with interest but Leander ignored it. This had been for Robert, not himself. Even if he had enjoyed every moment.

Robert knelt over him and gazed down at him with such love that Leander whimpered softly before Robert kissed him. The kiss was slow, tender, and expressed the love they shared in silent eloquence.

"I love you." Robert sat back on his heels and smiled down at Leander.

"Love you too." Leander stroked Robert's jaw, his fingers rasping against his lover's stubble. "Okay, here's the plan. You make sure the guest rooms are clean and I'll get cooking and freezing food. I have today and tomorrow to get as much prepared as I can."

"Then what?"

"Then this, of course. After all, what's a witch without his familiar?" Leander closed his eyes. His body became molten, fluid, and he shifted until he was in his feline familiar's shape. He stretched luxuriantly, re-familiarising himself with his cat form. He purred as Robert petted him.

"So you'll stay here like this while Aimee's here?"

Leander turned so he could rub his head against Robert's cheek. "This way I can still be in the house and near you. I'll only revert back to human form when she's in bed and asleep. After all, I can't maintain this shape indefinitely."

"You're my world, Leander." Robert's voice was choked and tears glistened in his eyes.

Shifting back to human form, Leander held his lover in a tight hug. "And you're mine. We'll manage Aimee, and our commitment to Samhain. Everything's going to be fine."