One Special Moment

an excerpt

Chapter One

The sight of the man who was his made, Conrad Kendrick want to drag him somewhere more private so they could get up close and personal. At the moment that wasn't possible so instead he enjoyed the view of Jade lost in the music as he and his band practiced. The intensity Jade had was currently focused on pouring all his energy into the drums he was playing. Conrad hardened even more looking at him and imagining just last night when Jade had turned that unwavering attention on him.

Conrad leaned his shoulder against the doorframe and studied the man he was in a relationship with. A commitment that he never thought he would find someone to make with. But damn if Jade hadn't snuck under his defenses. He also knew that he'd snuck under Jade's too. Yeah he'd seen the looks from Jade -- that baffled what am I doing? expression. Whenever he did see them, Conrad wasn't sure if Jade would break things off or not. The sudden silence registered and Conrad realized he had spaced out watching Jade. He blinked and was captured in that green gaze. Before he gave in Conrad studied the rest of Jade.

Jade's rich green hair was pulled into a ponytail high on his head leaving that gorgeous face bare to the view. All those captivating angles of his face made Jade not handsome but a sexy man with a roguish air. Conrad stifled a laugh, making note to tell Jade that later. He'd get a kick out of it. Jade licked his lips and Conrad followed the action with his gaze as that cupid bow mouth with killer dimples on each side glistened slightly. He wanted to kiss him so bad. Jade lifted his head and the firm jaw Conrad liked to lick down to the chin with a slight dent in the center was even more visible. Add to that the sweat on his skin Conrad was finding it hard to stay where he was.

"Oh oh, our groupie is back," a man with a rich baritone said.

Without even looking, Conrad recognized Asher Knight. Conrad just flipped him off. He along with the other men in the room laughed. Joining them, Conrad glanced around at the men who made up Blakstorm Knights. Besides Jade and his brother, Micah, there were only two others who were related to each other as well as to them--their cousins Galen and Asher. They were also brothers and had been adopted by Jade's uncle and aunt when they were babies. Asher was African American and Galen Scottish. There was also Storm MacKenzie and Romy Silva--the other two men in the band--were close friends. All of the men had grown up together. The way they all liked to tell it is that they were six brothers in an eclectic family. Although Conrad had gotten to know them in the months he'd been dating Jade, Conrad was still taken with how sexy they all were as well as colorful. The hair and eye color range was memorable. Many thought it was a gimmick but now that he knew Jade and everyone better Conrad knew it was their thing even before they formed the group. Curious he'd asked when it had started for each of them and Conrad had found each man's tale fascinating.

"You're just jealous that you don't have such a hot personal groupie." Storm winked at Conrad.

"Hell I'd settle for someone to rub my feet." Romy smirked.

"No one wants to rub those ashy things." Galen made a gagging noise.

"Hey I take care of these babies." Romy wiggled his bare toes.