Travison Smithson
Boys Reformatory Series #12

an excerpt

Class over, my prison-guard buddy, Jason, shows up, invites me for a cup of coffee before I head home. I follow him down a couple of hallways, through some barred gates, down a flight of stairs to a door, which he unlocks -all as per usual.

MBR inmate Balyn Dromin, completely naked, hangs suspended by two chains dropped from the ceiling. The young inmate is bathed in the same bright lights used during interrogation sessions that allow a prisoner to be seen but not to see. Not that we're there to question him. We merely take a slow three-hundred-and-sixty-degree stroll around his suspended body, and stop, eventually, to confront him face-on.

Jason unfastens his billy club from his utility belt, extends the weapon's blunt phallic tip forward and under the overhang of Balyn's sizable balls. Gently, Jason pokes and prods, not to cause Balyn discomfort, but, quite the opposite, to coax, pretty damned quickly, the kid's dick into full erection. Once Balyn's cock is standing tall, the billy club is pulled away smeared with kid's clear precum

Jason and I leave the room, have coffee, and say our good-byes until next time.

As soon as I'm home, I pour myself some white wine and retire with it and a sketch pad to my couch. I spend the rest of the afternoon drawing a great bondage-and-discipline scene of Balyn Dromin, stark naked, chained, behind bars, and sporting an exact replica of the humongous erection I remember him achieving when it and his balls had been so lovingly stroked by Jason's billy club.