Confiscated #2
Boys Reformatory Series #15

an excerpt

confiscated pornography (File 422.00)

from Building 2, Cellblock 9, Cell 10

occupant Barney Cole (MBR2805)

during shakedown.


21 January 2012

Filed and indexed by -

Gerald Fandext

Head Librarian

Maltese Boys' Reformatory

File 422.00

The darkness beyond the window formed the backdrop in which Kyle could see his reflection. His side of the fraternity overlooked the vacated-for-the-night construction site of a new sorority house, and he had no fear of being spied upon by any Peeping Tom as his naked body stood silhouetted by the light of his room. Not that his being seen would have necessarily been unwanted. Quite the contrary, it might well have proved a welcomed sexual stimulant.

Kyle was twenty. Those years had left him looking good. He'd come almost to the finish of university with a packet of good grades and the varsity gymnastics and varsity swim team captainships to his credit. His physique showed all evidence of his continual exercise: an intricate interlacing of athletic contours and rippling muscle. There wasn't a bit of fat on him. His pectorals were round and firm, capped by quarter-size nipples that were haloed by strands of black hair; otherwise, his torso was hairless except for the black pubic bush sprouted at the base of his washboard belly.

His cock was neither too large nor too small. It was a perfect complement to the rest of his anatomy. It hung as seven inches of bulky flaccid flesh, gaining an additional two inches in erection - the latter occurring less often than Kyle and his many admirers would have liked. Its circumcision scar provided a banding from which the pulpy corona mushroomed. Its mouth neatly cleaved the glans into twin halves and exuded pre-seminal juice whenever the prick was excited and at attention. His balls dropped from the base of his penis and were large and powerful, covered with black wiry hair that continually shifted with each swing of his scrotum.

His legs, with their thighs and calves taut with muscle, were perfect supports for his body.

As if his stellar physique wasn't enough to entice people, like pollen attracted bees, his face was the piece de resistance. He was so handsome even his most jealous competitors, in sports and in the bedroom, didn't deny him that. His face, like his body, was deeply tanned, making his eyes seem even lighter blue than they were. Both of his cheeks had dimples, slight indents that appeared only when he smiled. When he did smile, sensuously pouting lips parted to reveal a line of even white teeth whose dazzling charm was such that few people could resist it. His brows and lashes were thick, matching in color his blue-black head-hair that was seemingly forever tousled in carefully controlled disarray that attractively cascaded his forehead.

He was pleased with what he saw reflected and was always pleased that others found him equally attractive. His looks had been a big help in making him a Big Man on Campus: one of the stars throughout all three and a half years of his enrollment at university. He would graduate with honors, would move into a plush office after a well-deserved vacation abroad. The world was his oyster - at least it seemed that way as far as everyone else was concerned. Kyle, though, recognized the possible fly in the ointment.