All or Nothing
by James Buchanan

A Review

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Detective Brandon Carr and his boyfriend, Gaming Agent, Nick O'Malley are spending the week together with Brandon's nine-year old daughter, Shayna. Nick isn't sure he's ready for the blue minivan or the pink, glittery, little girl that comes with it, but he's in it for the long haul with Brandon, and Shayna is part of the package. Halfway through the week, an opportunity for Nick and Brandon to spend some alone becomes a nightmare no parent ever wants to face. The stakes are high and there's more than Shayna's life at risk.


Nicky is dominant and masterful with ropes and neckties alike. Brandon is sexually submissive for Nicky, but far from subservient in or out of the bedroom. They are a perfect fusion of each other's needs and wants and it's that strong, rare chemistry and compatibility that makes them so irresistibly sexy. James Buchanan pens gritty realism and hot eroticism. Her stories have a hard edge and a lot of angst. Nicky and Brandon's stories never get tired or run out of steam; they just get better and better.

Reviewed by Nannette

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