by S.J. Frost

A Review

Rating: 4

Read the full review at 12/04/09

S.J. Frost's novel Conquest takes its readers on a trip into the world of recording artists and rock music and the conflict that can exist between the personal and public lives of the musicians. This is a story of love, heartbreak, and reaching for dreams that is both entertaining and touching. Along with a dream-come-true story for the main character, it includes a thread of tension that runs throughout which promises that all isn't going to be sweetness and light forever.


Conquest incorporates a blend of many emotions and conflicts which seems very fitting for the high-stress and highly visible nature of the setting. While I enjoyed the sweetness of the heroes' initial relationship, it was the conflict stemming from jealousy, suspicion, anger and heartbreak that tugged me straight in to the story and kept me hooked.


Reviewed by: BD Whitney

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