Details of the Hunt
By Laura Baumbach

A Review

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Imagine an eighteenth century pirate set loose in a distant futuristic society. The question isn't will the pirate survive, but will the futuristic society survive. This is the basic premise of Ms. Baumbach’s phenomenal story Details of the Hunt.


Ms. Baumbach has created a unique story that spans centuries and brings to life the bygone days of the pirate into a new light. Maymon maybe a pirate, but there are depths to his character that Talos can't wait to explore. The funniest line in the story is by Talos' brother who responds to Talos' problems with Maymon with "Ah, domestic Chores"! The dry whit behind the comment was hysterical. Add to this Barlow's questionable reason for wanting Maymon, why Talos' ship was attacked, and the underlying attraction between Talos and Maymon and you get an incredible book that ensnared me from the very start. Let alone the incredibly funny antics that Maymon manages to get himself into and Talos's reactions that keep the reader in stitches throughout the entire book. I for one will be waiting for the sequel book Genetic Snare with baited breath!

Reviewed by Teresa

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