I Do Too!
In support of marriage equality
Multiple Authors Edited by Kris Jacen

A Review

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Rating: 4 Stars

These stories are short, mere glimpses for the most part of men with men, women with women and even a few transgender stories to really show a full spectrum of people, personalities, and relationships. The writing is almost universally solid with evocative settings and engaging characters. The stories range time frames and geographical boundaries from North American to Europe and even Australia. The variety and breadth offer sharply makes the point that this an entire group of people from all walks of life with different values, hopes, dreams, and goals that all deserve the same options as anyone else. This celebration of life and all it's high and low points is demonstrated incredibly well with these stories.


Nonetheless this collection is a must read for LGBT fans. The stories highlight the importance of equal rights by giving a look into the lives of such people. They live, love, laugh, cry, grieve, divorce, make mistakes and commitments like any other person and thus can only be granted the same options as anyone else. With the variety of stories offered, there is guaranteed to be something to appeal to all readers so be sure to buy this now. You can discover your own favorites among the group.


Reviewed by: Kassa

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