Ice Blues
By Richard Stevenson

A Review

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Rating: 4 Stars

Albany, NY in the wintertime is not PI Donald Strachey's idea of fun. Far beyond Seasonal Affective Disorder, Don gets very irritable and difficult to live with, even for easygoing Jesuit-educated partner Timmy Callahan. Nothing looks better than a vacation in the tropics, especially when Strachey's car is towed and at the impound lot he finds it now contains a frozen corpse.


His partner Timmy is a fine foil to Donald's "go your own way" attitudes. Ice Blues is particularly notable, not only for its political underpinnings, but for the contrast of Strachey's former "get it while you can" attitude ~ now repressed by the AIDS climate ~ and Timothy's stress on health, monogamy, fidelity, and general good sense in avoiding danger. The Donald Strachey Series is very worth reading, and Ice Blues is no exception.

Reviewed by Frost's Fancy

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