Black and Blue and Pretty Dead Too
By Mark Zubro

A Review

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With days like this Detective Paul Turner wishes he had chosen a different profession. Stifling heat and a dead body is not a pretty combination, but to top it all off the corpse is one of their own.

There is something to be said for poetic justice, and Detective Buck Fenwick believes it may have just been served. But be that as it may, it is he and his partner's duty to find the killer, and this time they are getting it from both ends.


I am not quite sure how I have missed out on Mr. Zubro's works before this, but now that I have found them, I am ready for more. The characters Turner and Fenwick have an amazing repartee, and I love the dry humor and bad puns they fling at each other. Fenwick is the perfect example of keen intelligence hidden beneath layers of sarcasm and sugar. Turner on the other hand is much more serious and somber, but underneath is a man you know without a doubt is as good as they get.

Reviewed by Lototy

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