Natural Instincts
by S.J. Frost

A Review

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You know you are reading an engrossing book when you don’t realize that your backyard is flooding until your neighbor bangs on your door to inform you of the rising water! And then you get annoyed because that disaster means you have to stop reading the book.


... there are amazingly complex secondary characters who provide a wonderful backdrop to the plot and S.J. Frost is able to effortlessly weave their storylines into the main plot, without it taking away from Titus and Andreas. And although I loved Titus and Andreas’ story, I certainly hope S.J. Frost will be revisiting this universe because I really want Daniel to have his happy ending too.

So, if you love vampires, great writing, brilliant characterizations and an intricate plot, then Natural Instincts is the read for you. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Lasha

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