By Timothy McGivney

A Review

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Anyone looking for a fun, fast paced, sexually charged, homo (and hetero) erotic novel depicting zombies, aged strippers, and a bevy of other insane (yet hilarious) characters, should look no further. Timothy McGivney's debut novel - Zombielicious - pushes all of the envelopes and fires on all cylinders. And let's not forget the fact that this is one steaming hot piece of erotic fiction, from all angles.

. . .

The erotic content in this novel is very obviously swayed in the direction of the homo-erotic fare, but there something in this for everyone. The sex scenes in this book are smoking hot, eliciting heart pounding excitement and enough vivid mental pictures to make you blush, no matter what your preferences are. I'd say that McGivney really has a knack for depicting some seriously intense erotic scenes, but then I'd be undercutting his talent. This is some incredibly steamy stuff.

Reviewed by Colum McKnight

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