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Lola Dances
By Victor J. Banis


Sometimes funny, sometimes tragic and often bawdy, Lola Dances ranges from the 1850 slums of the Bowery to the mining camps of California and Montana, to the Barbary Coast of San Francisco.


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Love Hurts
By William Maltese


DARE TO ENTER?! There are some places that shouldn't be entered...especially when alone...especially without invitation. So, let internationally best-selling author WILLIAM MALTESE invite you to join him in this...

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On The Other Hand, Death
Donald Strachey Mystery #2
By Richard Stevenson


Dot and Edith's happiness in their home stands in the way of their neighbors' decisions to sell to the Millpond Corporation so it can build another blight on the landscape. A campaign of intimidation, at first...

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Shock to the System
Donald Strachey Mystery #5
By Richard Stevenson

covers/Stevenson_ShockToSystemChad.jpg award1

Young Paul Haig dies after hiring PI Donald Strachey. Despite his dislike of her, Strachey agrees with the boy's homophobic mother: Paul didn't commit suicide. But, she clings to deep denial about her son's sexual...

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By William Maltese


Internationally best-selling author William Maltese, known for his been-there, done-that expertise in bringing exotic locales into the bedrooms of his readers, does it yet again, in SNAKES, a tale of that...

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#1 of The Draqual Vampyre Chronicles
By William Maltese


A one-thousand year old, handsome, and sexy vampyre's much-in-demand blood-splattered fashion-line is strutted by blood-splattered models on blood-splattered runways in the blood-splattered abattoirs...

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