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Books by Clyde Abbot

Fighting for Family
Son of the Wind 3
Clyde Abbot

Khit, a Scottish peer, battles to save himself, husband, and 3 sons from a shrewd couple intent on kidnapping or killing them.

Khit, a Thai-Scottish peer, struggles to keep his love for Rad alive and their marriage intact while raising infant twins and a 9-year-old adopted son. He's drawn into a fight to protect them from a sophisticated pair of kidnappers intent on securing a huge ransom. Khit uses his intellect, a team of friends, and Muay Thai fighting skills in a clash of wits and power.

Traveling from his remote castle home in the Scottish Highlands, he takes on the enemy in Scotland, Thailand, Croatia, and southern Africa. The stakes escalate after each skirmish. The battle culminates in hand-to-hand combat in southern Africa where the family has gone for a safari.

The River Rages
Son of the Wind 2
Clyde Abbot

An evil cousin and a corrupt Muay Thai boxing promoter attempt to prevent Khit, the bicultural Thai/Scottish hero, from assuming his new title and inheriting a Highland castle, but have to contend with a determined Khit, hell-bent on protecting his lover, brother, and three sons.

Fate drops Khit, the bicultural Thai/Scottish hero, into the Highlands of Scotland when he inherits a title and Highland castle. An evil cousin from his new life and corrupt Muay Thai boxing promoter from his old one plot to eliminate Khit and his family. With a lover, twin baby sons, and an adopted eight-year-old boy, Khit uses his brain, brawn, and extensive resources to try and outwit the villains. A hunt for a treasure of gold and the kidnapping of his son complicate the struggle to survive.

Son of the Wind
Son of the Wind 1
Clyde Abbot

Tattooed, pierced, tough-boy, Muay Thai champion battles poverty and murderous foes unaware that a rich American guy visiting Thailand has fallen in love with him.

Khit, a twenty-three-year-old championship Muay Thai boxer, fights his way out of poverty while a vengeful boxing promoter and a murderous cousin plot attacks. Raising a younger brother, caring for a pair of otters, and fathering twin sons complicate his challenging life. The son of a Scottish father with a mysterious past and a Thai mother, Khit meets a rich English-American, Rad, in his beautiful hometown of Krabi, Thailand. Rad falls in love with him. Khit remains unaware of Rad's love as their friendship deepens. When illness strikes, Khit comes to a new understanding of his true self.