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Books by Ophelia Cox

The Stroke of Midnight
The Crown Jewels #2
Ophelia Cox

Ellan is a lord turned servant in this gender swapped tale of Cinderella with a twist. He suffers constant abuse at the hands of his step-family, while finding limited peace in his friendship with a mysterious wizard in the woods. His world is turned upside down when he crosses paths with Leith, the crown prince of the kingdom--a man going through his own internal revolution. With a bit of magic, the lives of these two men are transformed...but the deceptive spell only lasts until midnight.

Prick of the Spindle
The Crown Jewels #1
Ophelia Cox

What if there was a reason Sleeping Beauty touched that spindle?

In this gender swapped version of Sleeping Beauty, Beau has been learning magic from his fairy keeper not knowing he is heir to the kingdom instead of the forest foundling. As Beau begins to unravel the secrets of his life, he repeatedly runs into an exciting fairy named Cauley, who keeps teaching him clever spells. Beau soon discovers that Cauley is the son of the dark fairy, Meridian: the women who mistakenly gave Beau her magic. And now she wants it back.

The King and the Carpenter
Ophelia Cox

Sabian has found himself caught between love for his kingdom and his lover.

Prince Sabian is expected to be a good king by producing heirs. He finds this extremely difficult as he is gay and in love with the castle's carpenter, Arion. He is married off to a princess he can't stand and told to do his duty to his kingdom. Sabian hides away from his wife and responsibilities in Arion's room. When his father dies suddenly he is thrown into the limelight and expected to give his people an heir, so he turns to the old apothecaries in the forest for help. But the apothecary seems to have an agenda of his own. Sabian soon finds out that sometimes the biggest enemies come from within.