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'Tis said of love that it sometimes goes, sometimes flies; runs with one, walks gravely with another; turns a third into ice, and sets a fourth in a flame: it wounds one, another it kills: like lightning it begins and ends in the same moment: it makes that fort yield at night which it besieged but in the morning; for there is no force able to resist it.
--Miguel de Cervantes

Prick of the Spindle
The Crown Jewels #1
AuthorOphelia Cox
ISBN#978-1-641-22-0934 (ebook) $4.99
Release DateJanuary 2018
Length: (*)35,000 words
Heat Rating:Graphic
 Fairy Tale (ebook)

What if there was a reason Sleeping Beauty touched that spindle?

In this gender swapped version of Sleeping Beauty, Beau has been learning magic from his fairy keeper not knowing he is heir to the kingdom instead of the forest foundling. As Beau begins to unravel the secrets of his life, he repeatedly runs into an exciting fairy named Cauley, who keeps teaching him clever spells. Beau soon discovers that Cauley is the son of the dark fairy, Meridian: the women who mistakenly gave Beau her magic. And now she wants it back.

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