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'Tis said of love that it sometimes goes, sometimes flies; runs with one, walks gravely with another; turns a third into ice, and sets a fourth in a flame: it wounds one, another it kills: like lightning it begins and ends in the same moment: it makes that fort yield at night which it besieged but in the morning; for there is no force able to resist it.
--Miguel de Cervantes

TitleLosing Sight of the Target
AuthorT.A. Chase
ISBN#MLR-1-02016-0644 (ebook) 3.99
Release DateNovember 2016
Length: (*)19,000 words
Heat Rating:Moderate
 sports (ebook)

Both Justin and Caesar are losing sight of their own targets, but are finding how much fun it is to focus on new ones.

Justin Isaksen is a 25-year-old US Olympian competing in his first Games. It will be his last because the doctors discovered that he is losing his eyesight faster than they thought he would. He'll be legally blind by the time the next Games roll around. Justin has to lean how to deal with end of his competition career.

Caesar Gikas' job is dangerous and he travels the world searching for targets. He does what he does because he's good at it, but it's lonely work. Then a chance encounter with Justin shows Caesar that there just might be someone out there for him.

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