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Frame of Reference Series

Frame of Reference
Frame of Reference 1
Christopher Stone

His world-view shaped by retro movies and TV series, small-town boy, Grant Jackson, moves to Hollywood, in pursuit of television stardom.

Grant Jackson is a small-town guy, with the world-class, big city dream of becoming a network television star. But how do you make the dream come true when your resources are scant, and your frames of reference are retro motion pictures and the television series?

Determined to find out, Grant moves to Hollywood. But can he remain focused on his big dream, or will Grant be swept away in the anything goes world of gay West Hollywood - including its adult film and male prostitution scenes?

The Dark Side of Stardom
Frame of Reference 2
Christopher Stone

Fame is fickle, and stardom's flip side harbors and reflects darkness.

Stardom on a network situation comedy had been Grant Jackson's lifelong dream. Ambitious, young, sexy, and willing to do almost anything, Grant makes his dream come true at age twenty-three.

When we meet him, in 2004, Grant Jackson is a star of NBC-TV's "Our House".

The reality of television stardom is heady and intoxicating. As a songwriter once put it, "The sound of applause is delicious, it's a thrill to have the world at your feet." And Grant's newfound celebrity lives up to his expectations: The money, the recognition, striving for creative excellence and rating numbers every week.

But stardom's flip side harbors and reflects darkness. The knives are always out. One of Grant's co-stars harbors a cocaine addiction. Another co-star masks a career-busting sexual secret---as does Grant Jackson himself.

A Frame of Reference Christmas
Frame of Reference #3
Christopher Stone

You can go home again; you just can't control the price.

It's December 23, 2004. Fired from his NBC-TV situation comedy series amidst a media fueled, national gay sex scandal, Grant Jackson is depressed and emotionally numbed as Christmas approaches.

What's more, le scandale has outed him to the world, including his highly conservative Papa, Mark Jackson.

But ironically, mysteriously, Papa has invited him home for Christmas, insisting that he bring his live-in lover, porn star turned restaurateur, Cameron Cody.

Grant can't help but wonder: Why would Papa extend the invitation, and what awaits in Selma, now that everyone knows that I am gay, a one-time gay adult film actor, and a former prostitute?

So he ponders: Under these circumstances, can I survive being home for the holiday, or will Christmas in Selma, California, be yet one more debacle?

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