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The Galerir Saga

The Prince of Galerir
The Galerir Saga #1
Anna Lee

Dragons, a usurper, a sickly king, and a hidden prince with his beloved knight all have plans for the fate of the kingdom of Galerir...

Long ago, magik was banished from the kingdom of Galerir. Yet when two young men who share a forbidden passion discover a dragon hatchling, they unwittingly set a course of events in motion that will change the kingdom and their lives forever. All Lord Tomas Roland wants is a life where he is free to love his knight, Griffin Dalison. Yet the chains of responsibility wind tighter around Tomas when it is revealed that he is the heir to the kingdom of Galerir. Tomas and Griffin must reach Galerir's ailing king before a usurper has the chance to seize the throne. With Griffin as his touchstone, Tomas delves into the unfamiliar worlds of politics and magik. But will Tomas be able to keep his love by his side once he becomes the prince of Galerir?

The Battle for Galerir
The Galerir Saga #2
Anna Lee

Sword against sword, magik against magik, dragon against dragon, the Battle for Galerir is being waged and victory will come with great sacrifice.

A traitorous plot seals King Antony's fate and the enemy is days away from reaching the kingdom of Galerir. Prince Tomas must become regent and ensure Galerir is prepared for war. Tomas must also learn to balance duty and love when he lifts the ban on magik and fights for the chance to openly love his knight, Griffin. Together, he and Griffin face their destiny.

Reuniting Galerir
The Galerir Saga #3
Anna Lee

The battle may be won yet Tomas and Griffin still have a kingdom to reunite...

The Battle for Galerir was won with a great sacrifrice. Yet King Tomas and his knight Griffin still have a land to reunite with magik. While doing so their love will be tested against foes new and old. Though they won't be alone as there are those who believe in their destiny foretold by the Great Dragons. Can they reach their happily ever after and rule Galerir together as they have dreamed of?

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