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Raise Your Heart Rate

Doctor, Doctor
Raise Your Heart Rate

On meeting Dr Jayson Barrett at a wine and food matching, Armand Masson is immediately drawn to the doctor. Both men are looking for more than something casual and their relationship grows slowly. When Armand thinks Jayson has been unfaithful, his heart is shattered. Is Jayson's skill up to mending a broken heart?

Nurse's Orders
Raise Your Heart Rate
Riley Long

A police officer and a nurse discover their mutual attraction after years of hiding behind a love-hate relationship.

Officer Daniel Haddox has always had a love-hate relationship with Angelo, a close friend and nurse at the local hospital. Angelo has a history of playing elaborate pranks on Daniel, but Daniel can't deny his attraction to the man. When he's finally had enough, he pins Angelo to a wall to tell him like it is, but he isn't expecting Angelo's confession that the pranks have all been to get Daniel's attention. They share an exciting night in the hospital break room, and now Daniel has to face up to the facts-he wants Angelo, and Angelo wants him, too.

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