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Seasons of Murder

Spring Cleaning
David Lloyd Investigations 4.5
Seasons of Murder #1
Liz Strange

David may have caught his toughest case yet—solving a fifty year old murder.

David Lloyd has always cherished the assistance of his former police colleagues, so he can hardly refuse when one calls in a favour. But a murder fifty years cold may prove to be his most difficult case yet, especially with a victim that has never been identified.

After a chance viewing of an old photograph the investigation suddenly has new leads, taking David back to the past and into the realm of a savage serial killer. Can he finally crack the case and give a young woman the justice she deserves?

Lay Your Body Down
Intended Mates #1
Seasons of Murder #2
N.J. Nielsen

It's funny how one small circumstance of being in the wrong place at the wrong time can fuck up the life you had.

Odin James's world changed forever when he witnessed his best friend being murdered. The people he thought were meant to protect him may just be working for the man who wants him dead. Trust doesn't come easy--throw a mate into the mix and everything suddenly slides out of control.

Tom Wylie is the beta of his pack. When his alpha requests he take a police witness and keep him safe, Tom doesn't know what he's getting into. One sniff of the man, and he knows Odin is his mate. Protecting Odin from the bad shit after him is a given.

Life gets complicated when they realise things aren't what they seem. Odin isn't as human as he believed, and his birthright wants him dead. With the help of Tom's pack, will Odin and Tom beat the odds thrown at them, and come out on top, or will evil win?

In The Shadow of This Red Rock
Seasons of Murder #3
John Wiltshire

Come out from the shadow of that red rock and I will show you joy in a handful of leaves.

It isn't easy being the head of security on an inter-planetary transport ship between Earth and Titan. Lieutenant Cal Hartland is not impressed when he's tasked to oversee the reintegration to Earth of mind readers who have been banished to a colony on Mars. Despite the fitting of cortical inhibitors, Cal is suspicious that the Minders are still dangerous, a fear that becomes personal when he has a startling emotional reaction to the leader of the small group, Commander Zero. Just as Cal is struggling to accept his feelings for the Martian, a mutilated body is discovered in the bowels of the ship. Why does Zero appear to know more about this terrible murder than any neutralised mind reader should? Trapped in the endless darkness of space and with the body count growing, can Cal trust anything about the enigmatic and beautiful Zero?

Winter Kills
Season of Murder #4
J.P. Bowie

A dancer and a detective are thrown together by fate - and a murder - as New York City shivers in one of the coldest winters on record.

Simon Harris is down on his luck in New York City after a show he'd auditioned for and won a place in folds during rehearsals. Working as a stripper in a seedy club is not his idea of Broadway, but it keeps the wolf from the door -- even if it is the door of a homeless shelter.

When one of the strippers is murdered and his body found in a dumpster, Simon is questioned by handsome detective Tom Holt, and his partner Brenda Brennigan. Both Tom and Simon feel the pull of sexual attraction, and when Tom finds out that Simon is sleeping in a homeless shelter, he offers him a room in his apartment until he gets back on his feet.

It isn't long before they are sharing more than just kitchen duties.

During his investigation, Tom discovers that the murdered stripper, Andy Summers, was being paid large sums of money by an older man, Al Cohen. Al tells Tom that he blames Andy's death on the club owner Frank Costello, but Tom isn't convinced especially when he's told that Frank had the hots for Andy and considered him his best dancer.

When another stripper is brutally attacked and left for dead in a dumpster, Tom fears for Simon's safety -- a fear that is borne out when Simon is held hostage by the murderer during a faceoff with the police and a SWAT team.

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