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Seeing Me

Revealing Me
Seeing Me Series
Megan Slayer

Can a one-night stand lead to the love of a lifetime?

Kenley Kissinger knew from the moment he met Peter, he'd never be the same. The white hot memories of their fling imprinted themselves on his mind. He can't get over the handsome blond man. But since their night together, he hasn't heard from Peter. Do they have a future or should he quit while he's ahead?

Peter Barnes hasn't forgotten Kenley, but he's got a few secrets he's not ready to spill. With the help of a masquerade ball thrown for the neighborhood and one nosy neighbor, he's out to get his man. Once the masks are off, he's ready to bare his soul. Will Peter be able to convince Kenley to give him a second try or is this pairing destined to be just a fling?

Merry Christmas, Darling
Seeing Me Series
Megan Slayer

Kenley wants just one present for Christmas. Can Peter deliver?

Reconnecting for Kenley Kissinger and Peter Barnes ended up being hotter than they'd ever expected. A model and a computer geek? Who knew? But now it's the holidays. Peter's retirement from the modeling business isn't quite as settled as he'd planned. He spends more nights away from the man he loves than with him. Will the holidays bring these two together for good or be the faux-snow covered disaster that tears them apart?

Peter isn't about to give up on his man, but there are others who want to intrude on their relationship. It's up to Peter and Kenley to decide how happy they want their holiday to be.

Reconnecting Christmas
Seeing Me #4
Megan Slayer

Two hearts will always find a way to become one especially with a little Christmas cheer involved.

Oliver McNamara knows exactly what he wants for the holidays -- his boyfriend to come home. He wants a nice, romantic Christmas with the man he loves. Will he get his perfect present or a lump of coal on the big day?

If Bert gets his way, this will be a holiday Oliver never forgets. But...being a world famous model means Bert doesn't always set his working hours and giving Oliver what he deserves could be impossible. Can he reconnect with the man he loves over the holidays?

Two hearts will always find a way to become one especially with a little Christmas cheer involved.

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