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The Severing

The Severing
DJ Manly

Terrance hears the dead talk but can they help him save those who are still alive?

Alex has no idea a ghost called Billy is following him around. Then a strange young man comes up to him in a public place and tells him someone is sitting at his table. Terrance talks to the dead. To him it's a curse. Labeled psychotic, the dead have kept him from truly living. When he meets Alex, Terrance wants to be normal. Alex doesn't believe that Terrance can communicate with dead folks. But when his best friend disappears, Alex begins to think that Terrance may be the only one who can bring his best friend back alive.

This title has been previously published.

The Severing Book 2
DJ Manly

Terrance's communication with the dead leads him to some surprising discoveries.

Terrance is happy with Alex, and for the first time, the voices in his head seem low and far away. Then they begin again, horrifying images fill his mind, as a small boy calls to him. No matter what, Terrance needs to follow that voice. But can he trust it? Is it really the voice of a small boy in trouble, or the voices from hell itself?

The Severing Book 3
DJ Manly

A father and son stand united against the forces of hell itself.

Terrance and Alex are thrilled with their new house, and happy to have Terrance's son Gabriel living with them. Everything seems relatively normal what with renovating the house, and Gabriel's high school. Then Gabriel falls in love and all hell breaks loose.

Across the street, a strange old lady watches, endlessly sweeping the sidewalk, and the severed get lost without their spiritual guide. Meanwhile, a father and son with a unique connection to spirits may be the only thing standing between hell and earth.

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