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Secrets of the Senses

Secrets of the Senses #1
Ryal Woods

"I am Roman. I am Gallic. I am Hibernian. I am too mixed in everything to be of concern to anything," Aonghas tells his friend. He's also the human counterpart of the demon gods who rule the five senses, blessed and burdened by this gift that has enhanced his senses beyond average human experience. But his gifts have kept him isolated and wary of forming relationships beyond casual acquaintances, until he meets Maon. Thisyoung man he encounters only under shadow of darkness has his own secrets, and Aonghas is captivated by his mysterious lover. Will their bond endure if their secrets are revealed?

Secrets of the Senses #2
Ryal Woods

Amadeo is the demon-god ruler of sensation; those he touches must forge their own path into becoming intimates of this hedonistic seducer.

In book one of Secrets of the Senses, Murmur introduced the guides of sight, sound, scent, sensation, and sustenance - the keepers of sensuality, the Sabball. Now one of the five has entered into a new exploration of his powers. The ruler of sensation, Amadeo; the embodiment of true hedonism. Those he touches shall share in his unique perspective. His kindred, Bram, is disconnected; his lover, Rupert, is lost in his embrace. Each must forge his own path to becoming something more.

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