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Christmas in July

Taming Sweet Puck
Knavish Sprites #1
Christmas in July Series
Jackie Nacht

The notorious Puck has met his match.

The Gathering is called, and after several years the King of the UnSeelie is bored out of his ever lovin' mind. He sends his most trusted emissary, Puck, to the Earth realm to find two human changelings to mix the courts up a bit. Puck immediately sees the human he would like to take back to the fairy realm, but unfortunately he is more suited for the Seelie than the UnSeelie.

Torque is trying his best to get through college and make the most out of his future. When he meets the knavish Puck, sparks begin to fly immediately. When a hot and steamy encounter between the two puts Torque in danger, Puck will have to make some tough decisions. Will he take the human back, and if so, will his King accept him?

This title has been previously published.

Christmas in July Series
Shawn Bailey

Andrew Lansky's best friend Richard Julian is killed in an automobile accident, leaving Richard's younger deaf brother Brett alone in the world. Andrew takes one look at the gorgeous young man and takes his mother's advice and asks Brett to move in with him and be his roommate.

Brett is sorry that his brother has died, but he craves independence. He has a job as a computer programmer and doesn't need financial support. He agrees to move in with Andrew, only if Andrew allows him to do the cooking and take care of the house.

Andrew wonders what it's like for Brett in his world of silence. Life is not perfect for either of them, but love has a way of breaking the communication barrier.

This title has been previously released.

Tingle Bells
Christmas in July Series
Mardi Ballou

Justin's Christmas is hexed until Ramon discovers what to do next.

With his new invention, Tingle Bells, Justin Clancy is set to provide a merry, prosperous Christmas for his family. These aphrodisiac bells are the perfect stocking stuffer--until a cruel hex transforms their tones into croaks. Far from adept at the family witchcraft, Justin needs expert help, fast, or the Clancy Christmas will go down the tubes.

Trust-fund wealthy Ramon Ramirez is a private eye certified for metaphysical investigations--and a loner. Sparks fly the moment the men meet. Ramon falls for Justin and his whole family. But when it comes to bonding, Ramon fears he's Teflon-coated. Justin suspects Ramon is slumming and will end up rejecting him.

Will an eccentric family feud, mangled bells, and tons of baggage destroy Justin and Ramon? Or do they have a chance at their own Christmas magic?

This title has been previously released.

I'll Run Away For The Holidays
Christmas in July Series
Stephani Hecht

Scott is about to find out that sometimes the best Christmas gifts are the ones that have always been right in front of your face.

Scott Cooper has never liked the holidays. So when his best friend, Madison, asks him to travel to her childhood home to celebrate Christmas, he can't refuse fast enough. Just as Scott is getting adjusted to the idea of having to deal with her crazy family, another one of Madison's relations joins in for the car trip; her very sexy, very younger brother, Anson.

Now Scott finds himself working hard to manage all the crazy Madison's family is dealing out, while fighting his new found attraction to Anson. In the meantime, he has to face a suddenly jealous Madison, who is upset that she's about to lose her best friend to her little brother. Plus, Grandpa and Drunk Aunt Nora and the Christmas tree have gone missing.

But, Holiday miracles can happen to anyone, or so Scott would like to believe. For it would take true magic for him and Anson to survive with their sanity intact, let alone for them to find a happily ever after.

This title has been previously released.

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