New Heat Ratings

Zero: No sexual content and/or mild romantic elements.

Mild: Mild sensuality, mild heat, occasional love scene, no graphic euphemisms.

Moderate: Moderate sensuality, moderate heat, increased frequency of love scenes, more graphic language.

Graphic: High level of sensuality, detailed love scenes, graphic description of anatomy and of sexual acts.

Extreme: Intense or extreme erotic scenes and/or language.

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Upcoming Releases

7 Days of Christmas
By Nicole Dennis


A homeless orphan finds a small town and someone to show him the magic of the holidays with seven red envelopes.

On the 7th Day of Christmas, my Safe Haven gave to me - The Warmth of the Season.

On the 6th Day of Christmas, my Safe Haven gave to me - A Fresh Start of the Season.

On the 5th Day of Christmas, my Safe Haven gave to me - Rags to Riches of the Season.

On the 4th Day of Christmas, my Safe Haven gave to me - The Wonderful Scent of the Season.

On the 3rd Day of Christmas, my Safe Haven gave to me - A Christmas Season to Believe In.

On the 2nd Day of Christmas, my One Hope gave to me - Surprises of the Season!

On the 1st Day of Christmas, my One Hope gave to me - Visions of the Season!

Due Out 12/2015

We Wish You A Merry Christmas
By Jacey Mills


Campbell travels in time to make his perfect man fall in love with him – but has he got the right man?

Campbell's offered a chance to travel back in time. He's going to make his one true love, Devon, fall in love with him at a Christmas Party in 2015. It's been a rough decade between 2015 and 2025. There's been a bloody revolution and Campbell wants nothing more than the security of Devon. Yet, when he gets back to 2015, nothing is what Campbell remembered. Devon, in fact, is a jerk.

Akhil, the scientist who sent Campbell back in time is /much/ nicer. As Campbell begins to find his footing in time and space, Akhil, who is funny, smart, and sexy, starts to fall in love with Campbell. Can Campbell find true love /and/ stop the revolution?

Due Out 12/2015

Deck the Dire Wolves
By Stephani Hecht


Love is like the flower you've got to let grow-John Lennon.

Already reeling from being forced to flee his old home town, the last thing that Dire Wolf Clark needs is to find himself attracted to his new Alpha, Bishop. More surprising, is that Bishop seems to return Clark's feelings. However, Clark has been hurt in the past and the last thing he needs is to find himself in another relationship. So, Clark withdraws and rebuffs Bishop. The last thing Clark expects is for Bishop to continue his chase of the Omega. Will Clark be able to let go and trust again or is he doomed to be alone forever?

Due Out 12/2015

A Christmas Kindness
By Anna Lee


David Winters only has one wish this Christmas: to find the man he met and ran away from last Christmas at a masquerade party.

David Winters fell for a man at a Christmas masquerade party last year. The only problem? His sister and his niece needed him so instead of pursuing anything, David ran away and didn't find out who he was. Now, his niece, Jenna wants to organize a toy charity drive at a children's hospital which leads David to reunite with Officer Stephen Lauer. The sparks fly again and with a little Christmas kindness maybe the two of them can make a few wishes come true...including their own.

Due Out 12/2015

The Proof is in the Pudding
By Nic Starr


Steve never expected making a Christmas pudding would bring him the man of his dreams.

Steve Hayes is away with a group of friends who are spending the Christmas break together. He's determined to put his two-timing ex-boyfriend in the past, and enjoy his week away. Steve is happily surprised to find that Corey Oh, the guy he's been admiring from afar, has been invited along too. But Steve knows there's no way someone as wonderful as Corey, who could have any man he wanted, would be interested in him.

However, thanks to a misadventure with a Christmas pudding, Steve will find that dreams can come true.

Due Out 12/2015

Red Envelope
By Atom Yang


The Chinese New Year is a time for saying goodbye to the past and hello to the future, but Clint doesn't want to bid farewell to his cousin's handsome American friend, Weaver, after they share an unexpected passionate encounter.

The Lunar New Year is the biggest holiday in the Chinese calendar, a time for family reunions, and for saying goodbye to the past and hello to the future. Clint, however, doesn't want to bid farewell to what happened after last year's celebration, when he and his Cousin Maggie's handsome Caucasian friend, Weaver, shared an unexpected but long-desired passionate encounter. East is East and West is West, and Weaver seems to want to keep it that way, but maybe Clint can bridge that great divide this coming New Year, and show Weaver what it means to be loved and accepted.

Due Out 12/2015

The Boyfriend Rule
By Francis Gideon


Billy Lawson hates Christmas, which means his boyfriend, Nate must work twice as hard to keep the holiday spirit alive between them.

Billy Lawson hates Christmas. The carols, the gaudy decorations, and the crowds seem to be even worse this year. To make matters worse, it looks like Billy's father, Jimmy, will be stuck in the hospital over the holiday season due to his illness. Billy thinks he's fine, but when Nate wants to go to yet another holiday party, Billy ditches the cookies he's making and the party. Just when Billy thinks he'll be alone on Christmas, Nate reminds him that there are certain rules boyfriends must abide by.

Due Out 12/2015

Expanding Horizons
By Chris McHart


Can Ryan and Julian accept each other's desires and wishes—or will they be miserable during Christmas?

After a year and a half together, Ryan and his Dom Julian are still happy and finally married.
Shortly before Christmas, though, Julian brings something up he's dreamt of before. He wants to play in public with Ryan. His partner is totally against it and suggests something else. Before they know what happens, they have the biggest fight on their hands. Instead of getting ready for a second Christmas together, they're angry at each other. They both have to step back, make up their minds, and apologize before they spend the holidays being miserable.

Due Out 12/2015

Cherish & Give
By Meg Linden


Presidential elections may be over, but Sam and Blake are still a work in progress.

The last fourteen months of Sam's life have been a crazy ride that was supposed to by over by now. It isn't. While the presidential elections came and went, things don't seem to be slowing down, despite his efforts.
And Blake is a patient man, but even he has his limits.
Although old habits die hard, they can be conquered, and when the new realizations occur, it's a chance for Sam and Blake to decide how to move forward and navigate the relationship down the road. It's no Christmas miracle, but it's theirs and they're not willing to back down.

Due Out 12/2015

The Spindrift Gifts
By Aidee Ladnier


When his memories begin endangering his happily-ever after on Celos, Jimenez is forced to choose between forgetting his lover Teo, or accepting the sometimes painful gifts of Spindrift.

Scars and a tattoo may be the only physical reminders from his years as a slave, but when Jimenez suffers a setback in his medical treatment, the only option is a therapy that will wipe away all his memories of the past including his time with Teo. Teo, torn between supporting his lover's decisions and the good intentions of his family, sets out to teach Jimenez about Spindrift Gifts and how memories are celebrated on Celos even when they are painful. Can Teo and Jimenez weather the storm to find their happily-ever-after on Celos?

Due Out 12/2015

Rockin' Round the Ranch
By Laurie Terson


Love will always finds its way home for Christmas.

There a storm is coming. And Christmas is on its way. Jace is supposed to be on his way to Florida. But Jace's boyfriend Taylor isn't coming. Taylor's on a last minute business trip. Hunkering down and taking care of things on the ranch, Jace is trying to make the best of his sorry Christmas. But where the heck did this baby come from?

Taylor is on a business trip when a co-worker's flu extends his trip. When he should have been heading on vacation with Jace, giving him the best Christmas present ever, he's stuck in an airport talking to some old guy with a white beard.

Due Out 12/2015

Shaking The Holiday Blues Away
By Christopher Stone


As a last resort, a gay married ex-sailor turns to a Past Life Regression therapist to help him heal his chronic holiday blues.

For most people, the Winter Holiday Season means family, fun, mistletoe, music, merriment, parties, and presents. In short, it's the happiest time of the year.
Not so for twenty-nine-year-old, ex-sailor, and gay married man, Michael Bourlard. For fifteen years, this blond and buff man has been traumatized by yearly holiday blues that last the entirety of December. Over the years, Michael has sought the help of medical doctors, psychiatrists, traditional therapists, New Age crystal and magnet therapies, hoping to shake away the holiday blues. But it has all been to no avail.
Finally, in an act of desperation, Michael turns to his last, best, hope: Dr. Minnow Saint James, America's premier Past Life Regression therapist.
But can Dr. Saint James find the origin of his patient's annual malady in a past life, or will Michael be staying in bed with the covers pulled over his head, and listening to "Eve of Destruction," while everyone else enjoys "Silent Night," yet again, when the clock strikes December 1, 2015?

Due Out 12/2015

Hibernate With Me
By Diana DeRicci


Rhody is coming to Alaska for Christmas. Will Brendan get his Christmas wish?

After an earthquake that rocked Alaska brought them together, Rhody and Brendan are still going strong months later. With Christmas right around the corner, at least one of them has plans to make what they have permanent. There really isn't a single reason why it can't - well, except for Brendan's little secret...

Nothing says Merry Christmas like bears, wolves, and mistletoe.

Due Out 12/2015

Holiday Emergencies
By Sara York


When being ready takes on new meaning and coffee may not be enough to save Drake and Adam.

Adam Hughes keeps over committing, but this time he's committed both he and Drake Knowles to something beyond anything they've ever experienced before. Drake has never really contemplated being a parent until Boyd and Ben come into their lives. He's amazed at how awesome they all get along and how rewarding parenting is. Then all hell breaks loose when Boyd and Ben's father shows up. Will Adam and Drake be able to prove they are the perfect parents for the boys, or will they lose the two kids who have become their heart and soul just as the Christmas season gets into full swing.

Due Out 12/2015

Caught Inside a Snowstorm
By Ann Anderson


Corey's about to find out that Jack Frost is real.

Jack Frost is lonely. Everyone else is partnering off, celebrating the winter holidays throughout the world, but who wants Jack Frost? When he's flying over a mountain, he witnesses a skier caught in a snowstorm. While Jack can't stop the storm, he can take the human, a man named Corey, to a nearby cabin and give him a bit of his snow spirit essence so Corey can survive the storm. Once the storm passes, Jack doesn't want to let Corey go, because while he's human, he's kind, at least to Jack, who receives sparse kindness as it is. The only problem: Corey seems to think Jack is some hallucination or dream brought on by his close call with death.

Due Out 12/2015

A Soldier for Christmas
By Eva Lefoy


Trent returns from Iraq intent on claiming the man he kissed five years ago, only to find the war left a powerful obstacle in his way.

Cameron was sixteen when the hunky Trent Anderson kissed him and spoiled him for all other men. The next day, Trent left for a tour of duty in the Middle East without so much as a wave goodbye. When Trent returns five years later, he's a changed man. Can Cameron put aside his long-held fantasies and accept the flawed solider he's always wanted for Christmas?

Trent Anderson served for four years in the U.S. Army and then signed up for one more as a security contractor. He bears no physical scars from Iraq, but he secretly fights an invisible enemy. A sound, a look, a situation can trigger a flashback and send him right back into combat mode. When Cameron's attacked, his PTSD escalates, and Trent must get help or else forfeit the man he left behind forever.

Due Out 12/2015

Candy Canes & Coffee Beans
By Saxon Hawke


Will Christmas' biggest fan get his own taste of holiday magic?

Asher Rye lives for happiness - for himself, and the rest of the world. By day, he spreads joy one cup of coffee at a time as a barista. At Christmas, he's Dasher the elf, spreading the magic of the holiday season to every child and adult who visits Santa.

When a sad little boy visits Santa's castle with his stuffed goat and uncle in tow, Asher is determined to show him that Santa never forgets. In his quest to show the boy and his uncle the magic of Christmas, he never expects to be sprinkled with holiday magic himself.

Will Christmas' biggest fan get a Christmas miracle of his own?

Due Out 12/2015

By Mario Lipinski


A Swedish scientist and his alien boyfriend pay the scientist's family a first time visit on Christmas.

Dr. Ake Jorgensson is a scientist from Sweden whose invention of almost instant travel to any part of the universe will revolutionize space flight.

Khitain is a N'tari, a panther-like alien serving aboard a human space ship, and Ake's boyfriend of three months. On Christmas, they visit Ake's parents for the first time. As if meeting his in-laws weren't stressful enough, feelings of inadequacy and fear haunt Khitain. His N'tari descent makes him a killing machine, and one wrong move could wipe out what is dearest to him. Ake, however, has to deal with his family's ignorance and Khitain's reluctance to let go of his restraint.

When something terrible happens during their Christmas Morning walk, the situation gets out of hands. Can love span even light years?

Due Out 12/2015

Merry Christmas, Darling
By Megan Slayer


Kenley wants just one present for Christmas. Can Peter deliver?

Reconnecting for Kenley Kissinger and Peter Barnes ended up being hotter than they'd ever expected. A model and a computer geek? Who knew? But now it's the holidays. Peter's retirement from the modeling business isn't quite as settled as he'd planned. He spends more nights away from the man he loves than with him. Will the holidays bring these two together for good or be the faux-snow covered disaster that tears them apart?

Peter isn't about to give up on his man, but there are others who want to intrude on their relationship. It's up to Peter and Kenley to decide how happy they want their holiday to be.

Due Out 12/2015

Christmas in Copper Creek
By Cherie Noel


When one lover loses all knowledge of the other, can incendiary passion build a bridge from lost memories to a shared future?

The defining moment of Samuel Touchet-Smith's eighteenth year was an incendiary act of passion shared with long-time crush, Patric Carselowey. Then jealous exes and traumatic brain injury conspired to bury their budding love in a fog of lost memories and inadvertent betrayal. Now, Mother Nature and the deliberate meddling of Copper Creek's twin terrors, Celeste and Delphine Touchet-Smith, have manufactured a way to begin healing their fractured hearts. Will the years apart tear down the fragile trust they built in an isolated cabin, or will their rekindled relationship stand firm in the face of life's everyday trials?

Due Out 12/2015

A White Pine Chipmunk Invasion
By Jackie Nacht


White Pine will never be the same.

Winslow and his twin are White Pine's troublemakers, making a path of destruction wherever they go. What most don't know is that Winslow has been secretly meeting up with a certain Nile croc who has been hinting at wanting more.

Teegan, the owner of Chomp Shop, is ready to commit but Winslow isn't ready...yet. When Winslow's family comes to town, Teegan finds himself neck deep in chipmunk antics and certain that Winslow is ready to claim him. Can Teegan handle being thrust into Fieldstone world?

Due Out 12/2015

The First Time
By Caraway Carter


They know they can handle a crisis, but what about everyday life?

After surviving through a massive earthquake, Anders and Ujaruk know they can handle a crisis, but what about everyday life? Ujaruk moved in to help Anders while his leg healed, now that the cast is off, what happens next? Families, holidays and the first time.

Due Out 12/2015

An Avoncaster Christmas
By D.C. Williams


Algernon Grimsdale and Richard Smith are happily settled at the Grimsdale's family estate, but keeping their love a secret is a strain.

Algernon Grimsdale and Richard Smith are happily settled at the Grimsdale's family estate, Avoncaster. Secrecy is making life difficult for the couple, as is Algie's mother's ill-health. A secret passage or two might make matters easier, but a houseful of guests over Christmastide may not.

Due Out 12/2015