New Heat Ratings

Zero: No sexual content and/or mild romantic elements.

Mild: Mild sensuality, mild heat, occasional love scene, no graphic euphemisms.

Moderate: Moderate sensuality, moderate heat, increased frequency of love scenes, more graphic language.

Graphic: High level of sensuality, detailed love scenes, graphic description of anatomy and of sexual acts.

Extreme: Intense or extreme erotic scenes and/or language.

All release dates posted are approximate goals. MLR Press is an author-centric press and we publish to an occasionally fluid timetable. Please bear with us. Creativity has its own elusive schedule!

Upcoming Releases

Crossing Over
By Christopher Riley


A strong and passionate vampire flirts with a feisty young artist until they are separated by an evil ex-lover looking for revenge after centuries of unrequited love.

Crossing Over will take you on a powerful and intensely erotic journey through the sacrifices a man must make to find unconditional love. Across the span of twenty centuries, Jovian's fiery passion for integrity captures the attention of the evil Titus, who converts Jovian to a vampire so that he may covet him for the rest of time. When Titus' affections go unrequited he is driven to torture Jovian, influencing events in history all along the way. The love triangle between Titus, Jovian and his drug addled boyfriend brims with the trials and tribulations of immortal life, virtue, rebirth, and in the end will take your breath away.

Due Out 07/2014

Then And Now
By Albert Nothlit


Marco knows his best friend Roger is straight, but when he comes to visit for the Fourth of July weekend, things between them could change...

Marco knows that Roger is straight; it has always been painfully obvious. They are best friends, but Marco has had a crush on Roger since they were teenagers. He told him how he felt once, but Roger's reaction was awful. They almost stopped being friends. Now they are both grown men with careers and lives of their own, but when Roger comes to visit Marco for the Fourth of July weekend, things between them could change. Roger has a secret he can't keep quiet anymore, something Marco won't believe...

Due Out 08/2014

Accidental Contact and Other Mahu Investigations
By Neil Plakcy


Sex, mayhem and justice in the Aloha State as openly gay Honolulu homicide detective tracks murderers, missing people & a dog with unusual appetites.

From murderers to missing babies to a shaggy dog with an unusual appetite, openly gay Honolulu homicide detective Kimo Kanapa'aka has his hands full in this selection of ten short investigations in the Aloha State. Sun-drenched streets hide bodies in their shadows and clues lurk in the most unusual places, from a hearse to flowering hedge to a psychic who provides Kimo with an unexpected revelation. These sexy, smart and satisfying stories will please new readers and fans of the Mahu series as well.

Due Out 08/2014

By Viktor Alexander


Can Michigan and Lucas survive an attack and forge a new bond?

Michigan Sevion is in hell. As a diagnostician at Gelreen Memorial Hospital he has trained to find solutions and answers to all manner of symptoms and problems, but when it comes to his own life he finds himself hopelessly adrift. His sufletul pereche, his mate, Lucas Jaxson, was attacked by Razvan, the monstrous vampire, though Razvan looked like Michigan at the time, a week into their bonding process. Now, Lucas shakes and screams every time Michigan gets close and "the thirst" is getting worse.

There's only one way for Michigan to survive "the thirst" and that is for his bond with Lucas to be severed, completely, and the only way for that to happen is for either him or Lucas to die. Michigan can't even consider such a thing because he's already falling in love with his "little chef" but he may not have a choice, because Razvan's still on the loose and he's still out for blood.

Due Out 08/2014

Dancing With Demons
By NJ Nielsen

When opposites attract the result can be life changing.

Graham Davenport is trying to better his life. His whole world crashes the day he's told Damon's missing, and he's the main suspect---could life get any worse?

Damon Malone was kidnapped, he has no clue why, and his captor isn't talking. Beaten and bruised he waits to be rescued---fearing he might die.

Working together with detectives, Graham realises there's more to the story than a simple kidnapping. Will they find the answers in time or will everything be too late? Graham changes his whole life to help Damon fight his demons---in the process will he conquer his own?

Due Out 09/2014

Caden's Dilemma
By AC Katt

Masato is a rich sub who has no life, Caden has a life but no money, can Caden get past his pride to be Masato's Master.

There are only two things that Masato knows---how to write brilliant code and how to fly in subspace. He is rapidly losing control of the company he founded because the CEO he hired is running roughshod over him.

Masato needs someone to help him run his life, his business and the charities he wants to found. He thinks he might have found his Master in Caden. There is one problem, Masato is a billionaire and Caden has more than his fair share of pride. Can Caden get over his pride and help Masato take back control of his life or is Masato doomed to a life of fending off men who only want his money?

Due Out 09/2014