New Heat Ratings

Zero: No sexual content and/or mild romantic elements.

Mild: Mild sensuality, mild heat, occasional love scene, no graphic euphemisms.

Moderate: Moderate sensuality, moderate heat, increased frequency of love scenes, more graphic language.

Graphic: High level of sensuality, detailed love scenes, graphic description of anatomy and of sexual acts.

Extreme: Intense or extreme erotic scenes and/or language.

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Upcoming Releases

And God Belched
By Rob Rosen


One human attempts to save two worlds, the handsome alien he loves, his entire family, and a self-aware watch in this riotously funny romantic adventure.

In this riotously funny romantic adventure, Randy and his younger brother, Craig, find themselves in a different universe, on a strange planet, desperately searching for Milo, a handsome stranger in imminent danger, all while being chased by the heavily armed local authorities. And that's just the start of this epic journey. But what else does fate have in store for our brave heroes? And can one human save two worlds, the handsome alien he's fallen in love with, his entire family, and a self-aware watch? Read on, dear Earthlings, to find out!

Due Out 01/2018

All Lost Things
A Killian Kendall Mystery
By Josh Aterovis

As Killian Kendall starts a new job as a private investigator, he struggles to balance two simultaneous investigations: a gruesome murder case and a century-old mystery in what might be a real-life haunted house.

After high school, Killian Kendall is excited to start a new job with a private investigator, but he's barely settled at his new desk when his ex-boyfriend calls with a desperate plea for help. He wants Killian to prove his new boyfriend is innocent in a shockingly violent murder. Killian reluctantly agrees to take the case, little knowing the danger to come.

Meanwhile, when Killian's surrogate parents decide to buy a historic mansion and turn it into a bed and breakfast, it turns out that house not only comes with a rich history, but maybe a ghost or two as well. Killian quickly becomes convinced that something terrible happened to the home's original owners. The century-old mystery both terrifies and tantalizes Killian, and as much as he tries to resist, he keeps getting pulled back in.

2010 Lambda Literary Award Finalist for Gay Mystery

Due Out 01/2018

Explore with Me
By Kris Jacen


Can two coming from such different backgrounds and points in their lives find a balance to explore together?

The Army is the only thing that First Sergeant Danny Glenn has known in his adult life. From the age of nineteen on, he's worn a uniform every day. He's seen so much in his twenty years but the last deployment did something to him. Danny's begun to wonder if he can't do more good helping people in the US instead of other countries but to do that he'd have to get out.

Doctor Liam MacNamara is finishing up the last of his residency in Emergency Medicine. Now's the tough part, which offer to accept. He could stay in New Orleans where shifts are never dull or choose to uproot and experience somewhere different. College followed by medical school and then residency are the only things he's known since he was eighteen. There's got to be more out there, right?

Can a retired first sergeant and a brand-new doctor balance each other enough to explore their options together?

Due Out 01/2018

Winter Frost
Orgasmic Texas Dawn Series #7
By A.J. Llewellyn
D.J. Manly


As Nicholas and Sean begin to fully embrace their new lives as US Marshals, fate has other plans in store for Jubilee Mason and his husband, Kieran. Will a shocking opponent to their adoption plans wreck the two couples' friendship?

Kieran, Jubilee, Sean and Nicholas tackle two highly unusual cases in the seventh exciting chapter of Orgasmic Texas Dawn. First they must track down a serial killer from Dallas who travels every weekend killing women in the notorious La Zona district in Mexico. This homicidal maniac kills with such surgical precision he's nicknamed The Ripper...

Meanwhile, what turns out to be a routine protection assignment for Sean and Trace turns out to be anything but...and on the home front. Kieran and Jubilee are still fighting for legal custody of Juan. Will they soon taste victory or will their lives, like the weather, soon turn to winter frost?

This title is a re-release.

Due Out 01/2018

That Passionate Season
By Adam Carpenter


Burn Silva is the hottest prospect in baseball, both on and off the field, and he’s about to educate a closeted reporter on the desires that lurk inside the locker room.

He's the hottest prospect in baseball and he's got a name to go along with it: Burn, the hot young son of a fire chief, who only dreams of playing in the major leagues. When he is drafted by the New Jersey Skyscrapers, Burn Silva is sent to gain some experience playing for the team's Single-A team, the Suns. What happens when a sexy, alluring creature like Burn hits the Florida heat?

Max Castle is a fourteen year veteran of the big leagues, but to prove he still has more to his game, he's accepted a minor league contract. His goal: get back to the Show, and the only man in his way is Burn. Trouble is, the manager has asked Max to teach Burn the nuances of the game, and their proximity leads to a shocking revelation.

Will South, the man sent to chronicle the young phenom's rise from prospect to star, knows almost next to nothing about baseball, and is about to get a fast education: not only about the game but what goes on behind the scenes, in locker rooms and hotel rooms during away games. For this sexually inhibited man, those discoveries will awaken a desire deep within him.

This title is a re-release.

Due Out 01/2018

Dude Ranch
A Johnny Lee Capstone Novel
By Adan Carpenter


At Capstone's Dude Ranch, an exclusive resort for gay men, sexy owner Johnny Lee Capstone knows his way around the rugged mountains during the day, which only fuels his nightly passions.

Eight men are about to descend upon Capstone's Dude Ranch, and they are in for the most memorable two weeks of their lives. Chief among them are Thrice Montgomery, a spoiled rich New Yorker who has arrived at the ranch, newly single, running from his cheating ex. Marc Tolling has recently come out, the support of his ex-wife and daughter allowing him the chance to indulge all the sexual exploration he's lost out on over the years. What both men do not realize is they will find themselves in competition for the attention of the ranch's studly owner. Johnny Lee Capstone, owner and proprietor of Capstone's Dude Ranch, is the ideal cowboy, sexy and single, hot and hairy, and more than willing to submit to the sexual whims of his guests. There is something familiar about Marc, but what past they shared eludes him, and Marc, for some reason, isn't talking. As for Thrice, his cocky self-assuredness has intrigued Johnny Lee, and soon they begin a passionate, steamy affair. But an unexpected visitor threatens the delicate balance at Capstone's, and as the men venture deep in the misty woods, the sexual heat spills out, ultimately jeopardizing the life of one of the eight men. Rich in the atmosphere of the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, sexual desire unleashed on virtually every page, DUDE RANCH is the story of three men who give in to their basest desires and in the process realize what has been missing from their lives.

This is a re-release.

Due Out 01/2018

Immortal Black Dragons
Enukara Series #2
By Nina R. Schluntz

The black dragon, Zackariah, falters in his reign of terror when he falls in love with the most recent Enukara, all of whom he's previously murdered.

Zackariah created an Enukara back when they were being made every day, and murdered hours later. Despite the odds, he managed to keep his alive long enough to understand how compassionate humans can be. Decades later, he meets his Enukara's son, Jonas, and finds that he is now an Enukara. Zackariah must decide if he will tell him the truth behind his mother's death, even if it risks the relationship forming between them.

Jonas knows Zackariah murdered his mother. He can accept this, but not the swirling lies around the reason why he did it. If he makes the same error it will lead to not only his death, but the death of all the Enukaras, present and future.

Due Out 02/2018

The Paramedic Who Hates Jazz
By Stephani Hecht


Bill wants to lead Chauncey down the path of happiness and love, but a tragic even from the past keeps blocking the way.

For six months, Bill has been admiring his new fellow paramedic, Chauncey. Yet, no matter how many times Bill asks Chauncey out, he is refused. Bill doesn't let that stop him, though. He sees something he wants and he's determined to get it. There is something about the other man that calls to Bill. Plus, Bill can tell there is something haunting Chauncey. Something that could very well destroy the younger man from the inside out. Bill wants to help Chauncey, but he doesn't know how.

After a horrible incident in his home town of Flint, Chauncey moves to New Orleans for a fresh start. But, he can't forget one horrible night where his entire world collapsed. He yearns to move on, but can't. Then he finds himself drawn to Bill. It doesn't matter to Chauncey that Bill is nearly ten years older. Chauncey wants the other man and decides to take a leap of faith.

When Chauncey's past continues to block his way to happiness, he realizes he's still mentally damaged. Will he be able to overcome everything in order to have happiness? Or will he forever be alone?

Due Out 02/2018

The Vampire and the S.A.
By J.P. Bowie


An F.B.I. agent joins forces with a vampire to stop an assassination plot that would bring chaos to Russia.

Special Agent Bryan Walker is both excited and apprehensive when the director of the F.B.I.'s paranormal division chooses him to partner with vampire Viktor Karnov on a mission in Russia. Viktor is a legend within the ranks of the F.B.I., a perfectionist and a loner, and unimpressed with Bryan's lack of field experience. The two don't exactly hit it off on their first meeting, but after a forced trial run Viktor agrees to partner with Bryan.

In Moscow they face a cabal headed by Alexander Krychev that threatens to bring down President Petr Volstoy, a democratic leader who has reinstated civil rights for minorities, and whose lover is vampire, Louis Cadinot. Viktor and Krychev are old enemies, Krychev being responsible for Viktor's only failed mission, and the death of friends.

To add to the chaos, Viktor recognizes Bryan as his destined mate but fights the primal need to claim him because of the danger that surrounds them, and his pledge to bring Krychev to justice. However, sometimes Fate has its own way of stacking the deck, and making sure that no matter what the odds, the winner takes all.

Due Out 02/2018

If Ever I Cease to Love You
By Shawn Bailey


A tired and exhausted bartender has had enough of New Orleans and Mardi Gras and meets a man who shows him a different side of the holiday season.

Winston James falls instantly in love with bartender Jacobi Griffin one night when he is in the French Quarter club entertaining some clients. To get to know Jacobi he asks Jacobi's boss to recommend a good bartender for Winston's upcoming party. Of course the man recommends Jacobi after giving Winston the four-one-one on him. Winston has never been one to beat around the bush. Not only does he ask Jacobi to work for his party but also tells him to bring an overnight bag because the two of them would be spending the night together.

Bartender Jacobi Griffin didn't fall for cheesy come-ons or sleep around. Although the city of New Orleans is teeming with tourists for the Mardi Gras season Winton and Jacobi find the time to spend together getting to know each other by blocking out everything around them and falling in love.

Due Out 02/2018

Cupid's Wicked Arrow
The Enchanted Series #3
By Shawn Bailey

Can Cupid and one of the archangels be on vacation together without killing each other?

Eros (Cupid) takes a much needed vacation. He puts his younger brother Gracien in charge this year of making people fall in love. Problem: Gracien isn't an ordinary cupid, he's Santa's angel, a mischievous fun-looking male who Eros tried to destroy when he was born. The archangel Michael has assured Eros that Gracien can handle the job. Eros isn't so sure, but he has enough trouble keeping his self out of danger when the archangel Gabriel shows up at the hotel in Rome where Eros has gone for a little R&R. The last angel Gabriel expected to see walking around the Louvre is that trouble-making Eros whom Gabriel has been in loves with for nearly two centuries. Eros accidently shot Gabriel in his behind with one of his powerful arrows and now it is Gabriel's chance to make him pay with his heart for what he did.

Due Out 02/2018