Dear Parker
Boys Reformatory Series #1

an excerpt

Dear Parker:

God I miss you, buddy! My asshole literally aches for you. My dick literally weeps to have you back and stuck on it.

I know you say that I should try and forget about you, about your dick, about your tight asshole; God knows, I've tried. I just don't seem to be doing all that well at it. Maybe if you'd been less good in bed, I'd be having more success in forgetting, but you were the best at fucking and sucking that I'd ever come across before I met you, and you're still the best. So, everyone who's now in and out of my bed gets compared to you, when you were in my bed, and so far they all come out lacking ... even after they and I have been coming.

It isn't as if I haven't been out looking for someone to replace you, either. You know me, buddy? My dick gets hard, and I'm hot to find an asshole or mouth to wrap it. How often was my dick stuck deep inside you, working away like sixty until we creamed?  My asshole gets needy for stuffing by hard dick, and I'm out to have that yearning quenched ASAP. How often was your dick stuck deep inside me, working away like sixty until we creamed?

I've been looking everywhere, having picked up cock and ass in several bars. Those dicks and asses belonged to some pretty good looking studs, too. Hell, you know me.  I've never been one not to attract some mighty fine men to my doorstep, and, lately, that has been no exception. Except, after you, I need more in a guy, these days, than just a handsome face, just a studly body, just a big dick, just a tight ass. I need him handsome, studly, with a big dick, a tight ass,  with the knowledge and expertise to how best to use his big pecker and his dick-squeezing rectum. So far, some of the guys I've brought home have been okay, probably as good as any I had home before you turned up on the scene, but none of them are as satisfying as I might once have found them. I have you to thank for that-or, rather, not to thank for that. I'm out here, in the big wide world, looking for a substitute cock and replacement butt hole, to take the place of yours, and you're, likely, in prison, pleasing the holy hell out of your cellmate and everyone else obliging by assuming the position. Where's the justice in that?