Rough Ride
#2.5 in the Rough Series

an excerpt

Chest hairs crinkling under his touch, Bram ran his hands down James' chest, the unmarked skin smooth, supple, warmed by the heat of flames from their bedroom fireplace. James was stretched out beside him on the floor by the hearth, lean, lithe and deliciously naked in the flickering light. The down comforter under them trapped their body heat and separated them from the drafty floor in the old house. Under the dancing, golden hues of firelight, the beige cover looked like small mounds of snow from the sledding hill they had visited earlier.

Bram traced the line of chest hair down the center of James' rib cage, following the trail over his lover's taunt, concave belly to the dip of his navel. Gooseflesh erupted on James' abdomen and Bram watched it ripple outward to cover every inch of pale skin. Just as quickly, it melted away.

Bram used one fingertip to draw circles around the shallow dip of navel, his eyebrows rising as a tiny shudder and a breathy moan resulted. He loved how responsive and open James was in bed, how easily affected his lover was by a single touch. Even now, months into their relationship, he found it difficult to grasp just how amazingly fortunate he had been in pursuing James after the first night. Casual sex in a back alleyway with a stranger didn't often lead to long-term commitment and love. But it had for him. For them.

As emotionally shy as James was, Bram knew James would never have pursued him. If he hadn't asked James out a second time that night, he'd have lost out on the man who was rapidly becoming the center of his world. The cold, empty loneliness he'd come to accept as the way his life was going to be began to drain away after the first night James had spent with him. It changed everything forever, as far as Bram was concerned.

After his parents' deaths and his only sister's debilitating accident, Bram was certain his future held only work, friends and the occasional one-night stand. Now his life held the promise of so much more, all of it at his fingertips right now, quivering, needy and waiting for his touch.

He straddled James' slim hips, his own naked ass and thighs delighting in the warmth that radiated up off his lover. He settled over James so their cocks bumped, the majority of his weight resting on his knees and calves. His scrotum nestled up against the base of James' jutting cock.

"Christ, Bram!" It was that breathy, strained moan that always made Bram's passion burn impossibly brighter.

"Tell me what you want, baby. You know all you have to do is ask."

"Jesus!" That struggling, growly sound James made was going to be the death of him yet. The first droplets of precum oozed from the tip of his cock.

"Sorry, can't give you that. He's busy. Try again."

James groaned and writhed, unable to move more than a twitching wiggle. The scarf from earlier was again over his eyes, but this time his wrists had been captured in the long ends as well, tied behind his skull so his head rested on the soft bonds. His elbows were bent, arms high, drawing the flesh of his torso taunt and leaving him open for exploration. Bram had been doing just that for the last half an hour or so. Exploring, touching, tweaking, tasting and teasing.

Bram watched James pull in his lower lip and bite it, James' hips bucking under his ass. Bram knew his lover was struggling to ask for what he wanted, still fighting his insecurities and natural shyness.

Bram wasn't going to make it easy for him. Far from it. Time to speed up this joy ride just a little.

"I want to taste you, Jamie. But do I want this hole?" He curled over and shifted enough to lick the tip of James' cock, lapping the bead of cum off it in a slow, wet stroke of his tongue, wiggling the tip of the wet muscle into the leaking slit. "Or do I want a taste of this one?" He paused just long enough that James would be left guessing where he was going to lick next, then dropped forward and sucked the edges of James' belly button. James gasped and jerked, a strangled sound coming from the back of his throat.