Slippery When Wet

an excerpt

The first bead of sweat that broke loose ran from the man's temple to the sharp angle of his tight, square jaw. It hung on for an anxious moment, during which Parker realized he had been holding his breath, waiting to see where the bead would land on the solid expanse of bulging hard muscle that formed the casually spread, naked thighs beneath it.

Eyes hungry, Parker hoped it would splash high on the man's leg, giving him a reason to follow its descent. He didn't actually need a reason, it was a public sauna. An on site, twenty-four hour, fully outfitted gym, pool and sauna, a perk of working for a huge corporation that promoted employee health and fitness.

But Parker still insisted on playing this game with himself. Seeing how much restraint he could muster, how long he could hold back his physical desires without the other guy suspecting. What it would take to make him finally get up and leave, towel artfully wrapped around his hips while his hands covered his growing erection. Then a warm shower to cover the quick hand job before he toweled off, dressed and made his way alone back to his peaceful but empty apartment.

Working sixteen hours days was great for his work and reputation as a dedicated researcher for the company. Not so great for his personal life. If he thought about it, his current lifestyle of nothing but work and sleep was pretty pathetic for twenty-nine year old, moderately successful forensic scientist. So he didn't spend much time thinking about it.

And there was no time to look for dating material outside his immediate circle. All of his close associates were either female or straight men. There wasn't anyone he was interested in anyway. Or there hadn't been until three weeks ago when Sir Brawny & Buff started showing up in the gym every night. Parker had nearly dropped a free weight on his foot the first time B&B had strode into the gym and began his warm up. By the time the other man had ended his routine almost two hours later, Parker had hit the head twice to jack off. Which was the only reason he'd managed to stay in the sauna with the guy for six whole minutes before leaving weak kneed and dizzy, still half hard and aching.

It didn't help any that they were always alone, the last hardcore exercise junkies in the place. Or the only people that worked long hours into the evening and still had energy to burn. Parker worked out so his body would be exhausted enough that his mind would have to shut off to sleep. He was toned and wiry, but his short, slender frame would never compete with this guy. B&B was all muscle. Muscle, muscle everywhere.

But there might as well have been a big neon ‘do not disturb' sign tattooed on the guy's chest. They had been alone together working out in the gym five and six nights a week for two hours and the guy had yet to do more than stare Parker in the eye for ten seconds and nod a wordless hello. Talk about your strong silent type!

Of course, Parker hadn't offered any attempts at conversation either. He'd been content to ogle covertly and fantasize. No one else in the gym meant privacy, but it also meant no witnesses to murder if the guy took offense to Parker's… appreciative interest. But then the guy would actually have to notice before he could be offended and Parker made sure that wasn't going to happen. No way. He wanted to see his next few birthdays.

Licking his lips, Parker tasted the sharp tang of his own sweat. He closed his eyes and let his muscles relax, feeling the knots in his neck and shoulders from hunching over microscopes and keyboards all day start to unwind. This was always the perfect ending to his day, the way he unwound, the only activity truly draining enough to shut down his mind and body. Besides sex. And sex was nowhere on the immediate horizon. One handed sex didn't count. It was rewarding but not exhausting.

The sauna was big enough for ten people, all wooden slant flooring and two tiered benches. In the center of the room was a small sculptured pedestal filled with steaming hot rocks. A tiny basin that filled with water automatically was artfully designed into one side and a ladle hung from a part of the sculpture.

The sudden hiss of water hitting hot stones filled the air. Startled, Parker looked up under half-closed eyelids to watch B&B replace the ladle, towel slung low around solid, molded-from-rock hips and ass. So low and loosely wrapped that when B&B stepped away the towel slipped. B&B casually grabbed one end of it and instead of re-wrapping it, threw the towel over his broad and brawny shoulder.

Full frontal exposure. No steroid user here! It was just like Christmas. And man, would Parker like to play with that toy! Christ, this guy was one complete package. Too bad he didn't have a personality to go with the body.

Parker's breath caught in his throat. He prayed the grunt of appreciation that escaped couldn't be heard over the hiss of the steam.