Conspiracy of Ravens

an excerpt

Patrick Mulligan’s hand, with red-hair knuckles, pulled a handful of loose outer flesh down around the more solid inner core of Ian Riley’s cock. He couldn’t help wondering what they would say back in the States if they could see him naked and playing with another man’s healthy young dick. His mother would have cried, his father would have been boiling mad, and his closest friends would have suddenly begun seeing him as something less than a man. Even his grandmother, whose savings had been responsible for sending him to school in Ireland, wouldn’t have understood. She had expected, indeed hoped sincerely, that exposing her green-eyed, red-hair, little darling to his roots would make him a different man, but her definition of different did not go so far as to encompass homosexuality.

Homosexual sex was the last thing that Patrick expected to encounter in Londonderry. Even when he began to learn that his new mates looked upon male sex with a good deal more acceptance than did Patrick’s family and friends back home in Middle America, he never dreamed that within a few months of his arrival in Ireland he would be rooming with an openly gay Irishman he could admit to loving.

Ian Riley stirred in his sleep, his leg and chest muscles elongating in a stretch that didn’t disturb his erotic dreaming. Had he known what Patrick was thinking, he would have been amused. Ian had been aware of his own personal sexual preference for men since shortly after exploding into puberty. Not only had he recognized his particular passions, but also he had straight away set out to satiate them. He’d quickly found more than his share of those willing to assist him. Even at an early age, he hadn’t looked young. He’d always had the butch, dark-complexion, square-jaw, cleft-chin good looks and stocky build that made anyone who picked him up confident he was someone above the age of consent, even when he had been significantly underage.

Ian had never gone through any guilt trips. From the beginning, he had looked upon gay sex as a means of having fun. As long as it was enjoyable, he never had any intentions of giving it up. His parents, educated in England and returned to Ireland as “Castle Catholics”, would have probably pretended to be broad-minded enough to accept their son’s sexual preferences had they ever found out. Both Mr. And Mrs. Riley had considered themselves liberated long before it had become fashionable. In fact, the Rileys paid very little attention to their son, feeling he should be free to try his own wings.

For Ian, therefore, it was the most natural thing in the world to be lying in bed at that moment, coming awake with another man playing with his cock. The main difference between this time and the others was only that Ian was finally in love.

Patrick kept playing with Ian’s prick until he was sure Ian was awake and only feigning sleep. He then moved his body closer to his lover and put his lips very close to Ian’s left ear.

I want to fuck you, stud,” Patrick said in a breathy whisper.

You’re a bloody sex maniac,” Ian said in whispered reply. He rolled to his belly and opened a space between his legs wide enough for Patrick to take immediate position within. The movement pulled Ian’s cock out of Patrick’s fisted hand and burrowed the released erection into the mattress.

Kneeling for the fuck, Patrick paused momentarily to wet his hard cock with a veneer of lubricating spit.

Ian’s left cheek was turned into the pillow. His dark brown hair was tousled on his head and banged to his long eyelashes. A series of small freckles climbed across the bridge of his nose, a group of similar freckles fanned across the buns of his ass.

Patrick took handfuls of Ian’s asscheeks, pulling them apart to locate the tantalizing pucker. He positioned the wet tip of his prick to the hole, exerting enough pressure behind it to insert cockhead through the protesting sphincter.

Ian’s asshole used the saliva on Patrick’s cock for lubrication. The spit was soon joined by the clear sexjuice oozing from Patrick’s entering erection. Patrick worked the submerged portion of his prick back and forth a few times before attempting to feed his complete boner into the hole. The asshole was tight, fitting Patrick’s cock like a rubber glove. Patrick waited until his cock had leaked enough sexjuice to make a complete insertion easier, and then he placed the rest of his cock up the butt. His balls hit the upturned buns as the asshole gummed its mouth around the base of the cock so firmly screwed into place. Red crotch hair entwined with brown ass hair.

Ian grunted in response to his sticking.

Patrick lay out atop his lover. His hard belly pressed into Ian’s butt and lower back, his chest mating with the muscles of Ian’s shoulders. He rested that way for a few seconds before moving his hand between Ian’s belly and the mattress. He slid his fingers along the scalloped ridges of his lover’s six-pack. Ian lifted his stomach off the bed, allowing Patrick freer access to the hard cock to be found there. The upward thrust of his ass caused an even tighter mating of his buttocks with Patrick’s groin.

Patrick fisted Ian’s cock with his right hand and then worked his left hand far enough into place to make a successful grab for Ian’s nuts. The balls were a healthy handful. The cock was more than a handful. Ian lowered his belly back to the bed, Patrick’s right hand forming a snug tunnel for Ian’s cock to fuck while hard cock worked up the Irishman’s asshole.

Sure that Ian’s ass was completely adjusted to the cock jabbed inside it, Patrick continued. His hips drew upward, beginning to free his cock from the asshole. The flared tip of his cock met with the compressing oval of the sphincter. Rather than pull completely out, Patrick reversed his movement and replaced his erection.

Didn’t I say you were a sex maniac?” Ian said. His brown eyes remained shut, and there was a smile on his sexily pouted lips.

You love it,” Patrick said, pulling his hips up again and pushing down as soon as his cock had almost slipped free.

Hmmmmmm,” Ian said softly. Patrick was right. Ian did love it. He loved getting fucked by this studly Irish-American more than he had ever enjoyed being fucked by anyone. Ian considered himself lucky in having found someone who could give cock as well as take it. He doubted he would have been capable of a permanent relationship with anyone who wanted to play only one role. Sure, Ian enjoyed playing topman, but there was a good deal to be said for being on the other side of a fuck, too. Yes, by God, he had certainly lucked out with Patrick. Patrick was a bit naïve about some things, but Ian found that innocence refreshingly sexy.

Ian revolved his ass, moving it so that the cock up his butt stirred sensuously. He was aware of how that cock was massaging his tender prostate. The resulting sensation wasn’t an unpleasant one. As a matter of fact, it made Ian’s cock pulse with a life all of its own and leak clear juices onto the sheet beneath his belly. He felt the stickiness of that wetness as it smeared the surface of his stomach that he ground into it.

Patrick achieved a serious fucking rhythm. Easy placements and withdrawals of his cock pumped him toward ejaculation. The sliding of Ian’s cock in his gripping fingers additionally turned him on.

Ian’s balls were larger than when Patrick had taken hold of them but seconds before. The increasing mess of thick white cum that was chocking them fuller and fuller of creamy goodness caused the increased bulk.

Neither Ian nor Patrick was in any big hurry. They thoroughly enjoyed a slow buildup, knowing that the longer they could hold off, the longer they could enjoy those exquisite sensations leading up to the grand send-off. They were beyond the time in their relationship when they needed to hurry for hasty blasting. Now, they fought only to contain the pleasure, letting their nuts flood to capacity with cum before allowing those reservoirs to be released. The ecstasy was always better this way. The trembling of their guts was always more violent than it would have been otherwise.

Patrick’s hips continued the fucking cadence. His cock chafed excitingly within the excruciating tightness of the asshole. The friction caused a heat that spread through the cock and into the rest of the young man’s swimmer-muscled body.

Patrick’s lips were next to Ian’s ear. His white-white teeth playfully bit his lover’s earlobe while his cock moved faster yet up Ian’s ass. His wet tongue licked ear, his heavy breathing doubly loud in Ian’s brain.

Each time Patrick’s cock rammed to its full depth, Ian responded by wiggling his ass. When Patrick’s hips pulled upward to yank the cock out of the ass, Ian’s belly pressed into the bed and fucked hard cock through Patrick’s fisted fingers.

Patrick got closer and closer to his moment of no return, hoping Ian wasn’t far behind. He wanted to blast his nuts, and he wanted Ian to blast with him.

His passion swelled, boiling with more intensity. He completely surrendered to the joy of fucking, letting his whole being become caught in the wonder of the moment. His eyes rolled with the pleasure churning his guts. His mouth drooled spit each time he grunted his enjoyment.

Ian, getting worked over royally at both front and rear, wasn’t all that far from orgasm. The constant battering of Patrick’s hard prick against his prostate, and the exquisite grip of the fisted fingers around his cock, had him to the point of wanting release just as much as Patrick did.

The movements of the cock up the willing ass increased as Patrick’s moment of ejaculation rushed closer. His hips went quite out of control, stabbing his cock hard and fast into Ian’s butt.

Close,” Patrick whispered in warning. His compact nuts were on the verge of rupturing.

Ian didn’t answer. He thrust his ass upward to swallow all of Patrick’s cock in one mighty gulp. When Patrick’s downward falling belly slammed Ian back to the bed, Ian’s hot cock drove through the tunnel of Patrick’s fingers. The heat up his butt, and the fire within his loins finally triggered Ian’s eruption.

Aaaagreeuugg!” he said in a long and low growl.

There was only a fraction of a second between his explosion of cream into Patrick’s squeezing fingers and Patrick’s hearty ejaculation. Patrick breathed loud and fast, his body wet with sweat. His heartbeat echoed in his brain.

They surrendered to the ecstasy, wondering if the sexual trembling would ever stop inside them. When it did, Ian sounded breathless when he spoke.

What a pleasant way to come awake on a Sunday morning,” he said. He turned his body beneath Patrick but kept positioned under him. He was suddenly on his back; his butt nestled in the wetness his cum had spewed on the sheet. His cock was pushed up against the cock Patrick had so recently pulled from Ian’s asshole. Both cocks were going soft.

Very pleasant,” Patrick said in agreement.

What time is it?” Ian asked.

It’s still early,” Patrick said. If his cock had softened, it wouldn’t take all that much to get it hard again.

Early, yes, but remember that I promised Phillip I’d join him in his little demonstration,” Ian said, making no motion to get up.

It was Patrick who got up, walking to the window and pulling the drapes. He looked at the street. Already there were people in it. He spoke without turning around. “Will there ever be an end to this Irish-English bullshit?”

Why don’t you come along?” Ian said, knowing just what to expect from that suggestion, and getting just that.

I’d just be one more person beating a dead horse,” Patrick said irritably. He left the window and disappeared into the bathroom. “Phillip is such a die-hard hate-all-Brits.” The toilet’s flush was almost immediately accompanied by water running in the shower. Patrick had no immediate intentions of returning to the bedroom.

Ian got up from the bed and stood naked in the bathroom doorway. “Phillip never says anything bad about you,” he said above the roar of the shower.

Patrick stuck his head through the parting of the shower curtains. “I wasn’t aware I’d said anything bad about Phillip” He disappeared completely into the stall.

What’s the harm in a demonstration?” Ian asked. He walked to where he could see his reflection in the mirror above the sink. Per usual, he was quite content with what he saw.

I can’t hear you!” Patrick said, although Ian knew damned good and well otherwise.

Ian went to the shower and eased back the curtains. Although the spray of the water off Patrick’s body suddenly splashed Ian and the surrounding floor, neither man made a move to pull the protective plastic back into place until after Ian joined his lover in the stall.

I asked you what’s the harm in a little demonstration?” Ian said, pretty much repeating what he’d said before.

Don’t ask me.” Patrick shrugged water. “I’m the guy from America. What could I possibly know about real Irish-British politics? Except, this Irish-British thing has been around way too long. So what that a British mole once again nosed his way into Irish politics? You and Phillip think honestly there aren’t Irish moles, right this moment, busily burrowing into the British political apparatus? There’ll never be an end to it, no matter whomever demonstrates on whichever side.”

That’s a fine attitude,” Ian chided. On the other hand, it was because Patrick was so easy going that Ian had come so to love him. Ian would have even been tempted to stay home if he hadn’t promised Phillip that he’d attend the demonstration. Any protest needed members to make it look impressive. What if everybody stayed home?

Do you think your parents would approve?” Patrick asked.

Silly question,” Ian said and took the bar of soap to lather Patrick’s powerful shoulders. “You and I both know my parents are not makers-of-waves. They’re one of those lucky Catholic-few always with enough money to blend into every backdrop.”

What good is one more demonstration going to do anyway?” Patrick asked. “Aren’t the Brits and the Irish supposed to have made peace with each other?”

If everyone looked the other way when the Brits tried to take advantage, the Brits would always get the advantage,” Ian said.

Neither spoke for the next couple of minutes. Ian’s touches were becoming more and more familiar. Patrick’s cock was already beginning to respond to Ian’s advances. Ian’s cock was already completely returned to hardness.

Ian ran his soapy hands around Patrick’s belly, pressing his chest into Patrick’s back, his hard belly pressing into his lover’s firm ass. Ian’s cock was cocooned with soapsuds that were protected from dissolving by Patrick’s body that shielded Ian from the main spray. Patrick felt the rigidness of hard cock aligned lengthways along the crease of his muscular ass.

Are you up to my die-hard cock fucking you?” Ian asked, nibbling on Patrick’s ear.

What do you think?” Patrick answered. He put his hands behind his butt, taking hold of Ian’s slick cock. He pulled the cock to a fuck position between his buns.

You know, I don’t recall ever enjoying my morning showers quite as much as I have since you moved in,” Ian said.

Patrick jiggled his ass to accept the cockhead and the first couple inches of prick. “I’m letting you screw me because I enjoy it, too.”

After today, I’ll tell Phillip I’m just too busy fucking,” Ian said, wiggling his hips to ease his prick deeper up his lover’s butt.

Patrick was going to compliment Ian on his decision but didn’t. After all, Phillip and Ian might well be right. Despite all supposed progress in the British-Irish relationship, this latest fox-in-the-chicken-coop scandal was just another move in the still ongoing Irish-British game of oneupsmanship.

Patrick pushed his ass back to swallow the rest of Ian’s cock. The water from the shower splattered his strong, hair-covered chest with a gushing of boiling cataract downward between the valley formed between his muscled pectorals. The stinging water was a pleasant irritant for Patrick’s hardening nipples. His belly was awash with water, streams of it running from the ends of the wiry red hair covering his healthy balls. He took a firm stance on the floor, not wanting to lose his balance when Ian took up fucking in earnest. His hands, which had placed the cock on its target, extended farther behind him to find the hard globes of Ian’s ass. He pulled Ian’s pelvis in tighter against his butt. There was a continual flushing of warm liquid over Patrick’s stiff dick. It felt good. The teasing rush of fluid, plus the massage of Ian’s cock against prostate-inside-butt, caused more intense stirrings of passion within Patrick’s body. It was passion similar to that experienced when Patrick fucked Ian, only not quite the same. The difference, however, didn’t detract from the intensity.

God, but your studly body must have gone to waste in that strait-laced cow town in America,” Ian said, excited by the way Patrick’s asshole was tightening spasmodically about fucking prick.

Yeah, it was,” Patrick said in ready agreement. He’d had to travel all of the way to Ireland to find out what sex and love were all about.

Thank God, your grandmother had the foresight to spirit you away to civilization,” Ian said, his cock pulling out and then sliding back in.

Do you know that in that uncivilized American cow town, about which you’re talking, the Catholics and the Protestants actually manage to live quite peaceably together? Something they still have trouble doing in civilized Ireland.”

Now, don’t be cynical,” Ian said with a laugh. He pulled his prick out to its head and shoved it back to his balls. He was fucked up that velvety hole as far as he could go. It felt good being there, too. God, yes, it did feel good! There was a spasm of the asshole that vibrated the length of his cock. Ian felt his prick milked of sexjuice in direct result.

I’m a realist,” Patrick said.

A handsome one to be sure,” Ian said. Again, he pulled his prick almost free before submerging it.

Compliments will get you most anything,” Patrick said, taking one of his hands from Ian’s ass and bringing it to a faucet for more hot water.

That’s what I’m counting on,” Ian said, running his hands along the hair-fanned hard ridges of his partner’s chest, locating hard nipples. He played the nipples to increased hardness, and then he dropped his hands down along Patrick’s washboard belly. He lovingly caressed the indented belly button.

A fraction of an inch out from the navel was Patrick’s cockhead, supported as it was by a large and thick cockshaft. Ian cupped the massive cockhead in the palm of his right hand. His left hand took hold of the burgeoning shaft.

He felt Patrick’s prick pulsing as he wrapped both of his hands around it, having found one hand insufficient for the job. He tugged upward, dragging loose outer flesh over a solid inner core. Once he reached the top, he let his grip move downward toward Patrick’s bulged balls.

How does that feel?” Ian asked.

How do you think it feels?” Patrick’s voice was low and a little breathless.

Good?” Ian asked.

I don’t want to give you a big head, stud,” Patrick said. He put a hand on each of the faucets affixed to the wall. He held tightly to them, bending his body slightly forward from the waist to give Ian even better access to Patrick’s ass.

Ian screwed Patrick’s butt, letting his hands masturbate his lover’s big cock. Together they worked for an orgasm to be shared.

Patrick’s testicles pulled upward in their contracting sex sac.

Patrick freed his right hand from a faucet, extending it back through his legs to grab Ian’s nuts. The compactness of Ian’s sex sac gave notice of a degree of excitement comparable to Patrick’s own. Patrick squeezed the nuts twice before turning loose of them.

Oh, stud, do my big balls thank-you for that,” Ian said. “And, so fucking do I!”

Within Ian’s playful hands, Patrick’s cock was responding with noticeable throbs. The friction caused by the masturbating fingers was increased by water that continually washed away all the natural sexjuices that would normally act as lubricant. The soap quickly washed away, too.

Patrick shifted this way and that, giving himself the greatest possible enjoyment from the screw. He timed all of his forward and backward movements of his ass to correspond to Ian’s rhythmic pushes and pulls. His prostate, swollen to the size of a chestnut, was battered again and again by the slide of Ian’s prick.

Patrick bent farther. More water splattered over his lowered shoulders and onto Ian’s sweaty body behind. Ian hunched over Patrick, his cheek resting on Patrick’s back. His open mouth flooded with water, some of which he drank to quench the sudden dryness of his throat.

I hope you’re about there,” Patrick said through clenched teeth. Certainly, Patrick was…just…about…there.

Just about ready,” Ian said. “Jesus, yes, just about.” He continued jerking Patrick’s cock, simultaneously fucking swollen cock up Patrick’s asshole. Patrick’s cock ballooned within Ian’s gripping fingers. Ian’s prick ballooned for ejaculation up Patrick’s butt.

Hold on!” Patrick said, his legs turning to jelly beneath him. The ecstasy took hold. He was swallowed in it as completely as water from the shower was enveloping the both of them in a womb of wet warmth. His moment had arrived.

Patrick’s body spasms rocked him beneath Ian, and Ian was lost within the rushing intensity of his own squirting cum.

Oh, Jesus, yes!” Ian said; his words were mere grunts as his lower belly slapped hard into Patrick’s muscled ass. His creamy shots of cream went deep, deep, deep, up his lover’s greedily gulping asshole.