Out There In The Night

an excerpt

Strong hands bluntly kneaded his bruised hips, but didnt release their iron grip. The peak of his climax faded and Connor basked in the curiously hypersensitive feeling enfolding him. If this was standard anal intercourse, he was sorry he had missed out on it all these years. But something told him it would only be like this if Adam was the one loving him.

Connor wanted to fall on the bed in a heap of sated exhaustion, but Adams hold wouldnt let him. He pushed back tentatively at the man and turned his head to look over his shoulder, but was immediately stopped by a hand in his hair gently holding him still. Connor didnt resist, but called out softly to his forceful lover.

"Adam? Talk to me?"

The hand rubbed through his hair then released him. Adams deep, rumbling tones soothed Connors unease. "This is not a time for words, adada."

Something rubbed over a patch of skin between Connors shoulder blades leaving the flesh feeling abraded as if coarse sandpaper had been used.

"It is the time for only our hearts to speak." Adams voice was indistinct and his words were marked with a lisp, like someone talking around a new set of braces, but the sincerity and love in it were clear.

Connor let his head drop and he relaxed back against the tower of stout flesh impaling him. "All right. Let our hearts talk then." Despite knowing Adam had cum, Connor could tell the man hadnt slipped out or even diminished in size.

Sensation began to creep back into Connors body and he became aware of a growing pressure just past the rim of stretched muscle inside his ass. The intense pressure reawakened the barely recovered nerves. Connor began to pant at the growing sensation, like he was coaching a first time mother through childbirth. The pressure reached a level of discomfort Connor could barely tolerate then stopped.

Connor pulled forward, intending to slip off Adams shaft a few inches to ease the fullness in his passageway. He found it impossible to do. He couldnt pull free and each attempt to do so merely increased the buzz and tingle of fullness in his ass. Suddenly the world seemed to center around the pleasure radiating from his stuffed channel.

Spiraling into a dream world of indescribable pleasure, delirious with sensation and the euphoric aftermath of an explosive orgasm, Connor sensed a change in the room. The insistent chanting grew marginally softer and the shadows around the room retreated back near the walls. Even the smell of the burning ash turned sweeter and the sounds outside the cabin disappeared entirely.

One of Adams arms dropped down for support, his fist landing next to Connors as he leaned over, cradling Connor with his broad body. Changing his thrusts, Adam began snapping his hips in a rapid-fire staccato rhythm, jabbing his swollen cock deeply into Connors most hidden recesses.

The hammering motion jarred Connors entire body and each stroke, both forward and back, pounded the engorged base of Adams cock against the clenched ring of nerves and muscles locking them together like dogs in heat. The effect was wildly overwhelming and Connor threw back his head and screamed.

"Ah! God, God, God! Jesus!"

Fire raced through every cell of his body. He felt like even his hair would burst into flame. The thick, viscous cum Adam had emptied into his ass only a moment ago coated his channel, dripping into the folds and lessening the friction the frenzied thrusts were generating. Connor burned inside and out, every pore seeming to leak heat along with his sweat.

Tossing his head to one side to push a clump of sweat-soaked, clinging hair from his eyes, Connor looked down and absently noted Adams straining, cinnamon-stained arm was now covered in black fur. The fist Adam supported his weight on was now a massive canine paw. When Connor turned his face as far as it would go over his shoulder, a dark muzzle entered the edge of his vision.

Undisturbed by the now-familiar hallucinations, Connor closed his eyes and listened to his heart, letting every sensation he was experiencing seep into his awareness, reveling in each and every one of them. The pelt of hair pressing against his butt cheeks remained soft, but the entrance to his ass prickled, abraded by fine bristles of stiff hair. The hot breath on his back came in pants, a soft whine underlying the labored breaths. The teeth nibbling his neck were sharp and long, leaving streaks of broken skin in their wake. The powerful thighs hammering against his legs bulged impossibly large and hard, yet felt silky, like down, where their inner creases smacked his wildly swaying scrotum. All the sensations merged together as another burning blast of cum washed over Connors insides.