Boys Reformatory Series #2

an excerpt

"Jesus H. Christ!" I'm scared half out of my wits, and God only knows why. It's not as if this exact same awakening hasn't happened for me time after time after time.

No need to complain long and loud about it, staying where I am, either. No need to rave and shout and scream, from where I am. All of that, I know, from having done it all before, is destined to fall on deaf ears.

The only solution, at such times, as in times past, is to throw back my blanket, physically get up and out of my lower bunk, lean over the top bunk, and give Norm a rough and thorough shake.

"Wake the fuck up, fuck head! You're having another nightmare!"

One shake and shout never does the trick. Sometimes two or three don't even do it. His exceptionally loud initial scream having subsided to breathless but still sleep-disturbing (at least for me) gasps, I just have to keep at it until the reality makes itself known to him, wherever it is his mind has taken him in dreamland.

"What the fuck?" His is pretty much the same response, each and every time. As if I'm the crazy one for having disturbed him from a soundless sleep.