Boys Reformatory Series #3

an excerpt

It's so fucking quiet!

I don't, of course, mean that it's quiet in the prison bloc. It never is. I'm talking about in my cell, comparatively speaking, if just because I presently have it all to myself. A cell to myself, or any cell to anyone's self, just doesn't happen all that damned often, within Maltese Boy's Reformatory, usually so crowded that there's more likely to be excess people, anywhere, anytime, rather than even one less than originally planned for. This anomaly, presently my cell, isn't going to last for long, believe me, and I can wonder-even shudder-at who I'll have to replace Tanner.

Oh, I know Tanner kept insisting he was innocent. Don't we all? I know he kept saying that his girlfriend along with his lawyer were working to get him free. Don't we all pretend that we have people out there who believe in us and are working, daily, to get us released before our time is served? But, to have it turn out that he actually was innocent, that there actually were people genuinely pulling for him, on the outside, came as a real shock to me.

I miss him. I suspect, over the next few hours, days, weeks, months, years, I'll miss him even more. He was a truly nice guy, and truly nice guys are truly hard to find in here. He was big enough, physically, too, so that he got to stay nice, without being hassled. That he took to protecting me, his cell mate, provided me with some fear-free jail time that isn't likely to be repeated soon. That he did it without ever asking me to service him sexually-I had, finally, to convince him that it was what I genuinely wanted to do-was a miracle on more fronts than one.