Rendering of Souls

an excerpt

Marl Bas threaded his left testicle through the gold cockring and followed it with his right. What with the sudden expansion and elongation of his impressive penis, he was almost unable to follow it through the very same circle. The head of his cock caught in the tight space between cool metal and warm hairless scrotum. The shaft of his burgeoning erection bent painfully between the ring and his hairless lower belly. It was only a quick application of saliva smeared to ring, cockshaft, scrotum, and prick, which saved the day.

"I always marvel at how you do that without your dick snapping off," Luuk Riin, King/Lord and Master, said, with admiration for the prestidigitation just performed, for not the first time, for his benefit.

"Even snapped in half, my dick would provide plenty of filling for that tight ass of yours," Marl boasted. He turned the gold cockring in a counterclockwise direction to screw it even more firmly against his muscle-firm lower belly.

Luuk was constantly exposed to superior physiques, including his own, on battlefields, in locker rooms, in pleasure palaces, but he was still impressed each and every time Marl was stark naked for viewing. There was something about the young man's handsome facial features, complete with blond hair, blue eyes, chiseled jaw line, dimpled cheeks, cleft chin… something about the young man's perfectly mirrored pectorals sharing a common deep cleavage… something about the young man's sculptured abdominals, hard as palinko stone and punctuated with a belly button neither innie or outtie… something about the young man's columnar thighs, triangular calves, and large and perfectly formed feet… that provided Luuk the kind of penis-swelling enjoyment that he'd never experienced with anyone else.

Luuk's impressive cock was swollen beneath his loin cloth.

"I presume this-," Marl's thumb and forefinger slid the gold to emphasize the subject matter presently wrapped tightly around his dick, "-came to me via you; came to you via the treasure chest seized from its courier en route to Den-Den Lou."

"Put to much better use, encircling your horse dick, if I do say so, myself," Luuk confirmed, "rather than melted down to finance rebellion."

"Speaking of the contents of the treasure chest, tell me about the candle."

"Such nonsensical curiosity I can understand from the ignorant, but I considered you far more enlightened."

"Said to have been made by Delimar-Gloo in his Maridian Cave Complex. The magician came out of retirement to do the deed, flattered that Den-Den Lou actually hoped magic, in this time of waning magic, might turn the tide."

Luuk smiled. With or without magic-definitely-in-decline, Den-Den Lou and his band of ragamuffin Callalians were doomed by Luuk's superior forces and intellect. For Den-Den Lou actually to have gone groveling to the fakir at Maridian Cave Complex was genuinely a last-ditch effort by him to save his sorry ass.

"It's said that Den-Den Lou paid with two malimuk fighters and a dolinian wolf?"

"I heard that rumor, too." Luuk's voice was chastising. "Had Den-Den Lou had two malimuk fighters and a dolinian wolf to spare, he would have sold them for gold, not for some phallic wax plaything to be used for wizardry."

"It is lingam-like, then?"

"Oh, yes, definitely that!"

"A dildo candle, then? A candle dildo?"

"Merely a candle with protruding wick made to look as if ejaculate."

"Stowed where at this very moment?"

"In its box, in my vault."

"To be summoned, whenever I'm absent, to service your ass?"

Luuk laughed. "But of course!" His confirmation was denial.

"You do so enjoy something hard rammed deep up your ass, my king, lord and master. My hard dick has been there often enough to know."

"Your dick my ass can handle. Successfully sitting that candle would be quite another story."

"Cast in life-like replica of the magician Delimar-Gloo's very own cock, to make it magical, or so the story goes."

Luuk shook his head that anyone or anything could still be considered magical in the present age of enlightenment. Maybe there might, once upon a time, have been magic; all the obviously exaggerated tales were likely based upon some reality, but Luuk couldn't imagine there really ever having been something as miraculous as…say…the collapse of the walls at Jenicum. Even if such a thing had happened, an earthquake was more apt than witchcraft. That Delimar-Gloo was retired (except for the occasional reemergence for the likes of this candle business), was proof-positive that the days of magic were pretty much over and done.

"It has always been said that Delimar-Gloo, as a young man, bargained with the Devil in exchange for a cock the size of a bull," Marl said. His fingers languidly stroked the impressive length of his own animal-size prick; by way of reward, he received a dew-like drop of pre-seminal fluid which his fingertips spread, like olive oil, along the entire length of his erection. The sticky moisture made his cock glow.

"If the candle is representative of what's to be found between Delimar-Gloo's legs, now or at any time in the past, he bargained with the Devil for the cock of an elephant," Luuk said. "If any human being actually volunteered his dick for that casting, it had to have been none other than the legendary Colossus of Mlin."

"Have your steward fetch this casting of the cock of the legendary Colossus of Mlin," Marl said. "I would see it."

"You would sit on it, more likely," Luuk said. "As many months as my cock has been servicing your rectum, your anus just may be stretched well enough for you to take it without splitting asshole to backbone."

"I can't believe you've left it sequestered within its box," Marl berated. "You had to know that I would be curious."

"Isn't it my cock with which you should be more concerned? Or, are you so familiar with it now that you're ready to move on to what you assume is bigger and better?"

"You and I know there's no substitute for your hard dick that could ever be conjured by a mere magician."

"You think flattery is going to get you what you want?"

"Maybe not. However, I'll bet my gold-cockringed cock can work some real magic up your tight asshole while your steward is en route to-and-fro the vault rooms."

"How about you fuck my ass and let me decide, then, whether your efforts, when done, actually merit any reward? If so, we can regroup with a glass of wine before you get all horny at the sight of some waxy replica of the Colossus of Mlin's cock and ruin yourself for the both of us by irresistibly splitting your butt down and over it?"

"Why not just send your steward for it, right now?"

"It is just a candle shaped like a giant prick, for gods' sake, Marl. No doubt, after all the hype, the reality will prove anticlimactic."

"Then, I'll always have my lead-in fuck of your always-pleasurable-to-fuck butt by way of consolation."

Luuk rang for Melick Gaval, his steward, and sent him to the vault for the Delimar-Gloo candle.

"If your fuck of my butt isn't above standard, I can still have the candle sent back before its box is opened," Luuk warned.

"As if any fuck by me would ever be anything but above standard," Marl boasted, and he had every right to boast. He possessed a sexual expertise few could rival. It was a good part of what saw him where he was, with whom he was, when he was.

"On second thought, why don't we save that dick of yours for later, after it's hardened even more as a result of strangulation by its new golden collar?"

"You'd prefer to fuck my ass." It wasn't a question.

"My fucking your ass would have your dick spitting prostate-massage cream in too short a time," Luuk foretold. "This leaves us with the best alternative of you just going down on my fat dick to make me cream."

"Oh, I think I can manage that, especially if that bulge beneath your loin cloth is what I think it is."

"If you think it's my stiff cock, waiting your hot mouth, you're right." Luuk dropped all concealment, proving his boast wasn't idle."

"Yes, indeed," Marl said. He walked closer to his king. He dropped to his knees. He manhandled his king's dick into a position that allowed Marl's tongue to lick one long and leisurely path from his lord/master's balls to the drop of pre-cum that obligingly beaded, like magic, within the pouted lips of Luuk's cockmouth.

"Ahhhhhh," Marl complimented, simultaneously sucking up the clear moisture his king's phallic pap was providing. He swallowed inch after inch after inch of the elixir-producing member. His nose burrowed within the curly black pubic hair clustering the thick base of Luuk's stiff-and-getting-stiffer penis.

Marl was pleased, as he always was at such a moment. He lucked out in being called upon to service a dick that wasn't difficult for him to eat whole. Luuk being who he was, Marl would have certainly provided the required servicing whether the king's dick was an uncomfortable fit or not. Marl had gotten as far as he had in life (and that was a good ways) by being able to manage things pleasant and unpleasant to speed him along his way. As it advantageously turned out, though, Luuk wasn't hung like the Midget of Melista, nor like the Colossus of Mlin. Luuk's cock dimensions were inclined toward the latter but not so much that Marl's experience had ever proved anything but enjoyably successful in mouthing the totality of royal phallus to creamy discharge.

Luuk's cock seemed a perfect fit for Marl's moist mouth and throat. Marl couldn't remember a time, from the initial get-go, when he had even the faintest choking reflex when gobbling Luuk's dick-not when the suck proceeded nice and easy, not even when the suck turned a bit frantic with Luuk's nearness to orgasm seeing the king needing desperately (all delicacy and finesse out the door) to get off.

Having estimated the time it would take for the steward to get to the vault and return with the already fabled candle-by-Delimar-Gloo, Marl had a good idea how long he had between first swallowing Luuk's dick and seeing it sucked dry. There was plenty of time for a nice lead-in, without having immediately to go into fast-motion head-bouncing to achieve the desired results.

As Marl's face lingered over the plugging prick, his taste buds savored the slightly salty taste of it. His nose inhaled the essence of studly warrior king. He was almost sorry that he'd made such a big deal of having the candle brought to them. It wasn't so much that he wanted to see the damned thing (although, like everyone else, he did want to see it), more than it was a case of the prestige involved in being able to see it, and seeing it, when so few had access.

No doubt about it, Marl thought, as he began his first real head-slide back up the cockshaft to slip his lips into the slight groove formed at the base of Luuk's circumcised cockhead, this flesh-and-blood dick obviously had more to offer than any wax one. Then again, if the wax one did contain some kind of magical…

"No one sucks my cock like you do," Luuk heard himself admitting and interrupting Marl's train of thought in order to focus the sucker even more entirely upon pleasing the king.

In fact, Marl did such a good job at what he now did that Luuk often wished the handsome soldier and confident wasn't quite so good at it. Luuk would have liked to think that everyone around him was easily replaceable. Having it so made it infinitely easier for a ruler to rule. At a moment's notice, a king often had to make decisions as to who should stay and who should go, who should live and who should die. If Luuk would have had to, then and there, send Marl away, or-gods' forbid-have him killed, there was no doubt in the king's mind that Marl would be sorely missed.

Maybe it had something to do with physical opposites attracting, like two opposing poles of a magnet. Marl so blond, so blue-eyed, so hairless. Luuk so dark-complexioned, so ebony-eyed, so hirsute. Not that Luuk's body hair was comparable-say-to the natural fur coat of Henrilin Dub (who was so often referred to as the Henrilin Bear), but compared to the complete (except for his head) hairlessness of Marl (some natural, some from depilation, some from sharp blade and razor), Luuk was, indeed, furry. Although his back, shoulders, and ass (except for the depths of the latter's crack) escaped pelt-status, dark hair (although not as curly nor as thick as the black curls on his head), began at the top of his pectorals, fanned outward and downward to form a distinguishable dark line through his pectoral cleavage, over and around his belly button to the wiry strands V'd at his crotch. Unlike the Henrilin Bear's nipples, Luuk's (dime-sized and the color of unpolished copper), weren't completely hair-hidden and, when erect, made themselves even more evident. The thickness of his pubic hair, which matched in color the hair on his head, thinned as its growth patterns cascaded his thighs, calves, and ankles; to number, in grand finale, three lone hairs on each big toe of each large foot.