by William Maltese

an excerpt

1. Mr. Not-so-small

"My name is Mr. Small," Jeremy said.

There were chuckles from those of us who had been there before and knew what was coming. There were a few downright laughs from the newcomers who thought his name a gimmick, come after the fact.

In actuality, the dwarf's name was Mr. Small. Mr. Jeremy Small.

"And this is Mr. Not-So Small," Jeremy said and opened wide the front of his robe to flash his gasp-producing erection which had to be seen to be believed. Even seeing it didn't truly convince, because it was not only unimaginable in size but precariously sprouted from the few red hairs at the crotch of someone who stood only a mere three-feet on tiptoes.

"Every time I see his cock, and I've seen it plenty of times, I don't believe it," Robert Six (my boss, Jeremy's boss, and owner of Circus Six), whispered to no one in particular; I knew just what he meant.

Jeremy's cock was so large that, standing tall, it made the dwarf appear some mutated version of Carl and Tim, the Siamese twins. In that, the head of Jeremy's circumcised cock was big enough to seem a real head itself, albeit a bald one. A couple of large veins, one at each flank of his cockshaft, could easily be mistaken for arms-held-at-the-sides, like some military Staff Sergeant at stiff attention. Jeremy's scrotum appeared as if two bags, instead of one, and contained cum-heavy balls that hung low, one to either side of the neat tuck that pinned the center of his otherwise drooped sac to the base of his erection. The result was as if his cock sprouted two legs of its very own, neither more nor less bandy than the real legs that supported Jeremy's body (and, as fate would have it, supported his sizable erection as well).

The view was always more amazing when seen face-on. Jeremy's erection extended so far up the dwarf's well-muscled body, almost to his chin, that about all anyone saw above and beyond was Jeremy's real head, with its bright red hair, in a seemingly surrealistic hover .

"Mr. Not-So Small is so happy to be here, he weeps with delight," Jeremy said and placed both his stubby hands to the shaft of his uplifted cock without managing to connect any of his fingers or thumbs around it. With an upward squeeze, he milked a translucent tear of preseminal ooze from his cockmouth. Then, before the bead could become over-saturated and overflow, destined as it would have been for a slow slide down the belly of his cock, Jeremy bent his face over his cockhead and lapped at his preseminal dew with a tongue so long and so large that there wasn't a man in the house who didn't have thoughts of having that tongue - not to mention Jeremy's cock - fucked deep, real deep, inside a willing mouth or asshole.

"Mmmm, good!" Jeremy said and licked again. He ovaled his full lips, put them completely over his cockhead and gave a hearty suck. His mouth slipped all of the way over his flared cockhead .

Jeremy's hands gave a few more pumps, and his cheeks concaved as if he sucked through a straw. His groans indicated he thoroughly enjoyed whatever his self-produced elixir he siphoned.

Soon, though, his mouth popped free with the sound of a champagne cork shot skyward on New Year's Eve.

"But there's surely something out there better suited for my cock than my own greedy mouth," Jeremy protested. His voice was surprisingly bass for his size. Then again, some of the deepest timbres came from some of the smallest drums. "What do you think we might come up with this evening by way of asshole for cloaking Mr. Not-So Small in a bit of hug-to-orgasm snugness?"

It always seemed, at such times, that Jeremy had to be kidding. If his mouth had somehow opened wide enough to swallow his cockhead, that was miracle enough. That anyone's asshole should ever succeed in any similar swallowing seemed beyond belief. It continued to seem so even after the long list of assholes, over the years, that had not only managed to take on the challenge but had successfully swallowed Jeremy's cock to his cockbase to the thorough enjoyment of all involved; whether those involved had cocks to be jacked off, assholes to be fucked, or merely wide-eyed eyes to watch whatever the action.

"Come on, now," Jeremy coaxed. He still held his cock with both hands. Had he not done so, it seemed likely he would become unbalanced by the weight of it and soon find himself fallen forward on his not-handsome-but-certainly-not-ugly face. "Let's have a volunteer."

Of course, nothing about this lead-in was spontaneous, although the orgy that would ensue from it, because of it, could provide variations of pairings, among the watchers, that couldn't be anticipated beforehand. To have risked just anybody, carried away by the sexuality of the moment, jumping up on the stand, pulling down his pants, dropping his under shorts, and sitting on Jeremy's cock, just like that, would have courted all sorts of potential disaster. How would anyone explain, to the satisfaction of the authorities, how the seeming victim had ended up split from his balls to his asshole after having overestimated the capacity of his rectum to take on Jeremy's big cock?

Not that Dr. Fenel wasn't standing by, just in case even a repeat customer at taking Jeremy's cock was made careless by the moment, a bit too eager in attempting an asshole's cock-gobbling before adequate lubricant had leaked either from Jeremy's obliging cock (although less and less was his cock thrust unprotected by latex up any bodily orifice), or been provided by some obliging pre-slicked prophylactic.

Before any newcomer's asshole got within fucking distance of Jeremy's cock, Dr. Fenel took the supplicant's asshole for a trial run. Not that the good doctor's cock was any match for Jeremy's. A sizable eight inches, the doctor's cock was still dwarfed in any comparison to the dwarf's cock; the latter measuring in at eighteen-inches-and-a-fourth, from base to tip, in its erectile state, with its girth, at its thick base, close to, but not quite equal to, a foot. Rather, the doctor utilized his extensive collection of dildos, his largest custom-made from a cast of Jeremy's very own erection. Fucking prospective asshole with one of the smaller dildos, first, then working on up, the doctor not only got his rocks off but supplemented his income. Getting fucked by Jeremy, and all preliminaries leading up to it, including those services provided by Dr. Fenel, by Robert, and even by me, didn't come cheap. If Jeremy and the doctor, or Robert, or I, for that matter, more often than not, enjoyed our jobs, that didn't mean we didn't expect to be paid well in the bargain. We were all professionals and, as such, expected recompense to correspond to our respective efforts.

"How about you?" Jeremy suggested to Mr. Penly who, as usual, was ring-side.

"God, no!" Mr. Penly protested on cue. "Your cock might as well be an ax as thoroughly as it would split my tight little asshole."

There was laughter. Those not-in-the-know assumed Mr. Penly's asshole was anything but tight, especially after as many times as Penly had followed up one of Jeremy's entertainments by getting fucked by Gargantuan, the circus strongman. Except, the only thing gargantuan about Gargantuan was his impressive physique. His cock was just under six inches, at its max. Though, Gargantuan reported that getting even his thoroughly lubricated just-under-six-inch cock into Mr. Penly's small and tight, even if thoroughly lubricated, asshole was like threading a camel through the eye of a needle.

"You?" Jeremy asked me and licked his lips. His tongue was so long, it could have licked his eyebrows and sometimes did. "How about it, Dwayne?"

"No, not me or mine," I told him. He'd tried for years, without success, to get me to drop my pants and give his cock a try. If I was sometimes tempted, I always held back from fear that the experience, pleasurable as it might be, if successful (I wasn't at all sure my tight asshole could manage the challenge), would either see my rectum so stretched out of shape that only a Jeremy-size cock would, thereafter, fit the bill, or I'd be spoiled to the joys of being fucked by any normal-size cock. The latter cocks by far the more readily available - and cheaper in the bargain.

"Surely, there's someone willing to take pity on poor Mr. Not-So Small and give him cozy shelter," Jeremy complained and gave his onlookers another once-over. Doing so necessitated his turning a complete circle, because his stage, actually an upturned drum originally designed for elephants to balance on and roll around the ring, was completely encircled by his audience. Just where one sat in that circle depended upon how much one paid for the privilege. The more expensive seats provided a side-view of any fuck in progress. Although, there were observers who preferred the cheaper seats. For instance, Mr. Jamison liked seeing it all from behind, just to watch the way Jeremy's free-swinging balls, during the course of any fuck, became squeezed within the dwarf's compacting scrotum and were pulled all of the way up, at ejaculation, to snugness against the crack of Jeremy's ass. Mr. Providence wanted only to watch the participants' faces and had little interest in Jeremy's cock, or in the asshole Jeremy's cock plowed; Mr. Providence got off on the myriad expressions played across the faces of fucker and fuckee. Mr. Keenly insisted the platform be fitted with a transparent flooring, from under which he could watch all of the push-and-pull action of the participants-in-heat.

"How about you, Shane Shelawnie?" Jeremy asked and aimed his erection in Shane's direction.

Shane's placement wasn't considered ideal: one of the cheaper seats that, had Shane stayed seated, would have offered him little chance of catching any of the cock-up-asshole action, once the fuck began in earnest. However since Shane was scheduled to end up on the platform, his asshole fucked by the cock in question, there was little point in him wasting big money for a chair in a more prime position.

"You look ripe for fucking," Jeremy concluded and flashed a smile that revealed his even row of small white teeth. His smile did nice things to the rest of his face and made him almost handsome. Unlike many dwarfs, Jeremy's head didn't appear overly large for the rest of his body. His eyes, nose, mouth, and ears were in a pleasantly symmetrical alignment. If his arms and fingers were a bit stubby, his legs a bit bandy, Jeremy, on the whole, except for his monstrous cock, was pretty much merely a well-muscled man in miniature.

Shane had a handsome face, haloed by blond curls trimmed short but long enough to parenthesize his cheeks to his chin. His blue eyes were wide-set, his nose attractively snubbed, his mouth full-lipped and cupid's-bow. "If you actually think I could really be ripe for fucking by a cock as big as yours, you're crazy!" He stood up and gave a three-hundred-and-sixty degree turn. "Does this body look designed for your battering-ram?"

"At first glimpse, Dr. Fenel sure as hell didn't believe it," Robert whispered in my ear. His breath was dry, sexy, and smelled pleasantly of peppermint.

Frankly, I still couldn't believe Dr. Fenel's report that Shane's asshole had passed the muster and had done so with an ease that had even surprised Dr. Fenel. Shane looked too delicate for the task, almost doll-like. He was small-boned and barely reached a standing height of five-feet. A good many of his vital organs seemed destined to be shifted to one side or another in order for his insides to accommodate any part of the cock Jeremy was offering to thrust inside him.

However, it was because Shane's asshole was so geared for large cock that he'd gone through five significant "other halves", each with a cock larger than the one that came before. Each time, Shane had hoped for an orgasm resulting from just a butt-fuck, but it was always denied him. That he'd almost gotten off on the latex replica of Jeremy's cock, with which Dr. Fenel had probed him, swelled Shane's hopes that he might actually have finally found a real cock to shoot him into blissful butt-fuck oblivion.

I was still doubtful Shane would end up anything but cracked from his balls to his asshole with even the mere tip of Jeremy's cock attempting to precede more of the dwarf's inches up Shane's butt. Dr. Fenel's explanations that Shane's asshole seemingly operated on much the same principle as a camera lens, capable of dilating larger and larger, still didn't convince me that we were talking any rectum expansion nearly adequate to accommodate Jeremy.

"Come on, Shane," Jeremy enticed. "I've got just what you need, right here." He shifted his upright cockshaft from side to side; I had visions of it snapping off at its base, under the strain. Then, he bobbed his cockshaft down slightly so Shane could better see his bulbous cockhead. "Why don't you come on up and say, `Hi!'?"

"Your cock could kill me," Shane insisted. There were nods of agreement. Since everyone knew Dr. Fenel wouldn't allow anyone on stage who hadn't been fully vetted, most thought Shane wasn't the main course, his asshole genuinely too small for Jeremy's cock; what he offered was surely just a bit of pre-show titillation, in that, it was definitely a turn-on fantasizing petite Shane succumbing to Jeremy's prodding and finally ramming cock fucked up Shane's small and protesting-each-and-every-inch asshole.

"Just give my big cock a try?" Jeremy said. For the price he'd been paid, Jeremy wasn't above begging, if begging was part of the package. "If my cock proves too big, you tell me to stop, and I'll stop."

"No man has the willpower to stop once his cock is anywhere near my asshole," Shane boasted. "I've been raped by many a man who thought he could maintain his self-control." Actually, rape was a misnomer, and he knew it. Shane had gone through a phase, in his search for natural orgasm, via butt-fuck, when he'd prowled dark streets and shadowy alleyways, usually in the dead of night, in his search for any sure-to-take-advantage low-life whom he hoped would come equipped with enough cock to get Shane's off without any manhandling of Shane's cock. All to no avail.

"I'll give verbal instructions, for all to hear, that'll have Gargantuan pull me off at the first sign that I'm out of control." Jeremy nodded toward the strongman who emerged from the shadows just to the right of an auxiliary tent pole. Although, Circus Six was set up inside City Stadium, poles supported a canvas roof that provided the illusion that the circus was actually out-of-doors, like one of those Big Tops of old.

"I don't know," Shane said and was obviously tempted by Jeremy's latest offer.

"Gargantuan will pull me off in no time, won't you, strongman?" Jeremy inquired.

"Real fast," Gargantuan promised. The way Mr. Penly hungrily eyed the strongman, from where he sat, he already imagined the ride he'd paid to take on Gargantuan's not-so-gargantuan cock once Jeremy and Shane had concluded their ongoing performance. "You just give the command to pull him off, studly, and he'll be off faster than he knows what hit him," Gargantuan concluded.

"If only I could be sure," Shane wavered.

"A man who has pulled a locomotive with his teeth..." (A feat documented in the Circus Museum in Sarasota, Florida). "...can certainly handle one dwarf. Even if that dwarf is as cocky-in-the-extreme as Jeremy, here." Gargantuan's humor was greeted by our appreciative chuckles.

"Well ..." Shane said and made his move toward Jeremy, toward Jeremy's cock, and toward the elevated stage that would put anything that followed into better view.

"You have to be kidding!" Mr. Kinder said. Mr. Kinder's "thing" was masturbation. By the bulge clearly evidenced in his pants, he was excited by the prospect of seeing Shane fucked by Jeremy, whether Shane was safely able to take the dwarf's cock or not.

Shane joined Jeremy on the stand with an agility that belied the latter's forty-two years. Jeremy had spent as much money keeping himself physically fit as he'd ever spent providing those surgical nips and tucks (of jowls, of cheeks, of eyelids, and of nose), that had his face looking fifteen years younger than it really was.

"It might be more convenient if I didn't fuck you with your clothes on," Jeremy said. Simultaneously, he shrugged off his robe and gave it a quick kick over the side.

The dwarf had one of the sexiest asses I've ever seen. It was more muscled than even Gargantuan's impressive butt, and it was composed of two solid cheeks that exactly mirrored each other across a crack so tight-fitting that I'd be hard-pressed to insert an edge of stiff bond paper in between. A fuzzing of red hair began at Jeremy's mid-back and ran a definite line downward to disappearance inside his asscrease. Sometimes, during the course of a fuck, Jeremy would reach back, manhandle each of his asscheeks and tug them open for lucky viewers to see how his line of fuzz converted to sweaty halo for his pin-prick asspucker. As Jeremy would fuck, his asspucker would pulse, as if it possessed a heartbeat all its own.

With little more than a seeming shrug, Shane shed pants, underpants, and shirt. Then, not wearing any socks, he merely stepped out of his shoes. Shane kicked all his discards to join Jeremy's robe among the sawdust on the floor.

Closer check might have revealed all of the scars that had resulted from cosmetic surgery, but from where I sat, the naked Shane looked damned good. If Shane's body came across a bit too boyish, as well as hairless, for my particular tastes, it was pared of all unseemly fat, its muscle definition just enough so that pectorals and abdominals were well-defined without being deeply etched like those of an athlete. His cock, halfway between soft and hard, wasn't likely going to satisfy any size-queen, but very few people would have kicked Shane out of bed because of it. His ass was really nice, whether from a surgical nip here, and a surgical tuck there, or because of good genes was hard to tell.

"How about we give Shane a cushion to support his studly ass?" Jeremy suggested. Gargantuan had already produced an ottoman from the shadows. Placed atop the stage, it provided the additional height needed for Jeremy to fuck Shane while the dwarf stood between Shane's open and lifted legs.

"Is he really planning to fuck his asshole?" Mr. Timbal-Jones asked his male companion who only mumbled, "Beats me!", in equal disbelief.

Shane, on his back on the ottoman, had his head draped back to put his body into a well-muscled bow. He drew up his legs until his heels lightly touched his butt, then opened both of his thighs in sensuous fillet. The movement had many onlookers wish they'd spent more money for better seats. Those with an uninterrupted view actually licked their lips at the delectable way Shane's butt opened slightly along its crack to reveal Shane's delicately pouted pucker.

"Ah, asshole!" Jeremy exclaimed and shifted into a position that presented his own butt for viewing by those very people just afforded their excellent view of Shane's inviting anus. "What say I give it a taste?"

Getting his tongue within licking distance was no easy matter, what with Jeremy's hard and heavy erection standing tall between him and the intended asshole. But Jeremy had been in similar situations, and he knew how to prevail. He stepped back to the very edge of the platform, and, once there, he turned loose of his cock.

Gasps, even from those of us who had seen it happen before, indicated the general consensus that Jeremy's cock, in free-fall, would snap off at even its obviously substantial base. Cockroots held, however, although his cockshaft did, like a malfunctioning drawbridge, lower beyond the perpendicular. His bulbous cockhead threatened a bounce off the floor of the elevated platform. Just before his cockhead hit, though, as if his cockshaft had been attached to an unseen bungie-cord finally stretched to its max, the phallic drawbridge fully rebounded with a hard and resounding slap against Jeremy's belly and chest that left a hearty splattering of preseminal juices in the small hollow at the base of Jeremy's thick neck. Next time the weight of his still-unsupported cock was brought down by gravity, it leveled out in a position that stuck it straight out from Jeremy's lower belly. Jeremy stepping forward would have seen his pulpy cockhead directly at the partially opened crack of Shane's asshole. But cock-to-asshole wasn't what Jeremy immediately had in mind. Not only did he always give his paying customers, whether partner or audience, a good show, but he wanted to be sure Shane's asshole was ready for show-time. Despite assurances from Dr. Fenel, Jeremy remained uncertain that all of him would ever go all of the way into what was obviously so little of Shane.

Jeremy bent from his waist and extended his arms. He gripped the edge of the ottoman with his stubby fingers. His chest and belly became positioned pretty much parallel to his jutting cock. He held tight and moved his head beyond the tip of his projecting cock and over Shane's awaiting asshole.

He used his tongue in snake-like flicks that hardly touched the asshole but still put moisture to it.

Shane looked good from the angle Jeremy now had him. He looked so damned good that Jeremy's cock leaked a fresh wash of its own preseminal juice in appreciation: the resulting translucent thread managed an unbroken stretch from the dwarf's cockmouth to the platform before the sticky string finally ruptured to form its clear resin-like residue at the spot where it finally all touched down.

Jeremy opened his mouth wide and anchored his full lips in the space between Shane's buttcheeks. He sucked, much as a leech attached to vulnerably bare flesh. He'd claimed a segment of Shane's body that included asshole and the strip of skin curved from balls to pucker. His tongue bathed the whole area with wet. Jeremy's taste buds dragged sensuous flavors from the mouth of the asshole. Jeremy so enjoyed the taste, he gave additional hearty licks.

Mr. Providence sat at that rim of the platform that afforded him a good look at Shane's head slightly tilted back over the edge of the supporting ottoman. Mr. Providence knew from long experience in judging the expressions of fucker and fuckee that Shane was enjoying the way Jeremy expertly slobbered over asshole. However, Mr. Providence could, also, tell that Shane wasn't enjoying nearly as much as some of the other men who had participated in similar performances.

Shane's asshole, which seldom responded to anything but the largest of cocks or cock-substitutes, simply didn't respond all that much to mere tongue that, as big as Jeremy's tongue was, wasn't as big or as stiff as even a medium-size erection.

Jeremy enjoyed what he was doing. There was nothing tastier than male asshole with all the resulting funky flavors. However, Jeremy was too much the pro not to know that his eating of Shane's asshole didn't produce any of the squeals and wiggles normally accompanying Jeremy's frenzied feedings. He would have proceeded, nonetheless, figuring his performance at least pleased the audience, as well as himself, except that Shane had paid to be pitched to the brink and beyond. Even the crowd would soon sense that Shane simply wasn't "into it", and they were likely, likewise, soon to tire of the exercise.

What Shane was there for, what he waited for, what he had paid for, was Jeremy's extraordinary cock. So, the dwarf figured he might as well skip all other preliminaries. They probably wouldn't have done any good anyway.

So, Jeremy pulled his mouth free, his lower face soaked with his own drooled spit. The dwarf stood, although his heavy cock remained a phallic drawbridge extended imposingly from his lower belly.

Mr. Jamison could tell that Jeremy was really into the session, even though the dwarf had done little more than strip down and feast between Shane's legs. Jeremy's scrotum told the tale, in that it had lost a certain degree of its initial slackness. A compaction of Jeremy's shifting and hairy scrotal flesh had hoisted both of the dwarf's large nuts to where they drooped less close to the platform floor than had originally been the case.

"Which of you gets to rubberize Mr. Not-So Small?" Jeremy asked the audience. He tightened his groin muscles, and his whole cock elevated slightly, then lost that uplift. Jeremy sat on the rim of the platform, his legs over the edge; his cock, by that point, pretty much aimed forward.

"I get to do it," Mr. Garden said and produced one of the custom-made cherry-red rubbers that Dr. Fenel had specially made by the same technician who had cast Jeremy's hard cock in latex. No way would even the largest of the commercially manufactured rubbers have managed a complete sheathe for Jeremy's inches, at least not without splitting under the strain, or, worse, popping the tip when Jeremy let go with his massive spurts of thick and creamy sperm.

Jeremy man-handled his cock and tugged it back into an upward stance.

Men were always willing to pay the price for the privilege of rolling a latex condom down over Jeremy's uplifted cock. For any man with a penis-envy complex, a close glimpse of Jeremy's cock in erection could be downright humbling; however, that never stopped either newcomers from vying for the privilege of putting on the rubber, or repeats from wanting to make sure they'd seen what they'd seen the first time around.

Mr. Garden had sheathed Jeremy's cock more than once, and he was beyond fumbling the process. He knew just how to place the red halo atop the bulbous tip of Jeremy's cockhead. He knew just how to pinch up a large nose of red latex, even as his other hand expertly began unrolling the rubber down Jeremy's cockshaft. It wasn't too smart for anyone to put his cock anywhere without adequate protection, or for anyone to have a cock anywhere inside him without being sure the cock was party-wrapped beforehand. Sometimes arrangements could be made, and were made, for bareback sessions, but the leads-in, in such instances, were longer and more than a little involved, requiring one or more AIDS test for any and all participants actively involved.

Shane could care less that Jeremy's cock was being rubberized for his and the dwarf's protection. He was convinced that, rolled with latex or not, Jeremy's cock was going to give Shane's ass the ride of its life. Hadn't Shane very nearly achieved his very first genuine all-around butt-fuck orgasm while being skewered by the latex clone Dr. Fenel had had made of Jeremy's erection?

Mr. Garden proceeded with his assigned task. He even provided the clean handkerchief with which he wiped down Jeremy's cockshaft before rolling red rubber, each step of the way. To have left Jeremy's cock slick with its own preseminal leakage might have seen the condom, in the great and frantic moments of the upcoming fuck, slide completely off the cock it was supposed to be sheathing. Dry rubber against dry cockshaft was the best assurance for safe sex, and Mr. Garden was determined to provide it. That he could take the ooze-soaked hanky back to his house, after the performance, and sniff it to his hearts content, while he masturbated to however many of his own climaxes, were just extra perks of what he'd purchased. He had a whole collection of soaked-by-Jeremy's-preseminal-juice linens that could get his rocks off at least once a night, sometimes more than once.

Finally, the rubber was completely unfurled, once open end a snug ring that strangled the very base of Jeremy's cock.

"There," Mr. Garden said with obvious satisfaction. He managed, as usual, a discreet touchy-feely of Jeremy's hairy balls. The resulting tingle to his fingertips was destined to remain with him, and to be savored by him, for long days after Jeremy's cock had finally pumped its last up Shane's hungry asshole.

Mr. Garden had obliged Jeremy's cock in a way that couldn't be faulted, meaning he hadn't lingered as overly long as some of the men were apt to do. Also, there was always something about the business-like way Mr. Garden performed his duty that added a little punch of excitement to the proceedings, as far as Jeremy was concerned. As if the prospect of poking himself deep inside Shane's asshole wasn't excitement enough for any big-cocked dwarf.

"Right!" Jeremy said and got to his feet. "It's time for Shane, here, to tell you good people, all around, just what he so desperately wants me to do with this big cock of mine."

"I want you to fuck it up my tight asshole," Shane obliged. "I want you to stick it all of the way up inside of me until your large balls mash tightly against my upturned asscrack."

The man certainly did have a way with words.

"Promise your asshole won't split all of the way to your asscrack?" Jeremy still looked for reassurance.

Mr. Carlyle asked someone: "However does he manage to walk around with that big cock of his? When it's soft, it must surely be tied up, or he'd forever be tripping over it."

When soft, Jeremy's cock actually wasn't nearly as impressive, although it was still visibly over-size. Most of its impressiveness derived from its massive expansion, every-which-way, during erection. Like a child's balloon, Jeremy's cock couldn't be considered genuinely huge until circumstances filled it to capacity.

"Go ahead and split me!" Shane said, more anxious than ever to have what he'd paid for. "Poke your cock so far and so deep inside of me that I'll choke on your cockhead once it's lodged all of the way up through my asshole and guts and into the base of my throat."

"Man, you are about to get your wish," Jeremy said. He stepped in and poked the rubberized snout of his red-condom-sheathed cock to the pucker of Shane's pouted asshole. He stepped closer, and his rubber-sheathed cockhead made contact. He exerted more pressure, via a steady forward thrust of his hips, and Shane's sphincter was forced farther ajar.

"Yes!" Shane congratulated. More than one of the audience held his breath and expected Shane not only to renege on his request for Jeremy's cock but to scream for Gargantuan to pull the dwarf out and off.

One hand to the bottom of each of Shane's thighs, Jeremy pushed the vee of the thighs even wider and achieved an even more pronounced moue of Shane's pucker. All the while, the dwarf's cock plied additional entrance with the assist of pressure exerted by Jeremy's forward-thrusting hips.

"Stick him good!" someone commanded. It was hard to tell just whom, because I was as caught up in the scene as was everyone else.

"Jesus, he's actually going to do it!" Robert predicted. He took my right hand and put it in his lap. His concealed cock was a swollen boner to which I gave a hearty squeeze and enjoyed Robert's little grunt of pleasure provided in response.

Mr. Kinder`s cock was pulled out through his unzipped trouser-fly, a washrag in the man's other hand with which to clean up whatever his resulting mess.

Mr. Quinn's hand was down his trouser waistband. His fingers played with his stiffened dick.

My cock leaked like sixty. Luckily, I had learned from similar voyeuristic experiences and had strategically placed a woman's sanitary napkin to keep my copious preseminal drool from soaking my under shorts and pants.

"I do believe your asshole is hungry for the big meal I'm going to feed it," Jeremy told Shane. He sounded amazed at how easily his cockhead had embedded in Shane's assmouth. The dwarf had to have expected far more difficulty. Would, as Dr. Fenel promised, Shane's asshole not only open safely for the rest of the dwarf's cock but, also, as promised, let Jeremy proceed with a safe, albeit vigorous, push-and-pull fuck to orgasmic conclusion?

"More!" Shane encouraged. He was getting what he'd always dreamed of getting. "Give me more!"

Jeremy, feeling free to proceed harder and faster, bucked his hips and let Shane's ass suck up another three inches of cock without a by-your-leave.

"You want all of my big cock, do you, my man?" Jeremy asked, finally convinced there was no need for any farther pussyfooting. "How about another six inches at a gallop?" He gave Shane just that.

Shane not only didn't protest but expressed his eagerness for: "More, damn-it, more!"

"Goddamn!" Robert said and unzipped his trousers. My fingers quickly slid through the breach and fisted his hot cock which I tugged out into the open. Simultaneously, Jeremy fed another meaty six inches of his cock up Shane's eager asshole.

"Give him all of it, Jeremy!" Dr. Fenel encouraged. "Damn-it, he wants it all." If he'd once doubted that he'd ever really fed Shane's asshole the entire Jeremy-size rubber dildo, and almost gotten Shane off on it, he saw now that it had all happened. Just as it could as easily happen for Shane with the real thing. "No need being delicate, Jeremy. His asshole is ready, willing, waiting ... and able."

Jeremy's cock was a bright red express train shooting unhindered through a velvety snug tunnel.

"Yes!" Shane screamed triumphantly.

Jeremy was too surprised at the ongoing ease of his success, his balls suddenly slapped against Shane's upturned ass, to say anything.

Mr. Kinder was so excited he had to wipe up one mess already made by spewings of his over-stimulated cock, and he only hoped there was more cum where that came from.

However, Mr. Kinder was denied seconds. Unprofessional as Jeremy later saw it, although no one else complained, the dwarf couldn't believe it when threatened with ejaculation without so much as even a slight withdrawal of his inserted cock from Shane's hole.

"No! No! No!" Jeremy protested and felt his premature moment-of-truth rush even closer to consume him.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Shane disagreed. He had a real cock inside of him that was on the verge of providing Shane an honest-to-goodness orgasm.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" the audience chanted, and no one felt short-changed, most already having gotten off. My hand was sticky with Robert's squirted discharge. Robert hunted for the handkerchief he hadn't expected to use for some time yet.

"Shit!" Jeremy shouted. His scrotum completed its compaction as his exiting cum formed its vacuum that jerked his balls so close to his cockbase that his testicles seemed absorbed by the roots of his erection. "Aghhhhh ... aggghhhhh .... Jesus, fuck! ... AAAAGGRRHHUUGNNGHHH!"

Jeremy kneaded Shane's thighs as if they were raw dough. He squirted so much cum into the cherry-nosed tip of his red condom that the resulting aneurysm seemed destined to rupture the latex and drown Shane's insides, as well as Jeremy's erupting cock, in gummy discharge.

"I'm coming!" Shane screamed in utter, appreciative amazement. "I'm coming ... Jesus, yes ... coming ... coming .... ah ... ah ... ah .... butt-fuck coming ... AGGGHRRHHHH!"

Shane's stiff dick erupted sperm that shot all of the way to the man's face. Strings of his spunk suddenly hung from his nose and mouth, his tongue not nearly long enough or wide enough to clear away the mess as his balls kept producing more and more shots of pearly slime to exit the visibly pulsing mouth of Shane's cum-ejaculating pisshole.